Friday, June 29, 2018

Series Thread (Games 81-83): 6/29-7/1 vs Rox

Fri, 7:10p: Rich Hill vs Tyler Anderson
Sat, 4:15p: Kenta Maeda vs German Marquez (on Fox)
Sun, 1:10p: Chad Bettis vs Ross Stripling

What happened to the Rockies? After finishing March through May with a 30-26 record and landing in first place, they've gone 9-16 in June and dropped to fourth. The Dodgers have trended in the opposite direction and find themselves 3.5 behind those pesky Snakes, who they don't face again until the end of August.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Series Thread (Games 77-80): June 25-28 vs Cubs

The Cubs' last visit to Dodger Stadium.

Mon 6/25 7p: Maeda vs. Underwood Jr. LAD 2, CHC 1; Maeda 9 Ks; Hernandez HR; Taylor PH HR
Tue 6/26 7p: Stripling vs. Lester
Wed 6/27 7p: Wood vs. Hendricks
Thu 6/28 12p WTF is up with this game time: Kershaw vs. Quintana

Our last series against the CUbs, last week, was a bummer: Monday postponement game turned into a doubleheader Game 1 win, but the Dodgers lost the nightcap, and then dropped the series with a 0-4 shutout on Wednesday. Sure, sweeping the LOLMets this weekend might be a bit of a boost (and the Cubs were swept in a four-game series in Cincinnati). But as we sit six games above .500 and 2.5 games back of the Diamondbacks, this is the best test of mettle that we'll have before the All-Star Game.

I hope JT's game-winning HR yesterday augurs a power comeback for Red Turn 2!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Series Thread (Games 74-76): 6/22-24 @ Mets

More to come!
We swept the Mets that's all you need to know!

6/22: LAD 5, NYM 2: Bellinger grand slam
6/23: LAD 8, NYM 3: Kemp PH grand slam
6/24: LAD 8, NYM 7 (11): Dodgers hit seven HR (Hernandez 2, Bellinger 2, Muncy, Pederson, and Turner in extras)

photo and edits from Sax
but that first line is all Orel baby

Monday, June 18, 2018

Series Thread (Games 71-73): June 18-20 @ Cubs

Memories: Our last visit to Wrigley Field.

Monday 6/18 5p Tuesday 6/19 9a: Maeda (4-4, 3.61) vs. Chatwood (3-5, 4.12) LAD 4, CHC 3; Kyle Farmer wins it in the ninth
Tuesday 6/19 5p: Hill (1-2. 6.30) vs. Montgomery (2-2. 3.31)
Wednesday 6/20 11.20a: Stripling (6-1, 1.76) vs. Lester (8-2, 2.28)

The Dodgers are rolling, having not lost a series in their last nine series (8-0-1), climbing back to 1.5 games behind Arizona with a 37-33 record. But the Cubs are also gaining momentum in their chase with Milwaukee, where they're only a half-game back and a much more formidable 40-28 record.

But we haven't seen this team since...oh yeah. And remember this guy? Well, he's on the DL and won't be pitching this series. And his replacement, whom we'll see Saturday, is complicating plans for Darvish's return.

A win in this series would portend great things before traveling to New York for the LOLMets, and then coming back home for four straight against this Cubs team again. Let's see if we can put our opponents in their cubby holes.

UPDATE 6/18 5p: The weather isn't cooperating for this first game, however (and Kris Bryant looks pretty bad in shorts; see below). No start time announced as of yet.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Series Thread (Games 68-70): 6/15-18 vs Giants

Fri, 7p: Derek Holland vs Ross Stripling
Sat, 5p: Madison Bumgarner vs Alex Wood
Sun, 1p: Chris Stratton vs Undecided

Bumgarner's back from the DL but they lost Longoria to a broken hand. The Giants are 15-24 on the road yet only one game under .500 and two games back of the Dodgers in the standings.

Yet the Dodgers of June are a vastly different team compared to the Keystone Kopps (see above) of April. Will they go forward, not backward? Upward, not forward? And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom (see below)?

UPDATE 6/16: Dusty and Sax will both be at Saturday’s game. Separately. But together in spirit and soul, brother!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Series Thread (Games 66-67): June 12/13 vs. Rangers

The Rangers' two starters, in a recent photo shoot.

Caleb Ferguson (0-0, 21.60) vs. Bartolo Colon (3-3, 4.16), 7p
Kenta Maeda vs. Cole Hamels (3-6, 3.86), 7p

In a short two-game series, The Dodgers are seeing very different starting pitchers from the visiting Texas Rangers. Tonight, we see a gargantuan mound of flesh so large, his belly can withstand a 102-mph comebacker and simply reverberate like a jello mold. In tomorrow's game, we see a spindly toothpick who fancies himself a runway model when he's not pitching.

And that's the long and the short of it. Or, the fat and the skinny of it.

It shouldn't matter much for the Dodgers, whose recent clawing back to a one-game-over-.500 record reflects a starting rotation held together with duct tape and fishing line (not to mention an overworked bullpen). But we had a day off yesterday, following our seventh-straight series without a series loss (6-0-1 record). So go ahead, Texas, throw whatever you've got at us.

Just don't throw that big fat guy too far, or you'll strain your back.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Series Thread (Games 63-65): June 8-10 vs. Braves

Fri 6/8: Buehler vs. McCarthy, 7p
Sat 6/9: Wood vs. Sanchez, 6p
Sun 6/10: Stripling vs. TBD, 1p

Finally, a good team worthy of facing the red-hot Dodgers, winners of 15 in their last 20 games and having not lost any of their last six series (5-0-1). With the Dodgers stroking the bats and sending in a phalanx of relievers to plug holes in the injury-ridden starting rotation, we now go up against the NL East-leading Braves, 10 games over .500 (unlike our pedestrian 31-31 record that has us out only a game and half in the mediocre NL West).

Manny Mota Bobbleheads for the taking this weekend. Let's go get 'em, Blue!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Series Thread (Games 60-62): 6/5-7 @ Bucs

Plaque from Truman; professional photoshop work from SoSG Sax

Tues 6/5: Ross Stripling vs. Joe Musgrove, 4p
Wed 6/6: Caleb Ferguson vs. Trevor Williams, 4p
Thu 6/7: Dennis Santana vs. Jameson Taillon, 9.30a

The Dodgers have won their last three (sweeping Colorado) and have not lost any of their last five series, going 11-5. And yet I see names like Caleb Ferguson (no MLB experience) and Dennis Santana (12.27 ERA, though one "win"), and I'm worried as all get out. The Bucs are above .500, unlike the Dodgers. Can we eke out another series win?

(We're up 2-0 in the first game, through two innings, thanks to a Joc Pederson HR which scored Matt Kemp. So that's a good start.)

late series post by Sax

Our Newest National Hero

Padres fan (their only fan) catches ball in beer and does the right thing, cementing LEGEN - wait for it - DARY status.


No word if she's single, but the line starts here!

Keeping a Promise to Vin, 2018 Edition

From 2016:

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Friday, June 01, 2018

Series Thread (Games 57-59): 6/1-3 @ Rox

Fri, 5:40p: Scott Alexander vs Tyler Anderson LAD 11, COL 8
Sat, 4p: Walker Buehler vs German Marquez LAD 12, COL 4
Sun, 12p: Alex Wood vs Chad Bettis