Friday, July 19, 2024

Games 98-100 Thread: July 19-21 vs. Red Sox

Happier times: the one bright spot of WS2018.
Too bad that guy is still injured this season, though.

Fri 7.19 7p: TBD vs. Pivetta
Sat 7.20 4.15p: TBD vs. Bello
Sun 7.21 4.10p: TBD vs. Crawford

Hopefully the Dodgers rested well in that All-Star Break, because they come out of the break to face the resurgent Red Sox. The Dodgers were a pathetic 1-5 over their last six, and 3-7 over their last 10 games. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have closed the gap to 4.5 games behind the AL East-leading Orioles, and though Boston is in third place, they are playing a lot better than many forecasted earlier in the season.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have a seven-game lead over both the Snakes and Padres, despite playing .500 ball for over a month. We're certainly on path to limp our way into crunch time. And it doesn't feel good.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dodgers Open 2025 Season vs. Cubs in Tokyo

The Dodgers will play the Cubs in the Tokyo Dome on March 18 and 19, 2025. These games precede the league-wide Opening Day on Thursday, March 27 (Tigers @ Dodgers).

Excited for another international visit for the team, and of course a huge visit for Shohei Ohtani to Japan!

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

2024 All-Star Game Thread

Globe Life Field will always be a special place for Dodgers fans. So even though All-Star starer Shohei Ohtani will be one of the few Dodgers able to play in this one (with Mookie Betts and Tyler Glasnow out), we can hope to see Will Smith, Freddie Freeman, and Teoscar Hernandez get some swings tonight.

Everybody stay healthy, please!

Globe Life Field, 2020

Monday, July 15, 2024

Teoscar Hernandez Wins 2024 Home Run Derby, Portending Drop-Off In Second Half OPS

I'm excited that Teoscar Hernandez became the first Dodger player to win the Home Run Derby.

On the other hand, as per ESPN: 23 of the 39 Home Run Derby winners went on to see a dip in OPS after the All-Star Break.

On average, OPS fell by .031 among winners, with 59% seeing an average dip of .116 and 31% a rise of .091.

Yep, that's what this beleaguered Dodgers lineup needs from Teoscar Hernandez in the second half. I can't wait.

2024 Home Run Derby Thread

I suppose I should be excited that the Dodgers' Teoscar Hernandez is one of eight participants in today's Home Run Derby.

Instead, however, I'm just struck by how stretched this team is already by injuries, and worried that another starting lineup injury would be another crushing blow for this already reeling team.

Be safe, Teo!

Friday, July 12, 2024

Games 95-97 Thread: July 12-14 @ Tigers

i have no internet (no, i am not in houston).

and, i am furious about the dodgers rolling over and playing dead in philadelphia. our starters suck. gavin lux cannot field nor hit. shohei is swinging wildly at the plate. pages and outman can't handle outfield fly balls. kiké is worthless.

so this thread, from my iphone, will have to do for now.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Games 92-94 Thread: July 9-11 @ Phillies

Where there is brotherly love, there is no kerning.

Tue 7.9 3.40p: Bobby Miller vs. Zack Wheeler
Wed 7.10 4p: Gavin Stone vs. Cristopher Sanchez
Thu 7.11 3p: Landon Knack vs. Aaron Nola

We go from one NL division leader to another! After taking two of three from the Brewers at home, the Dodgers head out to Philadelphia to face not only the best team in the NL East (Phillies are up by eight games over Atlanta; this is a half-game better than our division lead over the Padres, as of Monday morning), but the best team in all of MLB.

The Phillies also have seven All-Stars for the 2024 All-Star Game, one more than the Dodgers. For the Phililes, this includes three starters (Bryce Harper 1B, Alec Bohm 3B, Trea Turner SS). The other four Phillies All-Stars are Jeff Hoffman (P), Matt Strahm (P), Ranger Suarez (P), and Zack Wheeler (P).

The Dodgers had Shohei Ohtani (DH) elected to the starting lineup, with the other All-Stars being Freddie Freeman (1B), Will Smith (C), Tyler Glasnow (P), Mookie Betts (SS), and Teoscar Hernandez (OF).

And guess what, we see Wheeler in the three-game set! And the Phillies don't see Glasnow--who as of Tuesday has been placed on the IL with back tightness--or Mookie, for that matter (obviously). Yeah, this is gonna be grim.

I've got a family friend attending the Thursday game to represent LA. He's going to a territory among fans who throw snowballs at Santa Claus, who threw batteries at JD Drew. Hope my friend doesn't get killed.

Friday, July 05, 2024

Games 89-91 Thread: July 5-7 vs. Brewers

Fri 7.5 7p: Glasnow vs. Civale
Sat 7.6 4.15p: Paxton vs. Peralta
Sun 7.7 1p: TBD vs. Keuchel

The series against the Diamondbacks was supposed to be the easy part, except that Christian Walker pummeled us into dust. So now we host an actually good team, the Brewes, who are six games up in the NL Central (basically the same lead we have over second-place San Diego in the NL West). Get ready for a drowning.

Also, interesting to see Dallas Keuchel back from the dead in Sunday's matchup. To the Brewers' credit, at least they have named a starter for that game.

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Games 86-88 Thread: July 2-4 vs. Diamondbacks

Tues 7.2 7p: Miller vs. Nelson
Wed 7.3 7p: Stone vs. Montgomery
Thu 7.4 6p: Knack vs. Gallen

In Wednesday's matchup, the Dodgers face Jordan Montgomery, one of the 2023 Texas Rangers' playoff heroes (3-1 over six starts with a 2.90 ERA), who then went to free agency looking for a long-term deal. That deal didn't happen, and Montgomery ended up settling for a one-year, $25M deal with the Diamondbacks in late March. Right after signing the contract, Montgomery left agent Scott Boras for Wasserman Sports Entertainment.

And, similar to his fellow Boras-represented pitcher Blake Snell, the truncated spring training workout period did not do Montgomery any favors. He is 6-5 this year with a 6.03 ERA, which gives him a -1.2 WAR for the season. (Snell, who signed a one-year deal with the Giants, has a -1.1 WAR, a 9.51 ERA, and is on the injured list.)

Montgomery has been frustrated enough to beat up a pitchcom machine in the dugout, earlier this year. reported on his mounting frustration in early June 2024. Will Montgomery just be a powder keg waiting to erupt on Wednesday? Will this be grounds for July 3 fireworks?!

Anyway, these Snakes were pesky as hell last year, but at beginning of play on Tuesday, they are 10.5 games behind the Dodgers and two games below .500. We did just drop our series to the sub-.500 Giants last weekend, though, so I'm not feeling especially good about this one.

UPDATE: After all that Montgomery research, the Snakes have scratched his Wednesday start.

Another reason to hate the Diamondbacks.