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NLCS Game 6 Thread: Oct. 22 @ Cubs, 5p

Clayton Kershaw vs Kyle Kendricks

Thursday, October 20, 2016

NLCS Game 5 Thread: Oct. 20 vs. Cubs, 5p

'Member Clayton Kershaw? Ooooh, I 'member!
'Member Rich Hill? Yeah, I 'member!

Kenta Maeda vs. John Lester

One day. One goddamn day. That's all the time we got to enjoy the Dodgers having the lead in this series before the Baseball Gods kicked us in our collective nether regions for having any kind of hope whatsoever. We can bark at Angel Hernandez and MLB replay headquarters all we want for that blown call at home, but a) It didn't end up mattering in the long run, and b) Things had started to unravel before that with Utley's weird barehanded catch error.

Now the series is tied, with one more game at home. Kenta Maeda, not Clayton Kershaw, gets the start, which makes some sense (save Kershaw to possibly stave off elimination in Game 6), except that Kenta hasn't been what you would call good lately. If there is any upside at all, you can argue that the Dodgers' two losses in this series were so fluky and weird that they can't possibly happen that way again. But that's dangerous thinking that can anger the Baseball Gods. (adjusts rally thong to protect nether regions)

Better eat more 'Member Berries and remember the good times. Oooh, 'Member Vin Scully? Yeah, I 'member!

Hold on. Vin Scully?

Uh...no pressure, boys!

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NLCS Game 4 Thread: Oct 19 vs Cubs, 5 pm

Uh, I'm running out of things to complain about.  Mrs. Cora and I were at the game last night and the place was going bananas.  It was fun to see the stadium rocking.  Everyone was in their seats and the concession lines were relatively empty during game play.  It is always nice to see the stadium come alive during the postseason.  On the superstition front, I have now worn the same Dodger shirt for the last 2 wins as well as the new lucky Dodger socks.  Now the question is to wash or not to wash?  The things we do for our team!

While we are up 2-1 in a best of 7 series, like anything,  there is always something to complain about.   Right?  For example, why is Roberts starting the youngest pitcher in postseason history?  Is Kenley's arm going to fall off after another 2 inning stint?  Why is postseason parking pricing DOUBLE than during the regular season?  Uh, um.  Why is Roberts ... uh, oh wait I got it ... wearing the pullover jacket and not the postseason sweater?    Keep giving me things to complain about, it seems to be working!

Go Blue!

...on FS1

Post-NLCS Game 3 Thread: Dodgers 6, Cubs 0; The Hill's Are Alive

DODGERS 6, CUBS 0 (video recap)

Not often that the Sons of Steve Garvey will reference Julie Andrews. But after Rich Hill's most recent outing, a 2.2 IP showing in NLDS Game 5 (which had 3 H and 1 ER against 2 BBs and 6 Ks), it was awesome to see a different Rich Hill in the NLCS, as he made the Cubs' medicine go down without any spoonfuls of sugar. Dodgers take a 2-1 lead in the NLCS.

Hill's NLCS Game 3 line: 6 IP, 2 H, 0 R, and again 2 BB and 6 Ks. "Filthy Rich", is what mlb.com called him. "Pitched a gem", said Deadspin. "Owning the Cubs", explained Fox Sports (click through for Hill with the "title belt"). Indeed, it was a great outing for Hill, who got out of a key jam in the second (Cubs had one out and two RISP; more on this in a second) for arguably his best start as a Dodger.

Here's a couple of videos recapping Hill's night:

Now, let's get back to why there were two RISP in the first place. Anthony Rizzo led off the second inning with a walk, and then with one out, stole second base (Jorge Soler walked anyway). And then with Addison Russell batting, Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal had a passed ball, allowing both runners to advance.

I was not watching the game at this time--I was listening to the game on radio--but Rick and Charley seemed to indicate that the PB was due to Grandal's attempt to frame the ball, rather than a true passed ball; Monday described the pitch as very "catchable." And at this point, I lost it on Grandal, who had been hitless in the NLCS after batting a meager .125 in the NLDS vs. Washington--the worst average of any regular starter in the Dodgers' lineup. How many runs was Yaz going to cost us? Why is Grandal so concerned about sign stealing, instead of catching the damn ball? When was Grandal going to get his shit together and start playing?

