Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post-Game 22 Thread: Zack Out-Dreamies Cole

"I approve."


Move over, Cole McDreamy. Zack (Heart) Attack is our man of the moment, having guided the Dodgers to victory with seven innings of two-run ball, with 11 strikeouts.

Uribe had an RBI and Puig had two (including one on a bat-flip triple), and Hanley snapped out of his slump with an insurance home run in the eighth. Turner added a RBI single for some Geico.

It's hard to believe, but the Dodgers actually have a chance at a split in this series. Given how it started, that would be a moral victory.

Game 22 Thread: April 23 vs. Phils, 7p

Cue "Yakety Sax."

Zack Greinke (3-0, 2.42) vs. Cole Hamels (first start of season).

Aw, we have to play these guys agaaaaaain? If it weren't for the 5-18 Diamondbacks, the Dodgers' record would be as ugly as their defense. Tonight, our ace (non-Kershaw division) attempts to restore sanity in Chavez Ravine against the dashing Hamels, who's recovering from biceps tendinitis.

It's a weekday night at Dodger Stadium, so expect more snarky attendance-related tweets from Dylan Hernandez, more griping about not being able to watch the Dodgers on TV, and NO ERREORS.

photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Australia Pictures Game 2

G'day Mates! More Australia pictures!

Stan Kasten jumped the line at the store, but I guess when you are the owner, you can
SCG banners
Ryu long tossing

Catch it on the fly AJ
Day Panorama

National Anthem

Puig up to bat

Eye on the ball



Dee up to bat
Beach balls are universal

Team bus after the game

Vin, in Cartoon Form

From the Orange County Register:

(click to enlarge)

Thanks to Fred's Brim for the heads-up!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post-Game 21 Thread: The Dodgers Have Never Beat the Phillies


Did you know the Dodgers and Phillies have played 2,070 regular-season games lifetime against each other? And the Dodgers have lost EVERY SINGLE ONE of those games! Yes, 2,070 straight losses, including tonight's crappy, embarrassing by-the-numbers defeat: Ryu allowed two earned runs over six innings, the bats scraped together two runs to send it to extras, only for Hanley and Crawford to lose their shit defensively, leading to the losing run in the tenth. The Dodgers had two runs and two errors. Ugh.

Game 21 Thread: April 22 vs. Phillies, 7p

Hyun-Jin Ryu (3-1, 1.93) vs. A.J. Burnett (0-1, 2.74).

After getting summarily shut down by Cliff Lee last night, the Dodgers look to regroup against a starting pitcher with an inguinal hernia. Sounds delicious, right? Well, after getting that diagnosis, Philadelphia's A.J. Burnett went seven innings and struck out five while yielding no runs, in a game the Phillies eventually won over the Braves.

So don't count any chickens--especially when we've got the majors' second-worst defense out there helping our opponents out with extra chances (the Dodgers' 21 errors this season, in 20 games, is only surpassed by the Nationals' 22). Hanley Ramirez has five errors all by himself!

Stay tuned to see if the Dodger bats wake up tonight and mark Burnett!

picture swiped from here

Australia Pictures Game 1

Jet lag is a pain in the ass.  It is so bad, that I JUST NOW woke up from the Australia trip.  And now that I am back on pacific standard time, I am able to upload my Australia pictures. Overall it was a fabulous time.  I had never been to Australia and found the people to be really nice and friendly.  The day before the games, I was walking around Darling Harbor and bumped into Davey Lopes.  He very graciously took a picture with me.  The games themselves were great, and to see baseball in a historic facility like the Sydney Cricket Grounds was amazing.  We were able to see both games there and the Australia fans were great.  Even during warm ups, the crowd was into the game.  The crowd was audibly oohing when Kershaw was long tossing in the outfield.  And every time AJ Ellis would catch the ball on the fly, the crowd would cheer.  Then during the game, a foul ball would elicit a chorus of cheers and shouts.  One guy caught a foul ball with a glove and another Australian fan shouted "My grandmother uses a glove! Be a real man!" Hilarious stuff from those Aussies.  Enjoy the pictures below and sorry for the long delay!

At the Airport

Banners at Darling Harbor

Hitting bombs into Darling Harbor

Floating MLB ball

Met some Dodger Fans from Los Angeles who tweeted us! Thanks @artloc

This is not the stadium

ABL poster
ABL Trophy

Warming up

Super small bathrooms with the good old urine trough

Kershaw getting his yoga on

Do not disturb the ace

Soohoo is just outside of the do not disturb Kershaw radius

One of many Dodger lineups this year

Beautiful SCG

ABL mascot race (w/ that Dback cat)


Opening Day

Alcohol and the prices

SoSG Made it!

Look Who's Shooting

(click to enlarge)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Post-Game 20 Thread: Lee Mows Dodgers

Cliff Lee took one of these to the Dodgers tonight...

...and the Phillies did this to the ball.


37,715 people showed up to Dodger Stadium tonight, plus 50 players and a bevy of coaches and trainers, but the only person who mattered was one Clifton Phifer Lee. The Philly Phifer tossed eight shutout innings, allowing only four hits and striking out 10. At one point he retired 20 straight.

The silver lining? AGon extended his hitting streak to 16 games. League pitched another two scoreless innings. Sign that man to an extension!

Game 20 Thread: April 21 vs. Phillies, 7p

Paul Maholm (0-1, 4.97) vs. Cliff Lee (2-2, 4.00).

