Saturday, October 09, 2010

SoSG Fantasy Football, Week 4 Update

The unstoppable Dusty Baker

Yikes, it's already the weekend and we neglected to put up last week's update. Here we go, again from Mr LA Sports Fan:

Sorry it took me so long to get this. I was busy mocking Kevin Kolb. Anyways, let's take a peek at last week's action.

Dusty Baker 96 (4-0) - MLASF 92 (1-3): DB remains undefeated after pulling two big games out of Arian Foster (30 points) and Peyton Manning (20). I hit back with 23 points from Maurice Jones-Drew and 16 points from Peyton Hillis, but his Peyton was better than mine.

Karina 74 (3-1) - Jason 64 (0-4): The curse of the first overall pick continues to haunt Team Deltalina. Jason lost his lead after Monday Night Football when Karina managed 20 combined points from the Dolphins' Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall. She also had Ahmad Bradshaw's 17 points for good measure. Jason hauled 15 points from Matt Schaub and 14 points from kicker(!) Matt Prater in a losing effort.

Mr. Customer 109 (2-2) - NicJ 94 (2-2): Mr. C defeated Nic thanks to some big games from various players, including 26 points from Antonio Gates and 19 points from Rashard Mendenhall. Nic finally started a worthwhile running back in LaDainian Tomlinson(!), getting a 27 point boost from the former Charger. Donald Driver threw in 14 points for Nic's cause.

Paul 111 (3-1) - Prof. Dittmore 59 (2-2): The Professor's momentum came to a screeching halt after Paul's smackdown. The new father (congrats by the way!) had 25 points from the Chargers' defense, 20 points from Calvin Johnson, 19 points from Joseph Addai, and 17 points from Philip Rivers. P. Ditty saw Aaron Rodgers provide 17 points and LeSean McCoy throw in 15, but no other player scored double-figures.

Meaniebreanie 67 (2-2) - Spanky 60 (1-3): MB serves Spanky his third straight loss thanks to 17 points from Sam Bradford and 13 points from BenJarvus Green-Ellis. DeAngelo Williams gave the Spankster 15 points while Dallas Clarke contributed 12, but a big -3 from Jay Cutler really set him back.

Sunday's action gives us the thrilling matchups of MLASF and Jason, Paul and Mr. C, Spanky and Karina, Dusty and Nic, and MB and P. Ditty. The thrills! The chills! It can only be SoSG Fantasy Football!

Or malaria.

But mostly football!

Quick turnaround to week 5 in 24 hours!


Kyle Baker said...

I think I've spent more time, energy, and resourcefulness re-jiggering my fantasy team in the last few days than I have on a re-fi I'm working through.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Ack. That's supposed to be "Maurice Jones-Drew." Oh well.

karina said...

fighting words, Spanky

spank said...

^lady's (as in Karina's dog)

Not that there is anything wrong with Coper wearing a ladies shirt.Just saying.:)

spank said...

That was fucking horrible. So much for College Education.And an English Major as a matter of fact.



MeanieBreanie said...

P. Ditty completely rearranged his team, yet has remained eerily quiet this week. He is truly being a southern gentleman as I've not heard one bit of smack out of him.

Let's get this party started!