Monday, August 31, 2015

Game 130 Thread: Aug. 31 vs. Giants, 7p

Brett Anderson (8-8, 3.36) vs. Jake Peavy (4-6, 4.21).

The Dodgers go for their third no-hitter in their last 10 games against Peavy tonight — it won't be easy, given that Peavy sometimes leaves eminently hittable balls up in the zone, but I'm confident the bats will find a way to miss. Meanwhile, it won't matter if Anderson throws his own no-hitter, because he won't get any offensive support. SAD TROMBONE

Dodgers Being No-Hit Twice Sets Record, But World Series Precedent Amazingly Exists

Andrew Simon over at had some good stats about the Dodgers' embarrassing second "effort" getting no-hit, which doesn't bode well for the team's future, though one other team in history has been no-hit twice and still gone on to win the World Series:

Only two teams since at least 1900 have made the playoffs while also suffering multiple no-hitters: the 1917 White Sox and the 2010 Rays. [...]

As for the company the Dodgers could join, Tampa Bay went 96-66 in '10, taking the American League East by a game over the Yankees before falling to the Rangers in the AL Division Series. Yet on May 9 of that year, A's left-hander Dallas Braden twirled a perfect game against them in Oakland. Less than two months later, on June 25, they drew eight walks against the D-backs' Edwin Jackson, who labored through 149 pitches for one of baseball's more unusual no-nos.

Back in 1917, there was no such thing as a division winner, as both leagues had only eight teams apiece. The White Sox went 100-54 that year, winning the AL by nine games over the Red Sox and then defeating the New York Giants in the World Series. But before that, Ernie Koob and Bob Groom of the St. Louis Browns no-hit Chicago on May 5 and 6.

Those back-to-back performances also set the record for least time between no-hitters pitched against the same team. However, the Dodgers have set a new NL record in that department, taking over for the 1971 Reds, who were no-hit on June 3 and 23 by the Cubs' Ken Holtzman and the Phillies' Rick Wise, respectively.

So there's hope for even our offensively incompetent team! Mark McGwire must be thrilled at the prospect of a happy ending here (no matter how slight).

Angels Announce New "No-Hit The Dodgers Night" Promotion For Sept 7 Game

Excited that the Dodgers choose every ninth game to roll over and play dead to a unassuming pitcher's no-hitter, the Angels have set up a "no-hit the Dodgers" promotional giveaway at the stadium, with miniature plaques to be given away to the first 20,000 fans in attendance. The plaques will be inscribed with the dates of the Astros' no-hitter, followed by the Cubs' no-hitter, and then a space will be left for the pending Angels no-hitter (which will be engraved at the stadium post-game, free of charge).
Angels owner Arte Moreno is lobbying to get the first game of the Dodgers / Angels series televised on ESPN, which would ensure the no-hit victory for the home Angels.
"Sure, we're only throwing Matt Shoemaker, he of the 4.48 ERA, said Angels manager Mike Scioscia. "But that's not much worse than Mike Fiers, and he did it Houston, so Shoe's got a good chance.
"Plus, we didn't have a promotion scheduled for that day (Jersey Mike's Sub Card day is the following game), and we figured: why not, it's not like [Dodgers hitting coach] Mark McGwire is going to help any."
Scioscia would not address the Dodgers' apparent "Ron Roenicke curse" when asked by a pool reporter.

And Look Which Dodgers Coach Seems To Be Admiring Arrietta's No-Hitter

That's right, none other than Ron Roenicke, he who has cursed the Dodgers.

I can't tell from this instagram shot whether Roenicke is smiling on the outside, but you can bet he's smiling on the inside. Sleeper agent!

[hat tip to SoSG Nomo for the pickup (and conspiracy theory fuel)]

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Post-Game 129 Thread: Sad Trombone


I told you so. While the Cubs were getting motivated to have a pajama party this evening, the Dodgers rolled over and played dead on national television, ceding their second no-hitter in fewer than two weeks. Jimmy Rollins, Andre Ethier, Yasmani Grandal, and Joc Pederson all helped the Cubs' cause with two strikeouts tonight (Arrietta had 12 total).

Mark McGwire should probably get a lot of the criticism and scrutiny--sure, we lead the league in HRs, but tonight was total ineptitude tonight in his players' at bats. To be no-hit twice in the span of nine games is pathetic, and demonstrates the Dodgers have no gameplan whatsoever--except to predictably fail whenever they're on the national stage.

But I still blame Ron Roenicke.

Game 129 Thread: August 30 vs. Cubs, 5p

Alex Wood (9-8, 3.70) vs. Jake Arrietta (16-6, 2.22).

Put any thoughts of sweepage out of your mind, Dodger fans. First, this game is on national television, a stage on which we do not perform well. Second, three Cubs regulars have >.500 batting averages against Alex Wood (over the last five years): Starlin Castro (.500 BA); Chris Coghlan (.667), and Chris Denorfia (.800). Third, Arrietta (the Cubs' ace) is third in the majors for ERA, behind Zack Greinke and Sonny Gray--and is 10-1 on the road.

