Saturday, October 15, 2022

NLDS Game 4 Thread: Oct 15 @ Padres, 6.37p

Anderson vs. Musgrove.

A 22-game lead in the regular season doesn't matter for shit, now that we've dropped two straight in a best-of-five series, and are facing an elimination game way earlier than we had expected in this postseason. David is actually going to slay Goliath. The Dodgers hadn't really been challenged all year during the regular season, so let's see how this team fares when the stakes are actually meaningful and our backs are against the wall.

That said, I'm not expecting much. Our bats are now 0-for-17 in the last two games, and we have not scored a run against this Padres bullpen in the entire series. It's easy to point the finger at Will Smith, 0-for-4 last night and choker in multiple run-scoring opportunities this whole series. But the fact of the matter is that Chris Taylor (0-for-4 with 2 Ks) isn't much of a replacement for the listless Cody Bellinger; Mookie Betts (1-for-3 last night) is batting .182 in leadoff; Justin Turner is batting .100 this series; and Trayce Thompson (1-for 3, batting .111) is also punchless.

Dodgers pitchers are getting maligned here, especialy with Tony Gonsolin's four-out starting performance in Game 3. But six arms only let two runs cross the plate last night in Game 3. This is about our lack of offensive performance when the presure is on--and we can't score more than one run all game.

This is bad. I'm still drunk while writing this post. I'll probably stay this way through Game 4.

Friday, October 14, 2022

NLDS Game 3 Thread: Oct 14 @ Padres, 5.30p

Not the rally fowl we needed in Game 2.

Tony Gonsolin vs. Blake Snell.

After a deflating Game 2 home loss, the Dodgers head down to Petco Park with the potential to not play another game at Dodger Stadium this year. It's that terrifying, Dodger fans! And though I'm actually feeling more zen than I did before Game 1, I can't say that I'm feeling very positive.

Mookie Betts is 1-for-8 this series in the leadoff spot. Trea Turner is making errors or bad judgment calls in the field. Will Smith choked in two key situations to score runs in Game 2. Trayce Thompson and Cody Bellinger are chasing each other for the "most strikeouts" title. And the Dodgers went 0-for-8 with RISP in Game 2, and are 3-for-16 in this series.

Yes, our bullpen has been pretty sharp, with the exception of Brusdar Graterol, who needed a lucky comebacker and out at home to prevent further damage from his one-dimensional performance on Wednesday. But the Padres bullpen has been better, keeping us scoreless across both games. We've now ceded the advantage of the Wild Card round bye as well as home-field advantage. And we're having to start a guy who won't even last five innings, given his recent return from the IL.

I'm feeling like our goose is already cooked. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

NLDS Game 2 Thread: Oct 12 vs. Padres, 5.37p

The Dodgers' Chris Martin seals the NLDS Game 1 victory, as Padres tears rain from the heavens. (hat tip, SoSG AC)

Clayton Kershaw vs. Yu Darvish.

The Dodgers eked out a win in NLDS Game 1, which was critical not only because the Game 1 winners go on to win the five-game series 71% of the time, but also because that was the only game in which the Padres' rotation was hampered by the Wild Card round last week against the Mets. But with this game, the Padres' rotation flips former Dodger Yu Darvish, who was dominant against the Mets in WC Game 1 (7.0 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 4 Ks and 0 BB). Darvish is 3-5 against the Dodgers in 10 starts, with a 2.47 ERA.

Clayton Kershaw takes the mound for the Dodgers, and he is 23-9 lifetime against the Padres across 45 career starts, with a 2.03 ERA. Kershaw will have the weight of his recently-redeemed postseason record, blah blah blah. I'm worried less about Kersh and more about the six-through-nine in this lineup, who combined for a shitty 1-for-13 with 5 Ks in NLDS Game 1 (Bellinger, who had 2 Ks, looked absolutely lost up there).

Look, I know all the talk is about the Dodgers owning the Padres after going 14-5 against them this season. But NLDS Game 1 evidences that the Padres are a lot more talented than that record would show. We've got to have our guard up--and that means taking good at bats (I'm talking to you, Cody).

I don't want to go to Petco Park with a split. Let's get this Game 2 win, Dodgers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Post-NLDS Game 1: Clevinger Bails Out The Dodgers

This photo is not from this game, because Fernando Tatis is suspended.


Oh sure, the Dodgers took Game 1. But that was only because the Padres, crippled by the Wild Card Round, had to pitch Mike Clevinger in Game 1. Clevinger gave up five runs in his three innings of work, and it was very fortunate that those five runs held up, because we were shit against the San Diego bullpen.

Julio Urias was good, but not great, in this Game 1 start. Give innings, but 3 ER: not a quality start for him, especially watching his mortality in the fifth (his final inning). Evan Phillips came in for a high-leverage sixth inning, and Doc made the right choices with Alex Vesia, Brusdar Graterol, and Chris Martin to close out the win.

Credit Trea Turner with his first-inning solo HR for opening this up; Will Smith with two huge doubles and an RBI; and Max Muncy and Gavin Lux for RBIs on their own. But Mookie Betts was 0-for-4; Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger were 0-for-3--and we couldn't do anything against the four Padres relievers that came in from the third inning onward.

That's going to have to change if we want to progress in this postseason. For now, I'm going to drink my last beer...and make sure I have enough for tomorrow and the rest of this series.

2022 NLDS Game 1: Oct 11 vs. Padres, 6.37p

Julio Urias vs. Mike Clevinger.

The Dodgers watched the Mets and Padres play a full three-game series, and now host San Diego in a best-of-five series. All the talk has been about how the Dodgers are 14-5 against the Padres this year, but this Padres team looked a lot better versus a 101-win New York Mets team: Jurickson Profar and Juan Soto each batted .333 at the top of the lineup; Trent Grisham mashed a 1.917 OPS (and a .500 batting average) from the eight-hole; and even Josh Bell woke up his power bat (Manny Machado, as well). Not to mention, both Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove had great starts for the Padres in their two victories.

The Dodgers? Well, they've been taking some time off, which means that our pitchers are rested, but our bats may be rusty. And don't forget that Max Muncy, though hot at the end of the season, ended the year batting .196; Cody Bellinger slumped his way to a .210 batting average; and Chris Taylor, if he makes the postseason roster, is battling some neck issues.

Yeah, I'm pretty nervous. I may be at the game. Or I might be biting my nails at home for this one.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Urias To Start Game 1; Kershaw To Start Game 2

With today's news that Urias will start Game 1, the Dodgers are basically going all-in on winning these first two games at home. If the series goes long, Kershaw's only appearance of the series would be Game 2 without pushing him on short rest--not a good option given his injury issues this season.

Kershaw is 12-3 this year with a 2.28 ERA. Kershaw is 1-0 with a 0.75 ERA this year across two starts versus the Padres; he is 23-9 with a 2.03 ERA career against San Diego (45 starts).

