Thursday, October 07, 2010

Less Than Zito

SoSG has always been a fan of Barry Zito. (In the case of Orel, the waters of attraction run ever so deep.) Any player that costs the Giants $126 Million in exchange for almost 60 losses in four seasons is our ACE.

Barry Zito holding his projected number of contract YEAR FIVE!

So it's with a sense of sadness that I'm forced to (borrow the) report that Barry Zito's $126 million ass will be riding the bench.... at the bust stop.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Giants are sending $126 million to the sideline. Struggling left-hander Barry Zito was left off the team's playoff roster Thursday for its best-of-five National League Division Series against the wild-card Atlanta Braves. Zito is making a team-high $18.5 million this year.

Manager Bruce Bochy told Zito on Wednesday he will not start, and Zito said he didn't know if he would be in the bullpen. The team announced the 25-man roster Thursday morning, and Zito wasn't among the 11 pitchers.

Though as a lifelong Braves hater, I'm thrilled he isn't starting even one inning. Is an enemy who's an enemy of another enemy still also a friend?


Shawn Green said...

But how will the Giants maintain their douchebag quotient now? HOW?

MR.F said...

"Bust stop."


Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

teehee <zito

Kyle Baker said...

I've hated the Braves most of my waking life. Not as much as the Cards, but almost. I always considered them Cards Lite.