Going into play tonight, we're at 16 games over .500, as high as the Dodgers have been all year long. Enjoy the altitude now, because a sixth-consecutive win in front of a national audience would be downright shocking.

(but wouldn't it be awesome if we won?!)

image idea from SoSG Dusty Baker!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bargain Basement

Not exactly flying off the racks at the top deck store. 

Game 128 Thread: August 29 vs. Cubs, 6p

Cubs Team Photo

Mat Latos (4-9, 4.81) vs. Jon Lester (8-9, 3.44)

The rare dualing starting pitchers both of whom shirk traditional spellings of their first name matchup.

Dodgers ride a four-game (4!) win streak coming into tonight's high-stakes clash with the Cubs. It will be an uphill battle given Latos' form of late, having been relegated to the bullpen (more of a place to sit and think about what he did than as someone who was actually called upon to come into the game in relief). But optimism prevails today fresh off the news that our beloved Vin Scully will return for his 67th season next year (praise be to Vin).

Programming note: don't sleep on the 6pm start given the usual 7pm start

Vin to Return, but only for Next Year. Life Is Bad.

One More Year

In his just-completed press conference, Vin strongly suggested that 2016 would be his last season on the mic. While we are overjoyed that he will be back next year, we are nonetheless saddened at the strong possibility - however ultimately anticipated - that this could be the end for his broadcasting career at the end of next season.
"I would say realistically, and I don't want any headlines, but I would say realistically that next year would be the last year."
Vin has given us everything, and more, and of course deserves to make his decision and have his legions of fans support that decision. But...the Dodger family still has a sad now.

I'll be at the Yard tonight and will judge the mood.

In the immortal words of Mr. F: (cries)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Vin to Return. Life Is Good

Game 127 Thread: August 28 vs. Cubs, 7p

Clayton Kershaw (10-6, 2.29) vs. Jason Hammel (7-45, 3.35).

With Kershaw on the mound, immediately following his recent imploring of his teammates to play with greater urgency, I'm assuming we're going to get a pretty solid performance from our starter. The question is if our offense, without Howie Kendrick and potentially without Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonzalez, can put up much resistance.

If we can just mark Hammel early in the game, we might be able to send the Cubs (who have a better record than the Dodgers, even though they're in third place and 8.5 games out) to their third straight loss. Look, it's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two meters.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Post-Game 126 Thread: Red Sweep

Red sweep, standing by


The Dodgers scored the game's only run, when Yasmani Grandal had a bases-loaded GIDP in the second. Aside from that, Yasiel Puig re-injured his hamstring (Don Mattingly brought in Juan Nicasio to pinch-run, which is preferable to Nicasio entering the game any other way), Adrian Gonzalez injured his knee on a foul ball, and Zack Greinke pitched seven shutout innings. It is not clear whether Ron Roenicke had anything to do with either injury.

The Cubs rolled over and played dead for the Giants, so the lead stays at 2.5 games. Let's get back home now (after a 3-5 road trip) and see if the Cubs stay dormant.

Game 126 Thread: Aug. 27 @ Reds, 9:30a

Zack Greinke (13-3, 1.67) vs Anthony DeSclafani (7-9, 3.97).

Breakfast baseball as the Dodgers go for the sweep!

Dodgers Get A Little Too Excited After First Win In Cincy

Screenshots taken before Wednesday's victory.

"Dodgers answer call"? "Bullpen...comes up clutch"? "Dodgers power up?"

All this, after one 5-1 victory. Wow, these social media guys are hyperbolic.

Dilbeck Provides Giants With Locker-Room Material

Great. The LAT's Steve Dilbeck basically baits the arch-rivals up north, in "When will the Giants make a serious run at the Dodgers:

Every time the Giants put a little streak together and act like they’re exercising those championship muscles, they go all atrophy and fall back again. The Dodgers lose five of six, the Giants lose five of six. It's a frustration contest.

The Dodgers can only send out so many personal invitations.

Nothing much has stood out about the Giants this season. They field well (.987), hit OK (.267, .406 slugging percentage), their starting pitching is OK (3.92 ERA, 1.27 WHIP), bullpen is OK (3.27, 1.18). Mostly, they’re just very OK.

What they have done is beat up on the Dodgers (9-3), and the two will meet seven more times, so it’s certainly not like they can be disregarded. They are 2½ games back of the Dodgers, who have been so uninspiring they’ve allowed the Diamondbacks (6½ back) and the Padres (7½) to dream of great postseason finishes.

But the Giants have the recent pedigree and pose the most serious threat. There’s a little over five weeks to go, so there remains time for someone to finally discover their playoff mojo and get rolling.

As if Roenicke's sabotage isn't enough. Thanks a lot, Dilbeck.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post-Game 125 Thread: Dodgers Again Limp To Victory Over Reds, Roenicke

Unconfirmed picture of Chase Utley's glove, after Ron Roenicke got to it before the game


Thanks to an outpouring of three home runs, scoring five runs in the fourth inning (Scott Van Slyke solo shot; A.J. Ellis and Yasiel Puig with two-run HRs each) off of Reds starter David Holmberg, the Dodgers jumped out to a 6-0 lead and looked ready to have Dodger starter Brett Anderson coast to victory.