Urias, 3-0 with a 1.50 ERA against the Padres this season, is 6-1 with a 2.19 ERA against San Diego across 15 lifetime appearances (10 starts). Urias, a Cy Young contender this year at 17-7 this year, definitely deserves the Game 1 start.

But man, I'm nervous.

Sunday, October 09, 2022

So, Padres It Is.

Padres win Wild Card Game 3, 6-0

I suppose this is the better of the two possible NDLS opponent outcomes, given our 14-5 record against them this season. And if nothing else, this makes the travel schedule a bit easier--especially important if the NLDS goes long, since there is no travel day between Game 4 and Game 5.

But my hope is that it doesn't get that far. Joe Musgrove, inspected Sunday but not found to have any illicit substances on him, was masterful in shutting down a potent Mets lineup that lit up the Padres on Saturday night. Yu Darvish looked good in Game 1. And Josh Bell finally awakened in this series.

The Dodgers have been playing simulated games just to stay fresh. I suppose the layoff was good for our starting pitchers (and given the alternative of playing a best-of-three series, I'm glad we had a bye). But this isn't going to be an easy series.

I'm nervous.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Games 157-162 Thread: Sept 30-Oct 5 vs. Rockies

Fri 30 7p: Kershaw vs. Kuhl
Sat 1 6p: Grove vs. Freeland
Sun 2 1p: Anderson vs. Marquez
Mon 3 7p: Gonsolin vs. TBD
Tue 4 7p: Urias vs. TBD
Wed 5 1.20p: Kershaw vs. TBD

Baseball is all about tradition, and now it's time for the traditional end-of-season six-game series. The Dodgers' magic number for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, including the World Series, is down to 1 (with six games to play), so my guess is that the rotation doesn't exactly play out as planned. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tony Gonsolin does on Monday in his return from the IL.

This series will also be the last audition for Chris Taylor, Trayce Thompson, Cody Bellinger, and Joey Gallo; it's likely that only two of those four will make the postseason roster (only Mookie Betts is a solid outfield lock), with the other two being cut (hopefully not like the movie poster up there). But knowing the Dodgers, there will be more injuries between the end of September to the final postseason game--so we've gotta take a close look at everyone this series. Buckle up, Dodger fans!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Games 154-156 Thread: Sept 27-29 @ Padres

The Padres were hunting for a ring. Tatis was focused on ringworm.

Tue 27: Anderson vs. Snell
Wed 28: Urias vs. Musgrove
Thu 29: TBD vs TBD

The Padres may not be in the divisional race anymore (the 2022 NL West Champion Dodgers are 21 games ahead of the Padres), but they're still fighting for their second wild-card position, only 1.5 games ahead of the Phillies (who have the third WC spot) and 3 games ahead of the Brewers. But you wouldn't know that from watching the play of heralded trade-deadline pickup Juan Soto, whose BA hasn't suffered much since being acquired from the Nationals (.242 vs .246), but whose OPS+ has dropped from 158 (his career average) to 136 with San Diego.

Manny Machado is still mashing--his BA and OPS have both increased since Soto has joined the San Diego lineup. And then there's Fernando Tatis Jr., who is suspended.

The Dodgers have nine games left to tinker with pitching options. Recent momentum from Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger at the plate is encouraging. But it's the arms which are going to be the question mark going into the 2022 postseason.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Games 151-153 Thread: Sep 23-25 vs. Cardinals

Fri 23 7p: Heaney vs. Quintana
Sat 24 6p: Kershaw vs. Montgomery
Sun 25 1p: Anderson vs. Wainwright

This series marks the return of all-time Dodger great Albert Pujols, who, after his legendary stint with the Dodgers, opted to play out one final year with the St. Louis Cardinals. Pujols is on 698 home runs (fourth all-time), and there is a chance he can get to 700 while playing at Chavez Ravine--which would be entirely fitting for the future Hall of Famer. (It is widely rumored that Pujols, always generous, may opt to give St. Louis a little bit of love on his HOF plaque, given that the Dodgers already have so much HOF representation.)

St Louis leads the NL Central by 7.5 games--but as the NL division leader with the weakest record, the Cardinals will likely have to play in the Wild Card Round before the NLDS. Should they advance, there's a chance these two teams could meet in the NLCS. Better not show the entire hand this series, right?

Welcome back to Dodger Stadium, Tio Albert!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Games 146-150 Thread: Sep 19-22 vs. D'backs

Mon 19 7p: Kershaw vs. Kelly
Tue 20 12p: TBD vs TBD
Tue 20 7p: TBD vs TBD
Wed 21 7p: May vs. TBD
Thu 22 7p: Urias vs. TBD

Five games in four days? Is that any way to reward the 2022 NL West Champion Dodgers after sweeping the Giants in San Francisco, finishing the season with an astounding 15-4 record against the team that edged us out for the divisional title last year?

Luckily, the Dodgers are a stratospheric 46-16 against the NL West this year, including a 11-3 record against the Diamondbacks. Our starting pitchers for this extended series aren't called just yet, particularly for that day-night doubleheader on Tuesday. But the Dodgers still have a six-game lead for the best record in baseball with 17 games left to play. I'd like to see us continue to smush some sad snakes here at home.

Oh, and I'll be at the Stadium on Wednesday evening; hit me up if you want to say hi!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Games 143-145 Thread: Sep 16-18 @ Giants

Fri 16 7.15p: May vs. Webb
Sat 17 6p: Urias vs. TBD
Sun 18 4p: Heaney vs. Cobb

Fresh off a stinging walk-off loss on Wednesday in Arizona, the already-crowned 2022 National League West Champion Dodgers will be up for a weekend series in San Francisco that doesn't have much impact on the playoff races. However, it is interesting to think that last year, these two rival squads were neck and neck gunning for the NL West title...and this year, the 29.5-game gap between the two teams is massive. The Giants are indeed...far behind.

Sure, the Giants replaced Oyster Pubes wth Joey Bart (batting .230 in the nine-hole). But they did pick up that pearl necklace-wearing former Dodger as well (he's batting .268 this season). And there's plenty of stories about how the Giants will make a run for Aaron Judge at year's end, in which case, the rivalry will be different. For this weekend, though, I'm hoping for the revitalized Max Muncy (who finally crested the .200 mark for the frist time Tuesday, before going 0-for-5 in Wednesday's loss) to deposit a couple of balls in the ocean.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Los Angeles Dodgers, 2022 NL West Champions

Step one to restoring the crown.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Games 140-142 Thread: Sep 12-14 @ D'backs

Mon 12: Anderson vs. Nelson
Tue 13: Kershaw vs. Kelly
Wed 14: TBD vs. TBD
all games at 6.40p

After winning two of three against the Padres this past weekend, the Dodgers have a 20-game lead and have officially clinched a playoff berth. But now, it takes two: Two more wins (or Padres losses), and the NL West Divisional crown is in order, for the ninth time in ten years. The Dodgers' +310 run differential is the most in the majors by over 100 runs. And in the Sunday Padres game, even Chris Taylor had a home run (though Justin Turner's grand slam was the dagger)--and even more amazing, Cody Bellinger had a base hit (snapping a 0-for-24 streak).

