Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bill Simmons Channels The Giants' Pain

With the Giants having wielded a 3-1 NLCS advantage, it's certain they're going to advance to the World Series, especially against this Phillies team that is playing like a bunch of high school prom-goers: lots of activity and tension, but no scoring. But Bill Simmons' mailbag over at described the Giants' sparsely-populated crowd this way (and no, the question was not from one of us Sons):

Q: Saw your tweet (after Game 4 of the NLCS) that San Francisco is "totally underrated as a baseball city" and "you can't have a better playoff atmosphere than that." I am a Dodgers fan who HATES THE GIANTS. You didn't really describe Silicon Valley techie dorks and fair-weather hipster grad students who miss the first two innings because their ultimate Frisbee game ran late as "underrated" baseball fans, right? They couldn't even sell out Game 3! -- Robert, Pasadena, Calif.

[Simmons goes on to say that he thought the crowd at the Big Phone (albeit not a full house) was interested in the baseball game (like they have any alternatives, given the lameness of the 49ers). And he cites how SBC Pac Bell AT&T Park has a beautiful view of the Bay, which is indisputable. The he picks up here:]

The Giants won in 1954 in New York, moved to California a few years later and haven't won since. They lost the '62 World Series in the most brutal way possible (McCovey's line drive that got snared). They watched in horror as the underdog Dodgers won in 1988; one year later, when the Giants finally made it back, a devastating earthquake happened right before their first World Series home game in 27 years and took precedence over everything that happened on the field. Thirteen years later, they choked away a five-run lead in Game 6 of the 2002 World Series, gave away the title to Anaheim, then their best player became the most loathed athlete of his generation. Look, I can't watch a Giants playoff home game and NOT think of that stuff. Fifty-plus years of pain. It hangs over everything. That's not atmosphere? You didn't feel it last night in the third inning when their defense fell apart and the fans went into "oh, no, please, no ..." mode?

There's no way the Giants aren't going to the World Series this year. There's no shadow of pain. There's no worries of choking. Nope, none at all.


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I don't know where people are getting that we didn't sell out Game 3. We had 43,320 people there. That's a sell out at AT&T Park. If you're gonna rip Giants fans, at least don't make shit up. It's really pathetic.

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Then take it up with Worldwide Leader at get the fuck of my lawn, but you'll find it difficult to convince me I don't know what an empty seat looks like.