Not so fast, said Dodgers third base coach Ron Roenicke. Unsubstantiated claims of his tampering with Chase Utley's glove (see above) led to Utley's two-out fielding error in the seventh, ushering in a three-run frame by the Reds; and in the ninth inning, Utley's porous glove again allowed former Dodger Skip Schumaker to reach base with two out--extending an inning which allowed the tying run to the plate, creating nervousness for most Dodger fans about the potential culmination of Roenicke's machinations.

Good prevailed over evil, however. Kenley Jansen eventually got the save, but it was another white-knuckle experience watching the bullpen (who really need to be more bare-knuckle, than white-knuckle, if we're to advance in the postseason).

Adrian Gonzalez added an RBI double in the ninth to score Puig. Anderson went 6.2 IP and gave up five hits and three earned runs, to earn the victory.

Cubs are up 2-0 2-1 in the first inning in SF. Let's go, Cubbies!

Game 125 Thread: August 26 @ Reds, 4p

The allegedly evil Ron Roenicke, about to shoot Emperor-style lightning bolts at umpire Mark Ripperger

Brett Anderson (7-8, 3.52) vs. [David Holmberg (1-3, 6.57), as well as vs. Ron Roenicke (1-5)].

When last these two pitchers squared off, 11 days ago, the Dodgers romped to victory and Holmberg lasted only two measley innings, giving up seven earned runs in the process. We've won rematch #1 this series, but don't think this one will go down so easy. This time, we've got Ron Roenicke on our coaching staff. Who knows what will happen.

Post-Game 124 Thread: Dodgers Win Game Despite Roenicke


Surprisingly, the Dodgers finally brought an end to their season-high five-game losing streak, but don't think that new coach Ron Roenicke didn't try his hardest to foil the Dodgers' winning plans. When the Dodgers opened up the game with back-to-back doubles (Yasiel Puig scoring Jimmy Rollins before the first out), Roenicke used his third base forces to make sure the next four batters couldn't advance Puig another 90 feet.

For the rest of the entire game, Roenicke was able to hex spell the Dodgers away from third base, as the only time other Dodger players were allowed to even touch third base were due to home runs (Justin Turner and Jimmy Rollins, each with two-run HRs). Roenicke made sure that, if a Dodger came near third, he had better have a damn good reason.

And rumors have it that it was Roenicke who inspired John Lamb to lead off the fifth with a HBP on Adrian Gonzalez. After that, Roenicke allegedly turned his Dodgers-dooming wrath towards our leaky bullpen--brainwashing manager Don Mattingly into pulling Alex Wood after 5 2/3 innings (a move which immediately backfired when Chris Hatcher allowed a run-scoring double).

Roenicke's last big attempt at sabotaging the game for the Dodgers came in the eighth, when he tried to call Juan Nicasio in for relief work, only to see Juan load the bases with Reds. Luis Avilan entered the game to replace Nicasio and record the third out in the bottom of the eighth, but really: Roenicke was that close to causing yet another loss.

So the Dodgers overcome the Reds, and Roenicke, for the first game in Cincinnati. The red-hot Cubs also beat down the Giants, extending the Dodgers' lead back to 2.5 games. Will Roenicke destroy us Wednesday, with Brett Anderson on the mound? I'm sure he'll try.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Game 124 Thread: August 25 @ Reds, 4p

Wood Lamb.

Alex Wood (8-8. 3.79) vs. John Lamb (0-1, 6.35).

Cincy had a rookie Lamb,
And we've lost five in a row.
And everywhere on this road trip,
Our bullpen sure did blow.

These two guys met two two weeks ago, and it was good for the Dodgers (who won 5-3).

Can Ron Roenicke keep his franchise-destroying streak alive after five? I don't think I have the stomach to watch.

Can The Dodgers Win Without A Bullpen? (No.)

I'm obviously not optimistic about the Dodgers' bullpen these days, and in Jonah Keri's second-to-last recap of the major leagues on Grantland's "The 30", he doesn't leave much room for hope:

So, the underlying numbers do provide some reason to hope, but given last year’s playoff meltdown, the awful season-to-date run-prevention numbers, and the disaster over the past month, you can’t fault Dodgers fans for not feeling too hot about the current relief situation. [...]

However, the biggest complaint from many fans isn’t necessarily directed at Mattingly, or even at the team’s relievers themselves; it has to do with the front office. After contending teams like the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Pirates, and others made aggressive trades for bullpen help at the deadline, why didn’t the Dodgers, eager to build and spend on depth everywhere else on the roster, follow suit?

It’s because Andrew Friedman & Co. have recognized the volatility of bullpens and decided not to invest big money in their own. After all, many of baseball’s best relief arms are young, homegrown, inexpensive pitchers once ticketed for the rotation who instead ended up dominating in relief (Dellin Betances, Trevor Rosenthal, Zach Britton), while many pricey free-agent bullpen acquisitions fail spectacularly.