Bellinger is batting .200. Muncy is batting .197. Can both of them get over Mendoza by the end of the year?

Friday, September 09, 2022

Games 137-139 Thread: Sep 9-11 @ Padres

Fri Sep 9 6.40p: May vs. Clevinger
Sat Sep 10 5.40p: Urias vs. Snell
Sun Sep 11 1.10p: Heaney vs. Musgrove

With the Dodgers' magic number at a tantalizingly low six, there's a small chance we can blow into Petco Park and exit the weekend 2022 NL West Champs. Standing in the way are the second-place Padres, 19 games behind, including this cast of characters:

  • Manny Machado, whose MLB top-10 OPS this year (.894) is impressive (albeit behind Mookie Betts' .911 and Freddie Freeman's .908), but sometimes lackadaisical attitude caused a divorce from the Dodgers after his 2018 end-of-season rental;
  • Blake Snell, whose 2020 World Series Game 6 start was proceeding swimmingly against the Dodgers, until Rays coach Kevin Cash beheaded Snell's outing, leading to the Dodgers' game and series victory that evening;
  • Mike Clevinger, who died last Sunday against the Dodgers (3.1 IP, 5 ER), which the Dodgers went on to win 9-4;
  • Juan Soto, whose divorce from the Nationals almost brought him to Los Angeles--but instead he joined the Padres and also went 0-fer in two of the three series games last week;
  • Sean Manaea, who won't be pitching in this three-game series, but was beheaded by the Dodgers in his 12-1 loss last weekend (he lasted only 4.1 IP, giving up 8 ER)
  • Yu Darvish, who also won't be pitching in this three-game series, and survived his game last week in LA, helping the Padres to a 7-1 victory and their only win of that series.

So let's recap: Divorce, beheaded, died. Divorce, beheaded, survived. Hmm. That sounds pretty catchy, like one could sing along? Let's see if the Dodgers can bust through the two doors of Petco Park and grab some wins here.

Monday, September 05, 2022

Games 134-136 Thread: Sep 5 - 7 vs. Giants

Mon Sep 5 7p: Heaney vs. Webb
Tue Sep 6 7p: Anderson vs. TBD
Wed Sep 7 1p: Kershaw vs. Cobb

This Game Thread is late.

But the Giants are still lame.

photo from San Jose Mercury News; Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group, May 23, 2022

Friday, September 02, 2022

Games 131-133 Thread: Sept 2-4 vs. Padres

Fri Sep 2 7p: May vs. Darvish
Sat Sep 3 6p: Urias vs. Manaea
Sun Sep 4 4p: Heaney vs. Clevinger

The Dodgers just dropped two of three to the second-best team in the National League, but Dodger Nation isn't freaking out just yet. But with the 18-games-back Padres checking in for what should have been a divisional showdown (had they not been a full EIGHTEEN GAMES BACK, if you catch my drift), there's a chance that this series could tighten the Dodgers' sphincters a bit more than they are currently puckered.

Even still, it's three games with Manny Machado and Juan Soto, not to mention...oh wait, no, he's suspended for steroid usage.

Man, it's nice to have an 18-game divisional lead.

Go Dodgers!


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Post-Game 128 Thread: Dave Roberts Just Clowned the Mets


In the first game of an incredibly over-hyped three-game series featuring the best two teams in the National League, the Dodgers eked out a gritty 4-3 win over the Mets mostly due to three RBI from Gavin Lux across two clutch AB. But that wasn't the full story.

Dodger Manager Dave Roberts, watching his team battle back and scratch out the go-ahead run in the seventh inning, was entering the ninth inning having spent starter Andrew Heaney, journeyman Heath Hembree, and bullpen stalwarts Alex Vesia and Evan Phillips. Most of us Dodger fans were expecting Phillips to go two frames; or possibly hold our breaths (and our scrotums) to watch Craig Kimbrel try and close out the ninth.

Nope. Roberts sent out Jake Reed to the mound.

Jake Reed had a 9.00 ERA across 9 IP this year, including five games with the Mets (who dumped him on July 10, allowing the Dodgers to claim him on waivers). In Reed's three games with the Dodgers, he'd pitched 2.2 IP and given up 5 H and 1 ER. Not exactly a great audition, right? But it was good enough to convince Roberts to send him out there to finish the game.

That was insane.

What was even more insane was...Reed actually delivered the victory. Leadoff single to Eduardo Escobar, yikes. Then Reed induces Daniel Vogelbach to GIDP to a shifted Max Muncy (credit Roberts with the shift, as well!), and then gets Brandon Nimmo to hit a comebacker for the final out.

Nice performance from Reed, of course. But what a ballsy move by Roberts, who not only saved the rest of his bullpen arms either for the next two games, or down the late-season stretch--he also basically told the Mets, "I can beat you, even with the dregs of my team. And if I can't? I don't care."

And Roberts was right. It was a crazy move, but just so crazy that it might work...and it did! Amazing.

Buck Showalter has got to be steamed. The capacity crowd at Citi Field must have been pissed off.

And we may lose tonight to Jacob deGrom, as the betting lines are indicating; and then who knows on Thursday, for Clayton Kershaw's return from the IL.

But Dave Roberts doesn't care. He's going to be bold, anyway.


Game Thread for the rest of the Mets series is here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Games 128-130 Thread: Aug 30 - Sep 1 @ Mets

Tue 30 4p: Heaney vs. Walker
Wed 31 4p: Anderson vs. deGrom
Thu 1 1p: Kershaw vs. Bassitt

lolMets no longer? The Mets and Dodgers split four in Los Angeles back in early June, and that was before the Mets got Jacob deGrom back (we'll see him on Wednesday). But it's a different scene now in New York. While the YankMes across town are suffering from tattoo-induced leg infections, the Mets are off to the second-best record in the majors (tied with Houston), behind only the Dodgers' blistering 89-38 record. And we're seeing three All-Stars in this series (and that excludes Max Scherzer).

On top of that, the Mets are hungry, trying to stave off a Braves team that is nipping at their heels (three games back of the division lead). The Dodgers played extra innings Monday in Miami and are showing up to Queens late, not to mention we just lost Tony Gonsolin to the IL. I reckon this series doesn't bode well for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers' magic number, entering this series, is 15.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Games 124-127: Aug 26-29 @ Marlins

Fri 26 3.30p: Anderson vs. TBD
Sat 27 3p: May vs. Alcantara
Sun 28 9a: Urias vs. Cabrera
Mon 29 3.30p: Gonsolin vs. Lopez

Four games against the Fish. Sure, it would be exciting to look ahead to that Saturday game against Sandy Alcantara again; or to think about how we decrease our magic number from 19 (thanks to a totally insane 19.5-game lead over the Juan-Soto-fortified, Fernando-Tatis-"enhanced" Padres).

