Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The SoSG Sacrificial Offering (Update 10/27/10)

News of the SoSG sacrifice got everyone abuzzing. Of course, we know which Son might be up for sacrifice should the baseball gods grant us the outcome we want in the 2010 World Series. But apparently, with you readers, it's still an open question.

Nic J is scheming, but holding his cards close to his vest (straitjacket?) :

I know who I'm hoping for.


(rubs hands together)

Mr. F reminds us that Lasorda would make for a robust offering to the gods:

Fattest? Gotta be Lasorda, right?

Dusty Baker agrees, and is even ready for the kill:

These are grave times, indeed. Some serious decisions need to be made and our actions carefully considered.

That said, Lasorda is a dead man walking! *takes up pitchfork*

rbnlaw points at Delino:

I'm gonna miss Delino.

And Mr LA Sports Czar prognosticates the future, beyond Lasorda (even though Mr. LA SC has actually met SoSG Alex Cora in person (that's cold, dude!)):

I'm going to miss Lasorda. He was a trooper. Next on the block, AC.

And J. Steve is even dipping into the SoSG coffers coffins:

Can't we just offer up the corpse of Pedro? Is that still around? I could also recommend a couple current Dodgers I wouldn't mind sacrificing....

No one has called for Orel's or EK's or my head...yet. But given all the intrigue, we may keep the identity of the sacrifice close at hand. (And for the record, unlike the SoSG campaign, this isn't going up for a Death In The Family-like vote.)

Let's see how Game 1 goes this afternoon, and we'll go from there...


Josh S. said...

What about sacrificing Vma to the baseball gods?

To paraphrase the great Raymond Parker Jr., "I hear they like the girls."

karina said...

I don't want to lose any of my perfect threesome!

Sax, you didn't mention my dear EK.


MR.F said...

I hear the gods like sacrifices to be virgins. Is Vma a virgin?

Steve Sax said...

oh , my bad on the EK. edited

MeanieBreanie said...

Surly factor exremely high
1) None of our beloved sons should have to go.
2)SF client emails to tell me he has tickets to tonight's game. Being that he is a client I have to be careful what I say/don't say. Restraint of pen and tongue is not a strength. I said "Go Rangers" and told him to tell Timmeh to wash his hair. I think I left him scratching his head with that one.

Screw SF and their fans!

Kyle Baker said...

hate Hate HATE up in here!

OH, wait, this is a thread about Sons. Never mind.

Kyle Baker said...

What's this about Karina and a threesome?

spank said...

Quit being coy and just get on with it already before it's too late. Sacrifice Now! Off with his head!

Nostradamus said...



Kyle Baker said...

@Mr C

12.21 Karina said "I don't want to lose any of my perfect threesome!" so of course I couldn't let that one go without saying something.