That doesn’t mean it’s the right decision, though. Friedman isn’t running a shoestring budget like he was in Tampa, and smartly allocated money can still fortify your bullpen. Just look at the Astros: They spent actual money to address a troubling relief corps, and they’re reaping the benefits of having veterans Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek to stabilize what’s now one of the league’s best pens. When the Dodgers outspend Houston and everyone else by tens and/or hundreds of millions, it’s odd to see them try to play Moneyball with a bullpen that caused so many problems in the playoffs.

Now, it’s possible that Baez, Garcia, & Co. form an effective bridge from the starters to Jansen, and Los Angeles finally breaks through and rolls to the World Series. But that’s not the point: By heading into the postseason with a teetering pen, the resource-rich Dodgers are opting for a chance they really don’t have to take.

This cannot end well (literally, given the bullpen can't close out our games).

Monday, August 24, 2015

LEGO Dodger Stadium

Attention @Dodgerslego: A company named StadiumBrick is selling a one-off replica Dodger Stadium made from over 2,500 LEGO bricks. The company tells us:

The stadium is made from over 2,500 LEGO bricks, and has been designed by us. We handle the packaging and shipping all in-house, and turn-around times is about 2 weeks. All models come with building guides.

We have about 20 stadiums right now that we've designed, including UCLA and USC football stadiums.

For more info click here and here.

Help Chef Dave

I've only been around Chef Dave a few times, but one thing that's clear is that he doesn't care if you're Vin Scully or some lowly blogger — he wants you to eat, and eat well.

Now Chef Dave needs our help in fighting lung cancer. You can give to his fund here:

Earlier at SoSG: Watch Tommy Eat. Eat, Tommy, Eat

2: Jon SooHoo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dodgers 0-5 Since Roenicke Hire

Seriously, guys, we may have to adopt this twitter handle on the side.

We are the worst first-place team I have ever seen.

NL West lead down to one game, pending the outcome of tonight's Giants @ Pirates game (Vogelsong vs. Liriano). I want to vomit.

Game 123 Thread: Aug. 23 @ Astros, 11a

Clayton Kershaw (10-6, 2.34) vs. Lance McCullers (5-4, 3.17).

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Game 122 Thread: Aug. 22 @ Astros, 4p

Zack Greinke (13-2, 1.58) vs. Scott Kazmir (6-8, 2.43)

Behind Greinke, who is riding an 11-start unbeaten streak, the Dodgers look to rebound from a complete shitstorm of an outing yesterday against the Astros where NO ONE* GOT A GOD DAMN HIT. Thus, we're all a little salty with a strong chance of having hangovers. And that nasty taste of a shit sandwich in our mouths. I'm anxious to wash away the bad taste with a nice IPA and another excellent Greinke outing!

Roenicke Watch: 0-3

*On the Dodgers

Friday, August 21, 2015

Game 121 Thread: Aug. 21 @ Astros, 5p

Brett Anderson (7-7, 3.48) vs Mike Fiers (5-9, 3.87).

Welcome to the Blue, Chase!

Illini's Eric Finney Votes Puig For Heisman

The Fighting Illini's Eric Finney had some inspired answers to the News-Gazette's insipid survey, including this tidbit about our own Yasiel Puig:

If you could ask the media that covers you one question, what would it be?

If the circumference of a banana is 13.72 cubic feet squared, and the radius is 12 yards, what is the square root of a block of ice?

Other than your teammates, who is your Heisman favorite?

Have you seen Yasiel Puig? Go, Dodgers, Go!

Well played, Mr. Finney.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dodgers Remain Winless In Ron Roenicke Coaching Era

0-2. I'm just saying.

The Alberto "Collapso" Experiment Is Mercifully Over

Alberto Collaspo ("Collapso", as we called him) has been DFA'd, to make room for some Phillies guy who once was good:

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Saying "it's time," veteran second baseman Chase Utley prepared to leave Philadelphia, after the Phillies traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday in exchange for two minor leaguers.

The Phillies also will send $4 million to Los Angeles to offset the $6 million remaining on Utley's $15 million salary. The Dodgers will send utility player Darnell Sweeney and right-handed pitcher John Richy to Philadelphia.

The Dodgers designated third baseman Alberto Callaspo for assignment to clear room on the roster for Utley.

The trade came a day after Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Utley was likely to stay in Philadelphia for the remainder of the season.

"Three weeks ago or so, I had a conversation with Ruben," Utley said during a news conference in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, according to "We put our heads together and decided it might be best for us to part ways. I gave them a list of a handful of teams that I would consider playing for, and then it was Ruben's job to find the best deal he could for the organization. And ultimately it came down to the Dodgers, a team I grew up watching."