But instead, shouldn't we be Investigating the forces that get fish to our dinner tables? Because, according to this Four Fish book, we have a damaged relationship with the ocean and its inhabitants. Just three decades ago, nearly everything we ate from the sea was wild. Today, rampant overfishing and an unprecedented biotech revolution have brought us to a point where wild and farmed fish occupy equal parts of a complex marketplace. Four Fish offers a way for us to move toward a future in which healthy and sustainable seafood is the rule rather than the exception.

Nah, I'd rather just watch these games against the Marlins.

And eat some more sushi.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Games 121-123: Aug 22-24 vs. Brewers

Wait, the Brewers are coming to town?
Holy crap holy crap holy crap

Mon 22 7p: Urias vs. Lauer
Tue 23 7p: Gonsolin vs. Burnes
Wed 24 6p: Heaney vs. Ashby

The Dodgers just came off an impressive sweep of the Marlins, including Dustin May's successful return to the major leagues, plus a whupping of Sandy Alcantara on Sunday. But now we host the Brewers, who are fighting for a wild card slot (1.5 games behind the third slot, inhabited by the Phillies), and who split four with us in Milwaukee.

The Dodgers squad, in its entirety, ended up with a broken wrist and fractured ribs on that visit to Milwaukee. Fortunately for the team on the field, the injury was absorbed by reporter David Vassegh, rather than one of the Dodgers players. But Vassegh even got his own coverage, eclipsing news of the Dodgers' major-league-leading record.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Games 118-120: Aug 19-21 vs. Marlins

Fri 19 7p: Anderson vs. Luzardo
Sat 20 6p: TBD vs. Garrett
Sun 21 1p: Pepiot vs. Alcantara

After a 4-3 road trip, it's time for some home cooking...against the Fish. Let's go!

I'll be there on Sunday if anyone wants to say hi!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Games 114-117 Thread: Aug 15-18 @ Brewers

Mon 15: Urias vs. Peralta
Tue 16: Pepio vs. Woodruff
Wed 17: Gonsolin vs. Lauer
Thu 18: Heaney vs. Burnes

Taking only two of three from the Royals somehow didn't seem like the series win that it was, especially when the 12-game streak ends with a shutout loss and 0-for-7 RISP. And now (reportedly), Walker Buehler has been shut down for the season.

Honestly, I'm worried as hell again. I know Dustin May might make it back to the rotation by year's end, but geez.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Games 111-113 Thread: Aug 12-14 @ Royals

Fri 12: Gonsolin vs. Lynch
Sat 13: Heaney vs. Keller
Sun 14: Anderson vs. Singer

I know, one of Lorde's other songs might have been more approrpriate for this opponent? But when the Dodgers have won 10 in a row and even .165 BA Joey Gallo is participating (pinch-hit 3-run HR to help us sweep the Twins), there's gotta be something more potent ion Solar Power, perhaps?

Dodgers take the field in KC with a 16-game lead over the Padres and the best record in the majors. Keep lighting it up, guys!

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Games 109-110 Thread: Aug 9-10 vs. Twins

Tue 9 7p: Urias vs. Ryan
Wed 10 7p: TBD vs. Gray

The new-look Padres came into town this past weekend, and the Dodgers smoked them in a series sweep.. This, of course, after taking all four games in San Francisco before the Padres series. And the Dodgers have won 28 of their last 33.

Even more interesting, the bats of Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger look to be heating up a bit; Muncy with a key three-run HR on Saturday, and Bellinger with two HR on Sunday. Paired with the potent Mookie-Trea-Freddie trio at the top of the lineup, and the offensive firepower allows even the dismal trade deadline pickup of Joey Gallo flounder through a couple of weekend starts (Gallo went 0-for-5 with four Ks on Saturdaya and Sunday).

So a couple of days off, bookending a mini-series with the Twins, and the only thing which worries me is if the Dodgers are peaking too soon. Twins? Peaking? Hmm, sounds like a Series Thread theme (no, not that one).

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Games 106-108 Thread: Aug 5-7 vs. Padres

Sorry, one more late Series Thread post. The Padres may have landed Juan Soto, but Dodger fans have greeted him with healthy boos. More importantly, the Dodger team has beaten up on the Padres, winning the first two games in the weekend series. We go for the sweep today.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Games 102-105 Thread: Aug 1-4 @ Giants

sorry for the late post but i am in the mountains and my cell signal is rubbish. good to see we won Game 1 in a spanking of SF.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Games 98-101 Thread: Jul 28-31 @ Rockies

Thu 28 5.40p: Anderson vs. Ureña
Fri 29 5.40p: Urias vs. Kuhl
Sat 30 5.10p: Kershaw vs. Freeland
Sun 31 12.10p: Gonsolin vs. Marquez

The Dodgers are only 5-4 against the lowly Rockies this year, having lost two of three series against the worst team in the NL West. Coming off a series loss to the even-worse Washington Nationals, the Dodgers don't have momentum against losing teams--so it stands to reason that this four-game series won't go well, either. Don't stoop to their level, Dodgers! (But don't walk away, either.)

Monday, July 25, 2022

Games 95-97 Thread: July 25-27 vs. Nationals

Mon 25 7p: Gonsolin vs. Espino
Tue 26 7p: White vs. Gray
Wed 27 12n: TBD vs. Corbin

The Dodgers just swept the Giants in four games for the first time since 1995, and much of it was done in dramatic fashion: Mookie Betts late-inning heroics from both sides of the plate, followed by an unlikely eighth-inning grand slam off the bat of slumping Cody Bellinger, followed by three solo HR from Betts, Trea Turner, and Freddie Freeman. And then of course, the exclamation point on Sunday, when the Dodgers broke a 4-4 tie late off the bats of Gavin Lux, Trayce Thompson, and Jake Lamb (even Max Muncy got a double in this one). Register the sweep, as well as an 11.5-game lead over the Padres in the division, and a 16.5-game lead over the third-place Giants.

