Sunday, October 10, 2010

More McCourt Disappointment

One more point on that great Sports Illustrated article on which I posted a while back, which eviscerated the McCourts ("The Embarrassment of Riches"): SI's October 4 issue had a letter commenting on this article:

Dodger Blues

It has taken Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt only a few years to completely destroy what took the O'Malleys decades to build. The McCourts have become the most embarrassing professional sports franchise owners in the history of Los Angeles, which is no small feat considering Al Davis used to reside here and Donald Sterling still does. --Dan Sullivan, Pasadena

Look, I'm not saying that the O'Malleys weren't without faults; after all, they sold the Dodgers to Fox in the first place. But I do wish this McCourt drama would just be over, ideally in a way that could allow the Dodgers to get back and concentrate on improving the team again.


rbnlaw said...

The O'Mallys sold to Fox only after the City of LA would not let them build a football stadium in the Ravine. The city's unexplainable stubbornness regarding the Coliseum drove the O'Mallys out of baseball.

Still, fuck the McCourts

Robert Fiore said...

It would be more accurate to say that the McCourts have been slowly undermining the foundation built by Bob Daly in the late Fox era, a process that has been sent into overdrive by the divorce, but I guess that doesn't have the same ring to it. I think Georgia Frontiere still has to be considered the winner of the embarrassment sweepstakes, though. At least the Dodgers are still here.