Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Comings and Goings

  • Going: Joe Torre. Check out his farewell speech to Dodger fans (above).
  • Staying: Frank McCourt (for now), but at least he got in a zinger during the trial. From "Outtakes from the McCourts' divorce trial" by Bill Shaikin at the LA Times:
    The sight of a major league owner on the witness stand is nothing new around here. The city of Anaheim sued Angels owner Arte Moreno after he changed his team's name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In a 2006 trial, Moreno won.

    Frank unsuccessfully leaned on Commissioner Bud Selig to stop the name change. The topic still rankles Frank, apparently, given this exchange from one of his depositions in the divorce case:

    Question: "City of Los Angeles has only one professional baseball team, correct?"

    Frank: "Depends on how you define Anaheim."

  • Who on the 40-man roster is staying? A look at the Dodgers' 2011 roster (Kevin Baxter, LA Times)
  • Waiting: Ned Colletti. Dodgers GM Colletti waiting on spending money (AP/SI.com)
  • Movin' on up: Don Mattingly. Going: Bob Schaefer. On the bubble: Larry Bowa, Mariano Duncan, Tim Wallach. Thinks he's coming back: Rick Honeycutt. Colletti, Mattingly want new attitude in 2011 (Ken Gurnick, Dodgers.com)


rbnlaw said...

Good to know Kelly Jansen is under club control for 2011.

Someone needs to proofread these things over at the LAT.

spank said...

I heard Bowa and Duncan are gone.

Josh S. said...

Deadspin has me FIRED UP!

(Note: Like all Drew Magary articles, this is designed to offend EVERYONE.)

spank said...

I'm going to have "Do the Claw" in my head all day. The video not the song. Thanks Josh.

Kyle Baker said...

Josh, are you sad that your baseball grandpa is leaving?

Josh S. said...

@Dusty: Eh, he started to smell funny.