And into town stroll the Nationals, inlcuding their Home Run Derby-winning phenom Juan Soto, who turned down a $440M offer from the Nationals to stay. Despite having three more postseasons of control, the Nats have put Soto up on the block and many teams, most notably the Padres, are apparently in the hunt, astronomical price tag notwithstanding. But the Dodgers are known to make big moves at the trade deadline, so people are betting Andrew Friedman is up to something as well. And Dodger fans at last week's All-Star Game voiced their opinion:

Koona t'chuta, Soto?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Games 91-94 Thread: July 22-25 vs. Giants

Thu 21: White vs. Rodon
Fri 22: TBD vs. Webb
Sat 23: TBD vs. Wood
Sun 24: TBD vs. Cobb

The Dodgers come out of the All-Star Break with a league-leading 60-30 record, and a 10-game lead over second-place San Diego (and a 12.5 game lead over the Giants). Going 10-1 over the last homestand was pretty sweet, and now we have seven against the Giants and Nationals. Let's keep it rolling!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Games 86-90 Thread: July 12-14 @ Cardinals; July 15-16 @ Angels

This picture is not an endorsement for this product. I just needed a unifying theme.

@STL Tues 12 4.45p: White vs. Liberatore
@STL Wed 13 4.45p: Gonsolin vs. Wainwright
@STL Thu 14 4.15p: Anderson vs. Hudson
@LAA Fri 15 6.30p: TBD vs. TBD
@LAA Sat 16 7p: TBD vs. TBD

I'm having to squish two series threads into one Game Thread due to travel. But I confess that I'm pretty damn giddy after a 10-1 homestand, punctuated by a crazy come-from-behind victory on Sunday afternoon in which Julio Urias shit a turd (down 5-0 with one out in the top of the first), only to see the Dodgers rally back to an 11-9 victory to sweep the hapless Cubs.

If we can play like this even with Max Muncy batting .162 and Cody Bellinger batting .211--wow, we've got a shot here.

And now the Dodgers have four All-Stars preparing for next Tuesday's All-Star Game: starters Mookie Betts and Trea Turner, and pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin. So let's enjoy these five last games before the break and everybody be cool, okay? Time for a tarot reading.

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Games 82-85 Thread: July 7-10 vs. Cubs

Thu 7: Gonsolin vs. Leiter Jr.
Fri 8: Anderson vs. Thompson
Sat 9: Kershaw vs. TBD
Sun 10: Urias vs. TBD
All games at 7p except Sunday 1p

The Dodgers are still injured all over the lineup, with Walker Buehler, Daniel Hudson, and Chris Taylor all out (and Hudson definitely not coming back this season). Max Muncy is still batting .167 (though he had a nice defensive play in yesterday's 2-1 victory); Cody Bellinger is barely over Mendoza (.213), and we stil don't have a cleanup hitter (Slappy usually inhabits the four-hole, and his OPS at .799 is worse than our top three hitters).

And yet, we're off to a 5-1 start in this homestand, we're ekeing decent starts out of players like Mitch White (5.2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 4 BB and 6 Ks yesterday), and we have the best record in the National League and a six-game lead over the Padres.

It doesn't seem like the Dodgers are clicking yet. But that may be because we all know the bar is so high.

So into town roll the Cubbies, who sport a record even worse than the NL West cellar dweller Rockies (whom we just swept). Wednesday's victory only came through manufacturing a late run in the ninth (the team was 0-for-7 with RISP yesterday). Will the Dodgers limp to victory this series, or utilize the opportunity to really start firing on more cylinders?

Monday, July 04, 2022

Games 79-81 Thread: July 4-6 vs. Rockies

Mon 4 6p: Urias vs. Freeland
Tue 5 7p: White vs. Marquez
Wed 6 7p: Gonsolin vs. TBD

The Dodgers just smoked San Diego across four games, with the exception of one bad inning at the end of yesterday's game which led to the only loss of the series. But the cost may also have been greater than the scoresheet; Craig Kimbrel, injured from a comebacker in that fateful ninth inning; and Chris Taylor, hurt with a contusion in his left foot on Saturday.

At least we got Mookie Betts back Sunday, which was good as he had two doubles and scored a run.

The Dodgers still have the best record in the National League, and are 3.5 games ahead of San Diego and 8.5 games ahead of San Francisco in the division. Happy Fourth of July, Dodger fans!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Games 75-78 Thread: June 30 - July 3 vs. Padres

Thu 30 7p: White vs. Musgrove
Fri 1 7p: Gonsolin vs. Snell
Sat 2 4.15p: Anderson vs. Darvish
Sun 3 1p: Kershaw vs. Gore

Dodgers meet the Padres for four games at home. Let's do this.

Both teams have injuries keeping major pieces out of their lineups. But it's the top two teams in the division, so the games are still important, even in July.


Monday, June 27, 2022

Games 72-74 Thread: June 27-29 @ Rockies

Mon 27: Tyler Anderson vs. Kuhl
Tue 28: Clayton Kershaw vs. Freeland
Wed 29: Julio Urias vs Márquez
All games 5.40p

After beating the Braves in a hard-fought rubber match on Sunday, notching the series victory (not to mention the Dodgers' first extra-inning win all year!), the Dodgers depart Atlant having left behind a lot of tears.

Freddie Freeman left some tears on the field, as well as at Friday's pre-game press conference. Daniel Hudson unfortunately left a tear on the field as well, tearing his left ACL late in Saturday's game. So I sincerely hope that our next stop on this road trip, to Colorado, is tear-free.

The Dodgers are now 5-1 on this roadtrip, which is a nice turnaround from a pretty bad June (12-10). Let's keep it rolling, Dodgers!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Games 69-71 Thread: June 24-26 @ Braves

Fri 24 4.15p: Urias vs. Anderson
Sat 25 4.15p: Heaney vs. Fried
Sun 26 4p: Gonsolin vs. Strider

Five home runs on Thursday! 26 total runs in the three-game sweep! Max Muncy with his first three-hit game of the season!

Yes, it's cause for joyous celebration. Except that this was against the Reds, 0-7 against the Dodgers this year and dead last in the entire National League. So the real test of this roadtip comes with these three games in Atlanta, whom we beat twice at home earlier this season (ironically, right after the Cincinnati sweep, making me question the creativity of the MLB scheduling team).

Max Fried on Saturday is no joke: 7-2 with a 2.77 ERA. And the Braves have won 18 of 21 including three of four over the visiting Giants this week, while the Dodgers have been basically playing .500 ball for almost the last month, save this Cincinnati series. On top of all that, the Dodgers' red hot 1B Freddie Freeman has already said his return to Atlanta will be emotional, especially with a ring ceremony on the weekend schedule.

Freddie will be shedding some tears. Hopefully Dodger fans will have some tears of joy this weekend, as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Games 66-68 Thread: June 21-23 @ Reds

Tue 6.21 3.40p: Gonsolin vs. Mahle
Wed 6.22 3.40p: Anderson vs. Castillo
Thu 6.23 9.30a: Kershaw vs. Greene

A little premature to call the season (especially pre-All Star Break, and with the Dodgers in first place by a half-game). But on the other hand, dropping the last series to the Guardians evidenced how poor this team really is: a combined 5-for-34 with RISP. What's worse, everyone treats their at bats with a runner on base like they're playing beer-league softball: wild hacks out of the zone leading to strikeouts; impatient swings early in the count; lack of positional hitting to advance the runner (I'm looking at you, Will Smith).