Well, in the bottom of the fourth inning, Yasmani Grandal finally showed up.

This HR stretched the lead from 1-0 (on a Corey Seager RBI in the third, scoring Andrew Toles from second) to 3-0 (Grandal's HR scored Josh Reddick as well), and seemed to put a little more wind in the sails of the Dodgers. Sure, Grandal took a little too long admiring his shot from the plate. But of all the times to start hitting, this was a good one. Welcome back, Grandal. Now I understand why Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has been behind you all postseason.

And then there's Jake Arrietta, last year's Cy Young award winner, who left the game in the sixth immediately after yielding a leadoff HR to Justin Turner:

Arrietta finished 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 0 BB and 5 Ks, but the two HR gave him a 7.20 ERA. It was surprising to see Arrietta in his worst postseason start and 17th worst start of his Cub career. But we'll take it.

On top of this, the Dodgers struck against the Cubs' bullpen (specifically, Mike Montgomery, in the eighth). The Dodgers added two more runs when Joc Pederson doubled home Yasiel Puig for a run (Puig, who singled with one out, was going on the pitch and scored with ease), and Grandal sacrificed Pederson home (Pederson stole third base in Grandal's AB).

And those are remarkable scoring opportunities as well, especially since Pederson (1-for-4) is now batting .182 in this NLCS; Grandal, even with a 1-for-3 / 2-run HR night, is still batting .167 this series; Puig, who went 2-for-2 thanks in part to a deflected infield single (off of Cubs P Travis Wood) that again showed Puig's hustle, is up to .286. All three of those guys need to start getting in their grooves as well, and maybe, just maybe, this Game 3 gives them some confidence from the plate.

[By the way, who is this new Yasiel Puig kid? Could it be that Dave Roberts, by relegating Puig to a backup role, has started to learn humility as a role player who needs to deliver performance rather than histrionics? Even Puig is sobra la importancia del juego 4; Puig sobre la clave de hoy y la importancia de asegurar la serie en casa:

Puig's change is probably not a permanent transformation by any stretch, but it is cool to watch.]

(Howie Kendrick, who has been coming off the bench due to Andrew Toles' hot hand (Toles is batting .500), is still without a hit this series. As is Chase Utley. Who starts and bats leadoff.)

Also of note, with regards to offense: Corey Seager, who entered the game 0-for-23 after the first inning this postseason, went 3-for-4 (single in the first, on schedule; but then RBI single in the third to get the Dodgers on the board; K in the sixth; and then single in the seventh). If Seager can keep hitting all game long, that's a good sign.

The playoffs are all about momentum in a small sample size, and the Dodgers--whose three hits in Game 2's 1-0 victory weren't much more than the two hits the Cubs had in that game--may have found their offensive groove a bit faster than the Cubs. Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who tinkered with the lineup before Game 3 to no avail, is clearly befuddled:

"We're not hitting the ball hard," Maddon said after the 6-0 loss. "Obviously, I have no solid explanation."

No one does.

When an offense slumps, particularly its stars, finding a reason can be as tough as finding the solution. One thing feels certain: The number of players slumping at once isn't a coincidence -- and it's not all about Dodger pitching."I think it's our hitting," Dexter Fowler (.179) said. "We've hit the best of the best. The past few days we just haven't been doing it."

But why? That's what every Cubs fan wants to know. Why now? They can't buy a big hit -- they were shut out in back-to-back games for the first time since May 2014 and now trail 2-1 in their best-of-seven series. The slump could not have come at a worse time.

"Offensively, we haven't executed and put it all together and passed the baton," Chris Coghlan said. "We have to have more productive at-bats. There's not one solution."

If you're keeping track, the Cubs haven't scored since they rocked Wrigley Field in the eighth inning of Game 1 with Miguel Montero's grand slam followed by a Fowler solo shot. That feels like ages ago; the Cubs have managed six hits since then, including just four on Tuesday.

Maybe Game 3 changes if Russell comes through after Dodgers starter Rich Hill opened the door for a rally by walking two batters in the second. A passed ball moved them up a base, but the man who came through in the clutch so often this season has done anything but during the playoffs. Russell struck out -- granted it was on a nasty curveball -- and the offense did little the rest of the game. Hill was good; Cubs' hitting was not. That's the storyline of the postseason so far.

