Monday, October 11, 2010

Jameson Moss Has Some Serious Ass-Kicking To Do

This is just like a train wreck. You read the Deadspin headline that some Giants fans are covering "Don't Stop Believing", and you don't want to look. Yes, they are covering the Dodgers' recently-adopted-and-completely-run-its-course eighth-inning anthem. With fake beards (I mean, can this really be any more Manny-Ramirez-derivative?).

But then you think of the myriad ways we can pen "Don't Stop Bereaving" in a couple of weeks, and you figure, maybe it's worth a quick peek. For research's sake.

And perhaps this gets us on to a new eighth-inning Dodger Stadium tradition, anyway. Consider the shark jumped and all of the little McCovey Cove kayakers impaled on their oars.


Cliff Beefpile said...

"Don't Stop Bereaving"

seems a bit out of bounds to make fun of their large chinese population like that, don't you think?

Kyle Baker said...

I've got DSBG's back. *whips off belt, wraps around hand with buckle exposed, makes Ric Flair whoops*

rbnlaw said...

Ready to bring the pain.

Kyle Baker said...

What's the avi, RBN? Is that you and the lad?

QuadSevens said...

The show at Halloween Haunt called "The Hanging" closes with a Glee style version of DSB. It made me want to hear the song at Dodger Stadium again.