It's absolutely awful to watch. Not that I did, after watching us drop our fifth extra-inning game on Friday night (Dodgers are 0-5 in extras). The Dodgers' hitting coaches, Brnt Brown and Robert Van Scoyoc, are simply not doing their job. The Dodgers need to learn how to knock some runs in rather than just swing for the fences (we had 29 strikeouts in the three games, including 13 on Sunday).

And with Mookie out with a cracked rib, I think this season may be over before we even get to the break. 25 more games to go until the break, including this nine-game road trip (Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Colorado). This road trip will tell all.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Games 63-65 Thread: June 17-19 vs. Guardians

We interrupt the Pixar Inside Out running GT theme for this photo (and honestly, two wins in a row isn't enough to merit "Joy").

Fri 6.17 7p: Clayton Kershaw (4-1, 2.12) vs. Plesac (2-4, 4.70)
Sat 6.18 4.15p: Julio Urias (3-6, 2.80) vs. Quantrill (4-3, 3.38)
Sun 6.19 1p: TBD vs. Justin Bieber (Baby, Peaches, Love Yourself)

Two wins, and almost a no-hitter by Tyler Anderson, over the Angels earlier this week. But remember, this was a team that recently lost 14 in a row. And even with those wins, the Dodgers' idle Monday and Thursday still had us fall behind the first-place Padres, who swept the Cubs at Wrigley and now lead us by a half-game entering play today (Padres play the Rockies, so that's another three wins for San Diego).

The Cleveland Guardians' first visit to Dodger Stadium could present another series-winning opportunity for the snakebit Dodgers...if we can get Gamora of the same from Will Smith (a three-run HR on Wednesday) and Mookie Betts (a key insurance solo HR on Tuesday).

Cue up the Awesome Mix! This is happening!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Games 61-62 Thread: June 14-15 vs. Angels

Tue 6.14: Gonsolin vs. Syndergaard
Wed 6.15: Anderson vs. Detmers
both games 7p first pitch

Swept by the Giants. Chris Taylor bloodied at the left field wall. Mookie Betts, 1-for-his-last-22 and 2-for-his-last-31. Walker Buehler, out for eight weeks with elbow issues. Only one winning series in the last four series played (four wins in the last 13 games).

Oh yeah, and now we are TIED for the divisional lead with the Padres, who beat the Cubs Monday.

This Dodgers team is going nowhere, fast. Gone are the hopes for a major-league record win number. This team is either too old to handle the aggressive schedule, or lacking a sense of urgency to compete offensively, or just absolutely lost. Two games against the Angels aren't going to help much.

Sadness. Indeed.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Games 58-60 Thread: June 10-12 @ Giants

Fri 6.10 7p: Walker Buehler vs. Junis
Sat 6.11 4p: Julio Urias vs. TBD
Sun 6.12 1p: TBD (Clayton Kershaw?) vs. Rodon

Hot off a series victory over the Chicago White Sox (which only came after a close 11-9 victory in the rubber match Thursday afternoon, in a game which had the Dodgers' win percentage at 6% at one point), the Dodgers go up to Birdshit Park for a weekend series againt the third-place Giants, 6.5 games back of first. The Dodgers certainly haven't looked good of late, dropping the last homestand 2-5 and then limping to the series victory at Comiskey Park.

Mookie Betts went 0-for-6 Thursday with 2 Ks and 9 LOB (egads!), and Justin Turner also had a 0-for-3 day with 2 BB and a K. But surprisingly, Max Muncy rejoined the lineup following a rehab stint in Rnacho Cucamonga, and he did great: 2-for-5 with 5 RBI, including a three-run HR, to lift his average to .159 (he's gaining on you, Bellinger!). So maybe there's hope for the Dodgers, with a resurgent batter with a penchant for deliveing balls to the ocean?

We've got two starters going who have notable this year for their short starts. And then we've got Clayton Kershaw pencilled in for his return off the IL on Sunday. So I'm still terrified with fear.

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Games 55-57 Thread: June 7-9 @ White Sox

Tue 6.7 5p: Mitch White vs. Kopech
Wed 6.8 5p: Tony Gonsolin vs. Cueto
Thu 6.9 11a: Tyler Anderson vs. Cease

We may as well continue through the Pixar Inside Out characters, now that we limped to a putrid 2-5 homestand by dropping all three games to the Pirates, before stumbling to a split against the Mets. Oh sure, we took the first two games against a weakened NYM lineup. But in both Saturday and Sunday's game, the Dodgers gave up leads (4-1 and 2-1) in order to choke away a sweep and settle for a split.

I was there Saturday night to see Walker Buehler implode to his shortest start of his career (2.1 IP, 5 ER, 2 HR). The LAT's Dylan Hernandez blames Julio Urias' short start for Sunday's loss, but in actuality the overworked bullpen is also the by-product of a shortened spring training plus the way Andrew Friedman has constructed the lineup, as well as how Dave Roberts chooses to execute the moves. And so, Brusdar Graterol gave up a three-run HR on Saturday, and then was responsible for a blown save and three more earned runs in Sunday's loss.

And let's not forget the offending offense. Will "Slappy" Smith may have had a home run late yesterday, but his game-ended K with a runner in scoring position was almost fated; he shoudln't be batting cleanup with his woeful .227 average. Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger are both batting below .240 as well, and they combined to go 1-for-8 yesterday with two Ks. And Gavin Lux was 0-for-4 in the nine-hole.

The Mets were our first big test this year. We got a C grade, maybe a C+; and this is when they don't even have Max Scherzer or Jacob deGrom in their lineup. It was a pretty disgusting homestand. Will a day off, and some road games, snap this team out of it?

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Games 51-54 Thread: June 2-5 vs. Mets

Thu Jun 2: Gonsolin vs. T Walker
Fri Jun 3: Anderson vs. Bassitt
Sat Jun 4: Buehler vs. Peterson
Sun Jun 5: Urias vs. TBD
All games 7p except Sunday 6/5 @ 1p

After the bedshitting that was getting swept at home by the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates (winners of five out of six games this year), the Dodgers should be thoroughly embarrassed. Especially the offense, whose situational hitting absolutely stunk (a combined 6-for-28 with RISP); the baserunning, with runners getting thrown out trying to pop-up slide (Gavin Lux), or stretching for an extra base in vain (Chris Taylor), or getting picked off (so many people I can't list them all), or not tagging up properly and getting thrown out at home (again, Gavin Lux). We were awful for that series.

And our reward is now hosting the best team in the National League, the Mets, who are getting it done despite injuries to their top starters Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. They've got players stepping up in the moment, not cowering under the bed.

