Monday, October 25, 2010

World Puzzle Championship GT (Oct 24-29)

Pretty exciting times in Poland, where Paprotnia (30 km outside Warsaw) becomes the center of the puzzling universe for the 19th Annual World Puzzle Championships.

I can't find live coverage from the Kuznia Napoleonska hotel (just look at those wonderful pastries!), which must be part of that whole Fox / Cablevision dispute. And without live coverage, I know that we'll be missing some great evening entertainment; just look at that Broadway-level production style of "Chicago"! Who says puzzle solvers don't know how to live it up and let loose in luxury? Start the car, I know a whoopee spot, where the gin is cold, but the piano's hot!

But the intrigue is running high, as there has been a lot of corridor chatter about Wei-Hwa Huang being awarded an "exemption" spot (despite coming in with a woeful 19th place, a fateful decision which kicked Zack Butler off the postseason roster. Allegations of Huang "juicing" during the sudoku competition (i.e., working with a 0.5mm HB lead rather than a standard 0.7mm lead; as well as using a "double-clutch" mechanical pencil mechanism) were received without comment from Huang's agent.

So how will the US team perform this year? Coming after last year's heart-breaking second-place finish to powerhouse Germany, can we expect Will's team to again come up a little Shortz?

As this competition extends over the course of this exciting week, PLEASE keep your WPC comments confined to this GT.

So when does this World Series start again?


Nostradamus said...

I'm protesting this year's competition, anyway. The committee snubbed me AGAIN, the bahstahds.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Everybody knows the WPC is a joke. The computer ranking system is so flawed.

Eric Karros said...

I don't give the US much chance despite Nick Baxter's breakout year. Belgium's Guy Van Hooveld will continue to haunt his nightmares.

But the darkhorse has gotta be Slovakia with Peter Hudák returning after his mysterious hiatus and Blanka Lehotská's last minute guest entrance.

Regardless, it's gonna be a good one!

Josh S. said...

Psh. I'd like to see these guys to better than Ubragg.

Eric Karros said...

The poll on the WPC website has Sevim winning!?! I don't know what Kool-Aid they've been drinking.

My money's on Hudák. Any takers?

Steve Sax said...

Philipp Weiß is a total dark horse, too. Gotta love the guy with an eszett in his name.

Eric Karros said...

Sax, are you throwing down?

When all is said and done, I bet you Hudák beats Weiß.

If you win, I write 20 GT's next season. If I win, you write 4 puzzles.

You in?

Nostradamus said...

I'm with Weiß on this one. Scharfes ess FTW.

Jason said...

Zoltán Gyimes is competing for Hungary? Last time I saw that dude, he was wearing a bubble wrap spacesuit and preparing to meet cool aliens. Here's hoping he is more successful at puzzle solving then he was at running a cult.

Steve Sax said...

Dude, don't count out Thomas Snyder, either. He's already scoping out the hotel to prep for the scavenger hunt.

EK, your guy should still win the swimsuit competition.

Fred's Brim said...

if they combined WPC and Beerfest, I would put all my money on whatever team Mr C was on

Steve Sax said...

I'm not surprised that you're picking the Slovakian, EK. He has a big fan following--"the Hudák nation," if you will.

Eric Karros said...

Hudák say they gonna beat Philipp?

Weiß that!

karina said...

Why the guy from "The Art of Puzzles" colored the eyes of the Radiohead guy?

Steve Sax said...

@karina: Should we call the karma police?

Steve Sax said...

Results after day 1: Thomas Snyder (USA) is in second!

1 ULRICH Voigt Germany 652
2 THOMAS Snyder USA 644
3 HIDEAKI Jo Japan 581
4 PÁL Madarassy Hungary 573
5 ANDREY Bogdanov Russia 551
6 ROGER Barkan USA 533
7 MICHAEL Ley Germany 531
8 PRZEMYSŁAW Dębiak Poland 526
9 WEI-HWA Huang USA 518
10 PHILIPP Weiß Germany 511

Hudak is back in 14th! Oh, the tension!!!

Steve Sax said...

btw Sevim, who leads the poll "who do you think will win?", is in 12th.

Eric Karros said...

Crap. Weiß has risen to 7th and Hudák's down to 16th.

Step it up, Huuds!

Eric Karros said...

I seriously want to see UBragg in this competition by next year.

Even cooler would be to see Weiß, Hudák, and Sevim in the PCS next year.

FYI USA is in 1st!

Steve Sax said...

Through six rounds, Snyder takes the lead!

1 THOMAS Snyder USA 795
2 ULRICH Voigt Germany 769
3 HIDEAKI Jo Japan 761
4 MICHAEL Ley Germany 682
5 PÁL Madarassy Hungary 679
6 WEI-HWA Huang USA 635
7 PHILIPP Weiß Germany 630
8 ANDREY Bogdanov Russia 625
T9 ROGER Barkan USA 620
T9 MEHMET MURAT Sevim Turkey 620

Huang's mechanical pencils must have just cleared customs, as he jumps up the list as well.

karina said...

@Steve Sax 10/25/2010 10:28 PM yes, we should.

I never expected you'd follow so closely the WPC.

NERDS! (and how much I love you for being that)

Wei-Hwa Huang said...

Get your facts straight. It was a Pentel Quicker-Clicker, using 0.9mm 2B lead. 0.5mm lead is significantly weaker (breaks easily), and HB is slow to erase.

ubragg said...

Ha, I actually know Wei-Hwa Huang, Thomas Snyder, and Nick Baxter from the Bay Area puzzle community. Those guys would all crush me at this, I wouldn't even crack the top 100.

While I'm here... seriously, of all the friggin years for the NL to win the ASG and for Broxton to get the friggin save. I have to live among these orange-wearing people and keep my cool. I loved the Rangers/Dodgers hybrid logo, btw.