Utley, batting .217 this season with a OPS+ of a career-low 71, joins a parade of washed-up Phillies who have joined the Dodgers, including Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, and Joe Blanton. None have worked out. Rumor has it Andrew Friedman is also targeting Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, and Greg Luzinski.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Game 120 Thread: August 19 @ Athletics, 12:30p

This is how we all feel today

Alex Wood (8-7, 3.74) vs. Jesse Chavez (6-12, 3.84)

Sax is feeling too salty to speak publicly. Stubbs is still wandering around a hot parking lot looking for free beer. And Nomo is figuring out which urban city in decline he'll insult next on Twitter. We're all feeling salty after last night's bullpen debacle.

I think loyal SoSG reader Karen summed up last night's shittacular the best:


Indeed. Let's get out there and take one back this afternoon. It won't cure what ails us but it'll be a start.

Bonus game note: Dodgers are now 0-1 with Ron Roenicke coaching third.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Game 119 Thread: August 18 @ Athletics, 7p

Clayton Kershaw (10-6, 2.39) vs. Felix Doubront (1-1. 4.59).

Sure, let's give the Dodgers a day off before that grueling trip up to Oakland, where we will play two games against the A's, before getting another day off on August 20. Thank you, scheduling gods, for this respite (despite completely screwing us earlier this year, by having us play a 14-games-in-13-days immediately followed by another 20-consecutive-day span of work).

The least we can do is hurl Kershaw, who is coming off a 5-0 record an 0.82 ERA across his last seven starts. Kershaw has had at least eight scoreless innings in five of his last six outings. Felix Doubront, Dou wonderful wonderful Bront, is a new acquisition by the A's from Toronto, who is probably wondering how he ended up moving from a first-place team to a last-place team. Let's stop him before he gets any ideas about reaching into a bag of tricks.

Dodgers enter Tuesday up 3.0 games in the NL West.

Bundy Out (At Third Base); Roenicke In

Ron Roenicke, the deposed Brewers manager, is our new Dodgers 3B coach:

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers have hired former Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke for the remainder of the season as third-base coach to replace Lorenzo Bundy, who will remain on staff in charge of outfield defense.

Roenicke, who played for the Dodgers from 1981-83 and was on their big league coaching staff in 1992-93, was dismissed as manager of the Brewers earlier this season. He also managed five seasons in the Dodgers' Minor League system.

Roenicke had managed the Brewers since 2011 and had his '16 option exercised by the Brewers this spring, but he was dismissed after they started the season 7-18. In his first season in Milwaukee, he finished second to another former Dodger, Kirk Gibson, for the National League Manager of the Year Award.

Roenicke, 59, spent six years as third-base coach of the Angels under manager Mike Scioscia, his former Dodgers teammate, and became Scioscia's bench coach when Joe Madden left to manage Tampa Bay for current Dodgers president Andrew Friedman.

Of course, the question everyone is asking is, why now?:

The Dodgers said Roenicke has been hired for the rest of the season, so that makes him something of a rental. A coach for seven weeks.

Now clearly there were moments when Bundy left you shaking your head over runners waived on or held up. But that’s going to be true with any third base coach. And certainly you could argue he had more than his share, but not so much that it screamed this was the change that had to be made if the Dodgers want to advance to the World Series.

And the first-place Dodgers were not so unhappy with him that they gave him the complete coaching boot.

So it’s really about wanting Roenicke? Someone who’s been around since May when he was fired as the Brewers manager? And they make the move on Aug. 17?

Conspiracy lovers will immediately suspect the Dodgers have brought on Roenicke to replace Manager Don Mattingly should the powers that be decide he is not the answer. Possible, of course, but Roenicke has no obvious connection to President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman or General Manager Farhan Zaidi. I can offer no personal knowledge to Roenicke’s IT skills.

Hmm. Sad times for Bundy, but perhaps we'll see fewer moments of the slow-moving Alex Guerrero getting thrown out at home?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beersfest 2015 Recap - Dusty Edition

While Stubbs has well summed up our participation in BEERS Fest, I wanted to add a few of my own thoughts given how rare it is that I actually have thoughts.

I took public transportation in the form of Metro Rail to get to downtown LA where the event was being held. Running slightly early and assuming Stubbs was, well, on Stubbs Standard Time, I thought what the hell, I'll wander around Olvera Street for a few and see if I can snag a bootleg Dodgers t-shirt or something. This is when I got my first taste of how hot it was on Saturday. Just the walk across the street from Union Station caused me to break into a profuse sweat. So I headed straight into my favorite little restaurant that has a tiny bar area and cold Mexican beer. Two Pacificos later, it was time to go drink more beer.

After Ubering over to the event site, I hooked up with Stubbs. Then we joined up and began sampling the wares that were laid before us. I used the Untappd app on my phone to keep up with the beers I sampled, though I didn't end up capturing them all:

Fireman's Brew Redhead Ale
Fireman's Brew Brunette
Mission Amber Ale
Mission Hefeweizen
Absolution The Convert
Solarc Dunes
Figueroa Mountain Lizard's Mouth
Escape Milk Stout

Couple of standout moments:
+ Talking with the guys at Fireman's about their beers and about the Dodgers. They are all fans and it gave a great sense of community and local pride.