And meanwhile, we just sucked. Swinging at first pitches when Pirate pitchers were wavering. Blowing saves that negated comebacks. Spotting the Pirates four runs before the seats were even warm.

Oh, I'm pissed off. This Pirates series was f'ing embarrassing.

Get your shit together, Dodgers!

Monday, May 30, 2022

Games 48-50 Thread: May 30 - June 1 vs. Pirates

Mon 5.30 7p: Buehler vs. Thompson
Tue 5.31 7p: Urias vs. TBD
Wed 6.1 5p: White vs. Quintana

Oh sure, a four-game sweep of the Diamondbacks (punctuated by a 3-1 victory on Sunday), leading to an 8-2 record on the longest road trip of the season, should be cause for celebration. Except that four of those wins came at the hands of the Diamondbacks (against whom we are 9-2 this season), and we failed to put away sweeps against both the sub-.500 Phillies and the sub-.500 Nationals on this same road trip. We probably should have gone 10-0, frankly. So it's hard to get super-excited when the competition is so poor.

Meanwhile, this series opens up with the Pirates (who won the series in Pittsburgh), before we get four against the Mets, the first real team we've seen in a while. The secret to earning a winning homestand probably rests upon a strong outing against the Pirates this series.

Oh, and to add insult to injury: I had tickets to Monday's game, to see Walker Buehler. And I can't go (my father is going to use the tickets, which is good). So yeah, I'm salty. Whoopee.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Games 44-47 Thread: May 26-29 @ D’backs

Thu 5.26 6.40p: White vs. Castellanos
Fri 5.27 6.40p: Gonsolin vs. Bumgarner
Sat 5.28 4.15p: TBD vs. M Kelly
Sun 5.29 1.10p: T Anderson vs. TBD

This series, the last leg of a ten-game road trip, starts with Mitch White. White's last start was not so great (2.1 IP, 3 ER), and this very short outing vs. Philadelphia burdened the relief corps. Can White, in the opener, not cast a long shadow over the rest of the series?

Hoping we can rebound after dropping yet another final game in a series, preventing a sweep (Dodgers are 4-2 on this road trip).

And in other news: Sax placed two bets on the Dodgers last week, winning on both the Monday and Tuesday games. I didn't place a bet on Wednesday. And we lost. (SoSG Dusty blames me for the loss.)

Monday, May 23, 2022

Games 41-43 Thread: May 23-25 @ Nationals

Let's do this.

Mon 5.23 4p: Tyler Anderson vs. Avon
Tue 5.24 4p: Buehler vs. Gray
Wed 5.25 1p: Urias vs. Fedde

After Max Muncy's horrible showing in Sunday's game vs. the Phillies, I felt the need for the Dodgers--and myself--to put my money where my mouth is. So let's go.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Games 38-40 Thread: May 20-22 @ Phillies

Fri 5.20 4p: Urias vs. R Suarez
Sat 5.21 3p: TBD vs. Nola
Sun 5.22 10.30a: Gonsolin vs. Eflin

Remember last week, when the Phillies came into town and spanked us in three out of four games (the Dodgers avoiding a sweep only when Gavin Lux came through for an unlikely walkoff win)? Well now we are back in their house, except this time we only have two starters named for a three-game series. So I'm not expecting much brotherly love this weekend.

The Dodgers start the weekend only 1.5 games ahead of San Diego (who took two of three from the Phillies this week).

Monday, May 16, 2022

Games 34-37 Thread: May 16-18 vs. D'backs

Victory Brewing Company...from Pennsylvania of course

Mon 5.16 7p: Gonsolin vs. Bumgarner
Tue 5.17 12p: TBD vs. M Kelly
Tue 5.17 7p: T Anderson vs. TBD
Wed 5.18 7p: Buehler vs. Davies

The walk-off victory on Sunday afternoon was great, especially given the rally came with two out off the bats of the struggling Cody Bellinger and Gavin Lux. But that doesn't change the fact that the Dodgers lost 5 of 7 against Pennsylvania teams in their last two series, including almost getting swept by the Phillies at home for the first time since 1985.

We were fortunate to prevail on Sunday. We don't really have much of a rotation at this point though, and our bullpen was horrible for three of the four games against Philadelphia. So let's see if we have anything left in the tank for Arizona, since we know how this went last time (hint: it wasn't good).

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Games 30-33 Thread: May 12-14 vs. Phillies

The Dodgers might be Donkey Kong, but this homestand sure feels like we're Mario.

Thu 5/12 7p: Anderson vs. Wheeler
Fri 5/13 7p: Kershaw vs. Gibson
Sat 5/14 7p: Buehler vs. R Suárez
Sun 5/15 1p: Urías vs. Nola

Eight games. Seven days.

Yes, that's what this hellish homestand has in store for the Dodgers, who return from Pittsburgh with their tail between their legs after dropping two of three to the lowly Bucs. Sure, a 4-2 road trip doesn't sound all that bad. But the Dodgers' offense looked positively awful for a lot of that series @ PNC Park: 0-for-5 with RISP on Monday; then 1-for-7 with RISP on Wednesday. And both of those games were losses.

Max Muncy (0-for-3 on Wednesday) is batting .138. Justin Turner, who had a breakout game on Tuesday, is batting .194 (0-for-3 Wednesday). And Cody Bellinger (0-for-4 Wednesday) is barely over Mendoza at .206.

And yet, Doc Roberts insists on putting them together in the lineup for two of the three games in Pittsburgh, as if they were eighth-grade girls at a Loyola High semi-formal. We have to at least sit one of them, or break up the string of badness. Because the way they are batting now, they pose abysses in the lineup that turn run-scoring rallies into missed opportunities.

After this series, the homestand continues with four games against Arizona (including a doubleheader). The Dodgers start play on Thursday nursing a 1.5 game lead on the Padres and a two-game lead on the Giants. Would be nice to gain some ground against the sub-.500 Phillies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Post-Game 28 Thread: Animal Returns!

"Here we go again / I kinda want to score more than ten..."


Sure, it was just the second game of a series against a sub-.500 team that the Dodgers should have won anyway. But Justin Turner going 4-for-5 with 4 RBI was a welcome jolt for the team, coming off a 5-1 series-opening loss that gave an opposing pitcher his first win since 2019.

Tonight, the Dodgers restored balance to the force, notching huge offensive outbursts in the third inning (batting around, for five runs) and the seventh inning (four more runs), to maroon the Pirates and take home a very lopsided victory. Now 20-8 with a run differential of +80, the Dodgers now are on pace for an absurd +463 run differential for the season. Is this possible? With Justin Turner, whose average rose to .200 with this game, potentially joining the Dodgers' hit parade, it certainly is.

That said, remember back to April 24, when Cody Bellinger won NL Player of the Week? Yeah, well since then, Bellinger is 6-for-43 with a .140 BA and a meager .422 OPS. So let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

In the meantime, let's celebrate Justin Turner's outing, and hope it's a portent of things to come.

