Thursday, October 07, 2010

SoSG Yahtzee Challenge Rules

All boned up on Yahtzee? SoSG Yahtzee will in many ways be the same as traditional Yahtzee: the 13 rounds, the scoring, and the scoring categories all work identically. What will differ is the dice-rolling mechnism and how we incorporate voting, as follows:

  • In traditional Yahtzee, a Round consists of four steps: 1) the initial roll of five dice, 2) the potential re-roll of any or all dice, 3) the potential 2nd re-roll of any or all dice, and 4) the selection of scoring category to assign the roll.
  • In SoSG Yahtzee, a Round consists of three steps: 1) the initial roll of seven or eight dice, depending on the round (see below) 2) the selection, via voting, of which five of the eight dice to keep, and 3) the selection, again by voting, of which scoring category to assign the roll.

Now, let's look closer into each of the three steps:

  • Step 1 - The Initial Roll - at 8am next Monday, a post will appear saying "Yahtzee Challenge: Round 1, Initial Roll!". In this post, the comments will serve as the dice rolling for both the Readers and the Sons, as follows:
    • The first seven or eight comments by the Readers will be their dice rolls. In Rounds 6, 7, and 8, there will be seven initial Rolls. In all other rounds, there will be eight.
    • Likewise, the first seven or eight comments by a Son will serve as their initial dice rolls. As with the Readers, the Sons get seven rolls in Rounds 6-8, and eight rolls in all other rounds.
    • The comments translate into dice rolls as follows: whenever you make a comment, there is a url associated with it. You can see this url by clicking on the individual post and scrolling over the timestamp of the comment. It is in the format You may remember this device from Flo vs Deltalina.
    • For this competition, the last digit in the sequence of numbers is what counts as the dice roll. In other words, in the above example, the digit string ends in a '5', so the dice roll is a '5'. If the last digit is not between 1 and 6, the 2nd to last digit is used, and so on.
    • For the Readers, no single reader can account for more than three comments/die rolls in a given round. Readers are welcome to comment as much as they like, but for example if Dusty makes the first 11 comments in an "Initial Roll" thread, followed by a comment by Karina, only Dusty's first 3 comments count (as well as the one by Karina).
    • For the Sons, all comments count as die rolls regardless of which Son(s) make them, even if all are by the same one.
  • Step 2 - the Selection of the Five Die Rolls to Keep - Once the initial die rolls are made by each side in a given round, I will put up a new post called "Yahtzee Challenge Round X, Die Roll Selection." I intend to do this later the same day, but if not it'll be early the next morning. The post will recap the 7 or 8 initial die rolls and include a multiple-selection poll. Vote on the 5 you want to keep, and at some arbitrary time later I will take the top 5 die rolls and those will be your rolls. The Sons will also choose their 5 rolls to keep.
  • Step 3 - Selecting the Scoring Category - Once the 5 die rolls are selected, I will put up a new post (or re-post/re-name the previous post)called "Yahtzee Challenge Round X, Scoring Category Selection." It will recap the 5 chosen die rolls, with a poll to select which of the 13 scoring categories to assign the roll. The Sons will also select their scoring category (but not via voting). Once this is done, it's on to the next round!

The rest is like normal Yahtzee. After 13 rounds, we add up the scores, and declare a winner!

So there you have it. I'm not sure how long each round or step will take, so for now I'm not scheduling out anything except the very 1st post next Monday at 8am. Oh, and there won't be any play over the weekends. And as always with these games, no guarantee it will even work. Any questions or comments before we begin the challenge, ask here. Otherwise, good luck, and get your dainty hands ready to roll some dice next Monday!


MeanieBreanie said...

My dainty hands are always ready ;~)
Thank god this game does not require intellect or the use of brain cells. I've killed far too many in my time.

rbnlaw said...

Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

What if our comments aren't funny? Can we veto a tepid comment?

spank said...

Can't we just play Rock,Paper,Scissors.

Josh S. said...

So, no re-rolls, just pick the five best from each eight?

Eric Karros said...

That's correct Josh - no re-rolls, just pick 5 best. I anticipated re-rolls being too administratively chaotic.

Not sure how it's all gonna work out, but then again, I never do...

Oh, one more rule - no deleting comments if it's a bad roll (or otherwise). We can still see the deleted comments anyhow, so no fishy business.

spank said...

@ Saxy

And you won't look like an idiot yelling "Yahtzee!!" at a computer?

Fred's Brim said...

based on my Flo vs Deltalina performance, I need to stay wayyyy away from the dice rolls