+ Talking with two Dodger fans who were in from Seattle for the weekend to take in some games. They'd never been to Chavez Ravine before so Stubbs and I gave them some tips. Was neat to see how our Dodgers draw folks from all over and to discuss the team over craft beer albeit on blazing hot asphalt.

+ Those tacos. But damn if I can recall what that food truck was called and I can't find it on the website.

All in all a good afternoon. There was not much of a crowd likely due to the heat, but that was fine with us even our general lack of social skills around other people.

Off to get some beers in for lunch now that I've worked up a thirst writing this post! [Editor's Note: Dusty is on vacation and is not actually having lunch beers during the workday.]

Beersfest 2015 Recap - Stubbs Edition

It's been awhile, boys and girls! All it took was an intersection of two of my favorite things, beer and free beer, to bring me crawling back here.

First off, tons of thanks to Jon Moore for reaching out to us on the invitation.  We hope that we were just the kind of sardonic derelicts you had in mind when you first thought of SoSG!

I caught up with our very own Dusty Baker around 2pm, who had bravely pre-loaded a few beers beforehand. Our first assessment: it was hot. The radiating pavement pushed all of us fun-seekers to any available shade, and we wore a path back and forth between the event booths and the nearest tree or large shrub.

Hiding from the sun like small desert animals

The folks there representing their products were universally cool. Let me be the first to admit I may be ever so slightly biased.

Fireman's Brew, Mission Brewing, Absolution, Solarc, Figueroa Mountain, and Escape Craft Brewery all had representation. A decent showing, and with the furthest coming just up from San Diego, it does say some nice things about the state local brewing.

As for the beers themselves, some I had encountered before, some I had not. I do not fancy myself a connoisseur by any stretch, but here are those that stood out to me (relative buzz level indicated. Adjust your personal expectations accordingly)

Fireman's Brew Brunette - (Buzz - Sober)

I had tried their amber before at the stadium, which was quite decent. The Brunette, a doppelbock, was better. A little smoother than an average bock, and a nice start to a hot day of drinking.

Mission El Conquistador - (Buzz - Noticably Pleasant)

A nice, crisp session IPA. Plenty of hops, as is to be expected.

Solarc Dunes - (Buzz - Everything is Funny)

The sneaky favorite of the day for me. Belgian style, but more spicy than expected. Different, maybe just to be different, but I'll allow it.

Figueroa Mountain Lizard's Mouth - (Buzz - Egregious Misspelling)

Really floral IPA. Sharp enough to cut through the beer haze at this point in the afternoon. I look forward to revisiting a pint with all my faculties at my disposal.

A good experience all around. I'll be interested to hear if Dusty remembers streaking when he tells his side of things!

ESPN's Waiver Deal Projections Involve Dodgers, Benoit, Benjamins

Deal does not involve this tiny-headed player, despite what the headline might imply.

Conspiracy theorist analyst Jim Bowden has some waiver deals he thinks might happen (link insider only), one of which involves the Dodgers:

4. The Padres trade Joaquin Benoit to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Zach Lee.

The Dodgers' bullpen is a disaster, and they have just two weeks to do something about it. The question here is whether Benoit would get claimed by another team during the waiver process before the Dodgers get a shot at him. I think it's a long shot that Benoit actually gets to the Dodgers unclaimed, though stranger things have happened. If he does, the Dodgers should claim Benoit and send pitching prospect Zach Lee to the Padres for him. Benoit, 37, is having another banner season as a setup man for the Padres, including a 2.17 ERA in 51 appearances, with a 0.85 WHIP and only 25 hits allowed in 49 2/3 innings.

Lee, 23, is finally starting to put it together, and a change of scenery is exactly what he needs. There might be no better place for him to land than pitcher-friendly Petco Park. Worth noting: Lee was originally drafted by Logan White when he ran the Dodgers' scouting department, and White is now one of the top talent evaluators for GM A.J. Preller and the Padres.

Benoit comes with a team option for 2016 at $8 million or a $1.5 million buyout, so the move isn't necessarily a rental-type deal, which the Dodgers tend to stay away from.

Bowden also thinks the Giants will pick up Chase Utley from the Phillies in exchange for a mediocre pitching prospect (Kyle Crick), in order to fill the gap of the injured Joe Panik. I suppose we'll see; two weeks to go!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Post-Game 118 Thread: Rock(ing) Steady


While most of the Sons (and friends of Sons) were recovering from hangovers, the Dodgers went out and took the series from Cincinnati by beating the Reds 2-1 on a Sunday afternoon. Zack Greinke was on as usual, 7.0 IP with 6 H and only 1 ER, a sacrifice fly yielded to Billy Hamilton in the fifth. But Greinke came out in the bottom of the fifth and followed Joc Pederson's 23 HR (a solo shot) with a HR of his own, his second, a no doubt shot which even had a Greinke-like bat flip at the end.

The Nationals rolled over against the Giants and played dead, allowing the Giants to win four in a row as the Nats descended below .500. But the Dodgers have a three-game win streak of our own, so our lead remains at 2.5 games in the West. Rock steady, boys!