Welcome back, JT! (What took you?!)

Rubber match tomorrow morning, party peoples: 9.30am. As a reminder, the game thread for this series @Pirates can be found here.

Monday, May 09, 2022

Games 27-29 Thread: May 9-11 @ Pirates

Mon 5/9 3.30p: Urias vs. Quintana
Tue 5/10 3.30p: Gonsolin vs. Bry Wilson
Wed 5/11 9.30a: TBD vs. TBD

A sweep of the Cubs this past weekend pushed the Dodgers' winning streak to six in a row, and now Los Angeles is 1.5 games clear of the Padres and four games ahead of the Giants and Rockies. But with Blake Treinen out through the All-Star Break, we really need to be racking up these wins against lowly NL Central teams (like the 11-16 Pirates) in May, before the Dodgers' opponents get a lot more challenging next month (Mets, White Sox, Giants, Angels, Braves).

Friday, May 06, 2022

Games 24-26 Thread: May 6-8 @ Cubs

Fri 5/6 11a: Tyler Anderson (2-0, 2.55) vs. TBD
Sat 5/7 11a: Clayton Kershaw (3-0, 2.35) vs. Steele (1-3, 5.50)
Sun 5/8 4p: Walker Buehler (3-1, 2.12) vs. Stroman (1-3, 5.13)

The Chicago Cubs are cold. 9-15 on the year and fourth in the NL Central (7.5 games behind the Brewers), the Cubs have not come out of the blocks strong. And speaking of cold: Friday is supposed to rain, and the weekend isn't supposed to get warmer than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cubs are coming off a two-game series loss to the cross-town White Sox, after being felled Wednesday by a bloop RBI single from former Dodger AJ Pollock. (As an aside, Pollock is batting .190 this season with a 33 OPS+; the Dodgers traded Pollock to the White Sox for Craig Kimbrel, who has a 1.35 ERA over 6.2 IP, and a 300 ERA+.)

The Cubs' leadoff bat of Alfonso Rivas has been their spark this year, matting .333 with a .919 OPS to lead the team. Seiya Suzuki is batting .250 in the two-hole. And 3B Patrick Wisdom has five HR this year (more than any other Dodger player).

But with the recent awakening of some of the Dodgers' bats in our Wednesday 9-1 victory, maybe we can bring the heat into the Windy City this weekend.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Post-Game 23 Thread: Dodgers Get Fourth-Right

SoSG AC got texted from a friend at the game that, following the Giants' botched play in B7 (Gavin Lux infield RBI single), the Diamondvision posted "Do or do not. There is no try."


May the Fourth be with the Dodgers, who swept the Giants in two games with a resounding beatdown Wednesday, a 9-1 victory that snowballed with momentum like a Real Madrid Champions League playoff game.

Down 1-0 through three innings on a Brandon Crawford solo shot, the Dodgers got two back in the bottom of the fourth on successive RBI singles from Trea Turner and Will Smith. Then a Mookie Betts solo shot to lead off the bottom of the sixth.

Then a four-run seventh punctuated by the aforementioned Lux RBI single (Wilmer Flores fields the ball at first, and then has no play when Giants don't cover the bag), a Betts sac fly, and a Freddie Freeman triple. And then finally, a Max Muncy two-run HR to notch the final runs.

Unlike the Giants' penchant for running up the score, those last two runs were not a matter of gloating. Muncy has been off to a horrible start this season, as he probably is rehabilitating from that brutal injury from the end of last season. But his surprising 2-for-4 night (only his second multi-hit game this year) lifts Muncy's average to .151, the lowest of all Dodger regulars--so if Muncy can show some signs of life, that would be a huge boon.

All Dodgers starters reached base tonight. Only Chris Taylor didn't get a hit tonight.

Tony Gonsolin was fine, 5.0 IP with 3 H and 1 ER (1 BB, 5 Ks). The Dodgers used four bullpen pitchers to pitch four scoreless frames.

The Dodgers' 16-7 record is best in the National League, and one game ahead of San Diego in the NL West. And sure, the Giants had a depleted roster for this series, which probably contributed to the sweep. There's still 17 games to play here!

The Dodgers get a day off Thursday, and then a weekend series in Chicago, where it's scheduled to rain Friday and be in the 50s all weekend. Yikes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Games 22-23 Thread: May 3-4 vs. Giants

The players have changed a bit. The rivalry intensity hasn't.

Tues 5/3 7p: Urias (1-1. 2.50) vs. Rodon (3-0, 1.17).
Wed 5/4 7p: TBD Gonsolin (1-0, 1.59) vs. A Wood (2-1, 4.19).

When the Dodgers last saw the Giants, it looked something like this:

Ah yes. I remember it well, but I can watch those highlights again just to be pleasantly reminded.

(And by the way, when I debated with my brother-in-law (a Giants fan) about the Dodgers' profligate spending to date, and whether it has been worth it so far, I was able to remind him of two inescapable truths: 1) 2020 World Series Championship, and 2) 2021 NLDS Championship. Yes, there could, and should, be more. But yes, those two accomplishments are forever.)

Okay, back to this one. The Dodgers open up the day tied for first place in the NL West with the Padres, and the Giants are in third just a half-game back. This two-game tango features one Giant starter who hasn't lost this year, and another who was a former Dodger who went 0-2 against us last year (in three starts) but then helped San Francisco win NLDS Game 3 against us.

Meanwhile, don't let a series win over the lowly 7-14 Tigers fool you. We've still got Justin Turner scuffling with a .187 BA (and a .499 OPS), while Cody Bellinger's flash of a comeback dissipated quickly in the Detroit series as he went 1-for-11 with an RBI (Bellinger is batting .208). And we haven't even named a starter for Wednesday.

Clench up, Dodgers fans.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Games 19-21 Thread: April 29 - May 1 vs. Tigers

Fri 4/29 7p: Anderson vs. Alexander
Sat 4/30 7p: Kershaw vs. Brieske
Sun 5/1 1p: Buehler vs. Ed. Rodriguez

The Tigers enter this series with a 6-11 record. Which is about what the Diamondbacks were sporting before last series, when the Dodgers' offense rolled over and played dead. Let's see if these visiting Tigers are any tamer?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Post-Game 18 Thread: Snake-bit


I'm posting this only because I figure the Dodger faithful might need a spot to vent. We dropped two of three in Arizona to the lowly Diamondbacks, thanks to an overall lack of hitting (one run scored in the last 17 innings), not to mention three errors in the field. The worst of the fielding errors was on Tuesday from Gavin Luxe (deliberately spelled with an extra "e" after botching a throw that sent two runs home and paved the way for a third). But errors from Freddie Freeman and Max Muncy didn't help any in Wednesday's loss, either.

I'm salty. Let's take the day off, shall we?