Step right up to Cliff's Amusement Park, which has historically been full of nauseating moments for the Dodgers. Lee's career ERA of 1.70 (across seven games) is the third best among all opponents lifetime, behind only the Giants and the Phillies themselves. And the Phillies have been Dodger killers in recent years, particularly in the playoffs.

On the positive side, we've got Paul Maholm pitching. Just kidding! On the positive side, Lee has not gotten offensive support from his team this year; in his last outing, Lee walked one and struck out 13 over nine innings...but lost 1-0. According to, Lee's 3.87 run support average since 2011 is the seventh lowest in baseball.

But we can still hope! Mattingly will likely be strategic in picking his horses from the Dodgers' outfield carousel. And Adrian Gonzalez, riding his 15-game hitting streak with a double yesterday, will still bring his dragon swing. I mean, it's been a roller-coaster year for the Dodgers already, but just think what would happen if yesterday's hero Yasiel Puig gets a load of a Cliff hanger.....and with that, I'll ask you to tune in for tonight's game.

Son of Son Blows Up

Or at least, his face blows up. Check out this shot of Delino DeShields Jr., who was hit in the face with a 90-mph fastball:

Holy cow, that's painful. Apparently DD Jr. broke his cheek bone in the process. Here's hoping he gets well, and he uses the hashtag #ineedmydelino to get some parental TLC.

Hat tip: brother of Sax (it's a real family affair today!)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Post-Game 19 Thread: Puig Show


In what was certainly a rough week for Yasiel Puig after this revelatory news piece was published, Puig showed us some character by putting his head down this afternoon and just playing the game he knows. He did it with his arm, throwing out Miguel Montero from deep right as Montero attempted to stretch a single into a double. And he did it with his bat, jacking a three-run home run in the 6th that put the Dodgers ahead for good. Adrian Gonzalez (who extended his hitting streak to 15 games today) had just been intentionally walked to get to Puig, so Puig maaaaay have had a little extra pop in his swing after feeling disrespected, and he made Kirk Gibson pay for his decision.

Josh (Beckett, not the other guy) went five innings, striking out seven. He was pulled after only 83 pitches but afterward it was revealed that he has been very ill, receiving fluids, so this was a - wait for it - gritty performance by Beckett. He was quoted as saying those were the hardest five innings he'd ever pitched. Way to sack up, man. Jamey Wright relieved him and ended up with the win.

Notably, Kenley Jansen came in to pitch the ninth and seemed to be the Kenley we've come to know. Mowed some mofos down so quickly, he was clearly ready to go eat his easter ham.

In other news, AJEllis (!!!) was in full gear to catch Clayton Kershaw's long toss and 3-inning simulated game. Apparently Eliis is far ahead of his knee recovery timeline, which TFed doubters from around the world will rejoice in knowing. Kershaw came through the session fine with no soreness, so the next mark will likely be a rehab start.

Oh, and happy birthday, Donnie Baseball - this win's for you! Wait, it was for us. Well, it's for all of us.

Photo: @SportsNetLA

Game 19 Thread: April 20 vs. D'backs, 1p

Josh B. (0-0, 4.00) vs. Josh C. (0-1, 3.75).

Remember the days of Josh vs. Josh? And Josh vs. Josh? Well, today we get another episode in the Josh vs. Josh sweepstakes, pitting Mssrs. Beckett and Collmenter.

Our Josh did better than expected in his last outing, in which he held the Giants scoreless over five innings. Their Josh is transitioning from long relief to a starting role and hasn't gone more than four innings this season.

The Dodger bats, silent in Game One, made some noise yesterday. So I think it's safe to say today's outcome is entirely unpredictable — no joshin'.

Post-Game 18 Thread: The Bats Showed Up


We can be heroes, just for one day. Dan Haren got the Dodgers in a 4-0 hole in the third inning, but recovered and allowed no more runs over 7 1/3 innings. Andre Ethier sparked the comeback with a three-run home run in the fourth, and AGon and Matt Kemp chipped in two RBI each, and Hanley one.

Brian Wilson wobbled in the eighth, allowing two runs, but Kenley slammed the door in the ninth. Eight runs! Feast or famine, this team.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Game 18 Thread: April 19 vs. Diamondbacks, 5p

Dan Haren (2-0, 2.04) vs. Mike Bolsinger (0-0, 6.00).

Haven't we played these guys like 18 times already this season? I'm headed to the Yard this afternoon but I'm not exactly overjoyed with the prospect of a Dan Haren vs. Mike Bolsinger matchup. I am looking forward to the prospect, however dim it might be, that the boys shake off the Noffense that's been ailing them the past week or so. Bolsinger seems like just the type of a-hole to tee off on as he makes his first big league start.

Kemp is hitting a cool .179, Ethier .212, Crawford .234, and TFed .074.

Let's not waste yet another great pitching outing, ok guys?

Post-Game 17 Thread: Redundant.


It happened again:

  • Starting pitcher [Zack Greinke] delivers a strong performance [6 IP, 1 ER].
  • Weak bats eke out a minimum of offense [SVS HR].
  • Bullpen can't hold it [Withrow 2 WP, Perez 2 ER].

Sure, there were some surprises: Uribe's ninth-inning homer sent the game into extras, League threw 1 2/3 innings and even struck out a guy, and Puig walked thrice. But in the end the result was the same: more frustration for Dodger fans.