Game 118 Thread: August 16 vs. Reds, 1p

Zack Greinke (12-2, 1.59) vs. Anthony "Gwen" DeSclafani (7-7, 3.75).

Don't speak. Just know that the Dodgers have maintained their 2.5-game lead in the West, despite having a record worse than the third-place Chicago Cubs, clawing out unexpected victories from Alex Wood (Friday) and Brett Anderson (Saturday). And now today, we've got arguably our best starter on the mound, in Zack Greinke--who hasn't lost since June 13.

Should Greinke paint his own surprise, and get shelled today (Joey Votto, in particular, is 10-for-24 against Greinke), and the Dodgers' lead shrink a little bit? I know just what you're saying, So please stop explaining. Don't tell me 'cause it hurts.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Game 117 Thread: Aug. 15 vs. Reds, 6p

Brett Anderson (6-7, 3.43) vs. David Holmberg (1-1, 3.05).

While some Sons will likely be occupied elsewise, the rest of us schlubs may as well go ahead and watch today's game at the Stadium. I mean, it may not be the sweet sweet nectar of beer, but today's pitching matchup should hearken nostalgic memories of converted paper products and services, including new technologies and innovative products that work effortlessly with the evolving graphics industry.

On second thought, hold up there Dusty, I'm on my way to Beers Fest!

BEERS Fest Thread: Aug. 15 vs. Sobriety, 1p

They had us at Cornhole. Come join SoSG Stubbs and Dusty if you you get the chance!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Game 116 Thread: Aug. 14 vs. Reds, 7p

Alex Wood (7-7, 3.72) vs. John Lamb (0-0, -.--).

Let's jam.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Game 115 Thread: August 13 vs. Reds, 7p

Mat Latos (4-8, 4.67) vs. Keyvius Sampson (1-1, 3.00).

Reds may be going with Sampson, but we'll be bringing Delilah, in Latos who is probably itching to get back at the team which housed him for the last three years. The Reds' Sampson has only gone 12 innings total. It's just a matter of time before SoSG Dusty tells Keyvius to cut his hair (a la Timmeh).

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and how could I forget this guy:

With luck we'll have another great AC video with bobblehead in hand...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Game 114 Thread: Aug. 12 vs. Nats, 7p

Jordan Clarkson, Clayton Kershaw.

Clayton Kershaw (9-6, 2.51) vs. Jordan Zimmermann (8-7, 3.44).

The Mets have Happy Harvey Day, so why is there no Happy Kershaw Day?

Aug. 15 Pregame Event: BEERS Fest

I'll be honest; they had us at BEERS. But if you're looking for the place to be before Saturday's game (note uncommon 6:10 p.m. start time), shoot up the 110 to BEERS Fest:

  • Who: Beers Magazine, 10+ Breweries and 30+ Beer brands
  • What: 3000 guests expected to attend 2015 Beers Summer Fest ft. Breweries, Food, Beer Pong, Cornhole & Live Music,
  • When: Aug. 15th from 1-6pm
  • Where: The Reef Parking Lot 1933 S. Broadway LA CA 90007
  • Why: B)ecause E)everything E)lse R)eally S)ucks

Participating breweries include:

  • Anchor Brewing –
  • Wick’s Brewing Company –
  • Absolution Brewing Company –
  • The Great Beer Company –
  • Solarc Beer Company –
  • Mission Brewery –
  • Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company –
  • Fireman’s Brew –
  • Escape Craft Brewery –
  • The Dudes’ Brewing Company –

Will Sons be there, you ask? (shakes Magic 8-Ball) OUTLOOK GOOD

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Game 113 Thread: Aug. 11 vs. Nats, 7p

Zack Greinke (11-2, 1.71) vs. Joe Ross (3-3, 2.80)

Is it too much to ask for ONE DODGERS SEASON without a depressing stretch of abysmal baseball? Howie Kendrick and Justin Turner are hurt. The bullpen is a grease fire wrapped in a dumpster fire wrapped in a tire fire. (Kenley Jansen was used for MOP-UP DUTY last night!) And, while I'm never really the guy to call for Donnie's head, he's sure been pretty "Welp, what can ya do?" about the whole thing.

Maybe it's just a bad week. If only we had something, I don't know, spongeworthy to mop up our tears.

There it is.

Greinke image: ThkBleu

Monday, August 10, 2015

Game 112 Thread: Aug. 10 vs. Nats, 7p

Brett Anderson (6-6, 3.06) vs. Gio Gonzalez (8-4, 3.75)

Howie to the DL, speedster Peraza in. Let's hand the Nats a curly L!

Oops. Wrong pin.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Best way to watch the game

Game 111 Thread: Aug. 9 @ Pirates, 5p

Alex Wood (7-7, 3.65) vs. Charlie Morton (7-4, 4.19).

