Sunday, January 06, 2008

SoSG Presents: Better Know a Blogger

In the dead of winter, there's not much baseball to talk about. So we turn our gaze upon ourselves. Longtime readers of SoSG—hi Mom!—may recognize the individual styles of my esteemed colleagues, but for those who don't, here's a SoSG primer:

STEVE SAX: Saxy is prolific and thoughtful, and a bit more fond of puns and puzzles than most. He's unafraid to be critical, but he's also probably the most die-hard Dodger fan of the Sons. After all, who else would have the connections to admit James Loney into the Free James Loney Society?

OREL: Me! I bring the random to our "random rantings and ravings." For Better or For Worse, Sammy Davis Jr., boot-shaped beer stein...nothing is too random. Shirt! I'm also proud to have helped bring Dodger fans pictures of rookie hazing (as well as of barely-SFW truly fine babes).

ERIC KARROS: EK doesn't post lightly. While Saxy and I are plastering the refrigerator with crayon drawings, EK is finishing the lava-spewing volcano model that will win first place at the science fair. Witness the inaugural Abes vs Babes campaign, EK's latest custom video and the sexiest graph you'll see.

DELINO DESHIELDS: The Delino blogs fearlessly where other Sons don't tread. Where else can you find so much Hebraic goodness commingled with classy entertainment the likes of Gymkata, Norman Fell and Zardoz? The Delino is also a Simpsons fan, which increases his virility.

LASORDA: SoSG's resident sabermetrician, Lasorda can be counted on for some good ol' number crunching. Lasorda is a busy fellow, but when he checks in you can also expect something insightful and amusing.

PEDRO GUERRERO: Pete is a man of few words—words such as DOMINICANO!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and Boring—but those words get your attention (comment #23). Also a rabid and knowledgeable Lakers fan, Pete has a love/hate relationship with Kobe Bryant (currently in loving mode, I'm guessing).

ALEX CORA: The most elusive Son! A post from AC is quite an event, but during the season he's quite active in the comments sections, especially in Game Threads. Some of our best humor can be found in AC's comments.

The Sons of Steve Garvey: a Mötley Crüe united by love for the Blue. Here's to a fun 2008!


Eric Karros said...

I see we are still trying to perpetuate the perception that we're 7 different people rather than 1 person with 7 personalities (and lots of free time)

Orel said...

Sorry to blow your cover(s).

Alex Cora said...

God I hate it when I talk to myself

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

That delino sounds like a putz. Sadly, all of Orel's info is true.

Orel said...

You want sad? Googling Alex Cora was the highlight of my day.