Saturday, October 16, 2010

SoSG Fantasy Football: Week 5 Update

Surprisingly, the NFL has more going on than one player's exposed penis. So take it away, Mr. LA SF:

Sorry again for the late wrap-up. I really should stop sniffing that glue. So here's last week's action, in all its actiony glory:

Jason 99 (1-4) - MLASF 71 (1-4): Jason gets off the winless schneid at my expense, evening our respective records.  Jason used 25 points from Chris Johnson, 19 points from the Atlanta defense, and 17 points from Cedric Benson to defeat me.  Roddy White and Vernon Davis both scored 16, but my seven other players combined for 39 points.

Mr. Customer 143 (3-2) - Paul 105 (3-2): Mr. C gets a monster game to dispatch Paul and move a game above .500.  Matt Forte had 30 points, Hakeem Nicks had 25, and Eli Manning had 19 for the winning cause.  Paul saw 27 points from Malcolm Floyd and 22 points from Philip Rivers go in vain.

Karina 76 (4-1) - Spanky 42 (1-4):  Karina gets her third straight victory while Spanky suffers his fourth straight defeat.  Karina received 15 points from David Garrard and 10 apiece from Adrian Peterson and Brent Celek.  Spanky had 13 apiece from Drew Brees and Rod Bironas, but nobody else gave him double-figures.

Dusty Baker 97 (5-0) - NicJ 86 (2-3): gets his third straight loss as Dusty remains undefeated, riding high on the 17 points from both the Eagles' defense and Marcedes Lewis.  Roy Williams and Michael Turner threw in 14 apiece for DB.  Nic gained 20 points from Ryan Fitzpatrick and 16 points from the Jets' defense, but could not muster enough to overcome the combined 29 points from his backs and wide receivers.

Prof. Dittmore 100 (3-2) - Meaniebreanie 91 (2-3): P. Ditty moves to a game above .500 thanks to two 19 point efforts from LeSean McCoy and Michael Bush and an 18 point outburst from the Chicago defense.  MB had three monster games from Brandon Lloyd (25 points), Tony Romo (22), and Austin Collie (22), but her six other players totaled 22 points combined.

Sunday pits MLASF against Paul, Dusty against Spanky, Nic against MB, Jason against the Professor, and Mr. C against Karina.  Will Dusty remain undefeated for six straight weeks? Will Spanky, Jason and I celebrate victory for only the second time?  Will Nic have three healthy running backs?  Will Brett Favre's genitals throw everything into chaos? Find out on the next "As the SoSG Turns!" Wait, they canceled that? DAMMIT.


spank said...

ESGz in da hizzouse.

spank said...

When did I trade Austin Collie to Team Meanie? Was I plastered? Or too much cocaine?

Kyle Baker said...

First rule of fantasy sports: Hook up a breathalyzer to your computer.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Woops. That's supposed to be Miles Austin. My bad.

MeanieBreanie said...

Mr. LASF - No Worries. You do a heck of a job on your recaps.

On a sidenote I saw the pictures that are supposedly Favre. He should have never sent them out. From what I saw it's nothing to be bragging about.

spank said...

I'll do a better job in my sleep!

spank said...

What sleep. I am all cracked out!

*runs through a wall nekked*