Dodgers look to avoid the sweep at the hands of the Osso Buccos. Nats and Reds await at home after today's game, so a happy flight would get the week started right!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Game 110 Thread: Aug 8 @ Pirates, 1p

Mat Latos (4-7, 4.29) vs. Francisco Liriano (7-6, 2.92)

Mat Latos goes for the second time as a Dodger as the team attempts to shake the funk off of yesterday's walk loss. This one appears to be on FS1, so hopefully folks can catch it. Lineup is already out, and it looks more like a Sunday or get-away day lineup, but we'll hold out hope (cc: Karina).

Sorry for the late post; Sons are themselves trying to shake off the funk this morning as well. Stubbs still hasn't made bail!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Game 109 Thread: Aug 7 @ Pirates, 4p

Clayton Kershaw (9-6, 2.37) vs. Gerrit Cole (14-5, 2.29)

Lot of eyeballs on this one today. For one, it's on OG ESPN and allegedly not blacked out (we call that ("Spankied"). As well, two of this season's best pitchers go at it with Kershaw seeking to extend his scoreless inning streak of 37. Here's hoping he doesn't have the shaky start that Greinke had yesterday against the Uncle Phills, but that he has the same offensive contributions. And it's Friday, with the game time at 4pm Best Coast time, so let's soak it in during happy hour and get the weekend started right!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Game 108 Thread: Aug 6 @ Phillies, 10a

Zack Greinke (10-2, 1.41) vs. David Buchanan (2-5, 6.44)

Breakfast baseball!

Image: The Partners Trust

Baseball World Heavyweight Title Update: Rewriting History

I am woefully behind on proper Baseball World Heavyweight Title updates. Let's get caught up.

First, let me take you back to the All-Star Break. Entering the break, the Angels were the belt-holders, ending up with the title after it bounced quickly from the Brewers to the Royals to the Red Sox to the Orioles to the Rangers. Now, if you remember the original rules for the title, it can only be defended in regular season series, but since I'm in charge of the title now, I decided to have some fun and put the belt on the line in both the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game itself.

It was fairly simple to come up with a scenario for the Home Run Derby. It was a single-elimination tournament, and the Angels' Albert Pujols was participating. If anyone beat him, they'd get the belt. Turns out Joc Pederson did, in fact, beat him, only to lose to the Reds' Todd Frazier in the Finals. That meant the Reds were the current champ. I then took this a step further by coming up with a complex set of rules for the belt to change hands during the All-Star Game. Despite multiple title swaps during the game, the Reds still managed to walk away champions, after a dominant performance from Aroldis Chapman.

A few weeks removed from the All-Star break, however, I started to feel remorseful about noodling with the firmly-established rules for the title. In reality, I made the change in the hopes that the Dodgers would somehow walk out of the All-Star Game with the belt. So, yesterday I put it up to a blind Twitter vote to decide which lineage would stand: The one where the Reds left the ASG with the belt, meaning the Yankees would be the current champ, or the one where the Angels retained, meaning the Rangers would be the current champ. Twitter voted to keep the original timeline, so here we are. The title changes that "occurred" during the Derby and All-Star Game will remain a non-canonical diversion.

Current Champion: Texas Rangers

1) San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
6 days
(vs. AZ)
2) San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
13 days
(vs. CHC, COL)
3) Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
25 days
4) San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers
13 days
3 (vs. COL, MIL, ATL)
5) Pittsburgh Pirates
San Francisco Giants
7 days
1 (vs. ATL)
6) Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates
8 days
1 (vs. WAS)
7) Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers
3 days
8) Boston Red Sox
Kansas City Royals
4 days
9) Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
6 days
1 (vs. CLE)
10) Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles
3 days
11) Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers
21 days
4 (vs. COL, SEA, BOS, MIN)
12) Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels
14 days (through 8/7)
3 (vs. NYY, SFG, HOU)

As for the the SoSG World Championship, introduced in the last update, the championship committee has decided to shelve it for the time being, due to barely being able to keep up with one belt. Joc has it stashed in a locker somewhere. It may resurface at some point.

Confused about what the BWHT is and how it works? Hit the BWHT link on the sidebar for all the relevant posts to date.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Game 107 Thread: Aug. 5 @ Phillies, 4p

Brett Anderson (5-6, 3.14) vs. Aaron Harang (5-11, 3.97).

Old friend alert! The last-place Phils are 8-2 in their last ten, and the Giants have Bumgarner starting today (why does it always seem like he's starting for them?). Dodgers' lead is two; pray they don't shorten it any further.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Game 106 Thread: August 4 @ Phillies, 4p

What's the bigger story here? J-Roll? Or Wood?

Jimmy Rollins, franchise hit leader, returns to Philadelphia for the first time tonight. Alex Wood, potential starter coming off his career-worst WHIP (1.408), pitches in a Dodger uniform for the first time tonight. So which one is the bigger story? Alex? James?

Or even Alex James? Well, Girls and Boys, today's game is exciting, no matter how you slice it (not the jelly roll; the metaphorical "it" that would refer to today's game. Though I suppose someone did indeed slice said jelly roll, up above...). We're three games up on the Giants, and facing a 41-65 cellar-dwelling team might be a good way for us to put even more space between us. I'm all set for a wild ride, nonetheless. Whoo hoo!