Sunday, March 05, 2017

Spring Training Is in Full Swing

But who would have any idea given that we haven't posted anything here about it. Many apologies.

Here are a few quick takeaways from the headlines I was reading this morning:

  • There is a pitching prospect named Shea Spitzbarth trying to make the team. Dear god please let him make the team; the possibilities for us playing off his name are endless!
  • Corey Seager has upper back soreness. Corey, you're too young for this and we need you. Get well soon. Love, SOSG
  • So all Brandon McCarthy had to do was improve his mechanics and now they think he'll be better? Why don't all teams just order their pitchers to improve their mechanics right from the start? I mean, it was right there all along. ps- I hate Spring Training headlines.
  • Dodgers are 5-4 in the Cactus League, but who cares.
  • Charlie Culberson is batting .211 and leading the team in batting average.
  • Chase Utley is leading the team with 7 RBI. Why is Chase being wasted in ST at his age? And why is he more productive than anyone else on the team, at his age?
  • Is this the year A-Gone goes...downhill?
Not all these games are accessible to watch, but today's is if you get SportsNetLA.

Spitzbarth, guys. Spitzbarth.