"One you get something on the board, you're like let's roll," Coghlan said. "Then it is contagious. We can pretend like it's not, but it is."

It's contagious both ways, and unfortunately for the Cubs, everything is working against them. It seems that Kris Bryant (.357) is the only batter who's having a good playoffs. Even Javier Baez came back to Earth, showing some shakiness in the field and going 0-for-4 at the plate.

I would argue that it is indeed about Dodger pitching: Clayton Kershaw with a masterful performance in Game 2, followed by Hill's performance in Game 3, both punctuated by scoreless Kenley Jansen outings each longer than the traditional one-inning closer role. Sure, there's pressure on Arrietta and the Cubs. The LAT's Dylan Hernandez says the Cubs are choking.

I wouldn't go that far. It's a razor-thin 2-1 series lead. The Cubs aren't panicking. And I'm confident that the Cubs will start figuring it out as well (possibly tonight, against Julio Urias, who will be the youngest pitcher ever to start a postseason game), and not leave Kris Bryant (.357) as the Cubs' only batter who seems grooved (and even Bryant struck out swinging with Dexter Fowler on second in the top of the eighth).

Maddon and the team kept the post-game locker room very loose, by reporters' accounts:

"They're going to react to how I'm going to react," Maddon said. "I've always believed that. I've always thought, for me, regardless of the situation, that I have to be consistent when I walk into the room. They have to see consistency from me, which hopefully they're going to be able to do. But beyond that, man, like I said, there is not a whole lot to do except come out and play again tomorrow."

We need to get rolling early in Game 4, to make sure Julio Urias stays level-headed. And extending the streak of games with a HR to nine games would also be nice.

So the Dodgers finally win a 2016 postseason game that does not involve Clayton Kershaw (who was interviewed mid-game, though), and take a 2-1 lead in the NLCS with a second straight shutout, marking the first time in 200 postseason games that a Dodgers team has had two consecutive shutouts. The statistics for teams which win Game 3 in a best-of-seven are good (61% margin of victory). (Fivethirtyeight.com has the Cubs' chances at a much more positive 40%, also noting that the Cubs' offensive woes should not persist, Arrietta's outing was unusually and aberrantly bad, and the Cubs didn't fold in the NLDS when we thought they would.) Vegas has put the Dodgers as favorites for the first time this series, which I think is a market overreaction.

Fivethirtyeight.com had Game 3 as a 50%-50% outcome. The Cubs are 51%-49% tonight (with playoff veteran, and overall veteran, John Lackey going against Urias). Lackey is 8-5 lifetime in the postseason, with a 3.22 ERA (his 11-8 regular season record gave him a ERA+ of 120 this year; Urias' 5-2 record carried a 115 ERA+).

After scoring 6 runs or more in a game, the Dodgers are 24-47 in the following game, and only 15-15 when facing the same team. So that's basically 50-50 odds. However, the bats tend to get quieter in the next game: after scoring 6+ runs in one game, the Dodgers would follow up with another 6+ run game only 19% of the time (9/47). So unfortunately, Urias will likely have less run support tonight. [This paragraph is from the SoSG stat department / cursory baseballreference.com check, so it may not be fully accurate.]

Anyway, these games could literally tip either way, and as incredible as a 3-1 lead would be, a 2-2 split with at least one guaranteed game back at Wrigley Field sounds deflating. We need to build upon Game 3's momentum and make sure the bats keep rolling.

Let's go, Dodgers!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NLCS Game 3 Thread: Oct 18 vs Cubs, 5 pm

Superstitious? Us? No. Is that why I am doing the game thread again today? Is that why this game thread is scheduled for the same time as the last one? Is that also why I will continue to question Roberts again? Send Hill out again with that nagging blister? Keep Kiké on the roster instead of Culberson? Use Kenley again for 2 innings? Sorry I'm being a Debbie Downer, but if it ain't broke....

Go Blue!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

NLCS Game 2 Thread: Oct 16 @ Cubs, 5p

Down-to-the-wire post may help the Dodger juju. Watching these last games, it only reminds me that I can never be a manager. I questioned every move that Roberts initiated. Put Ruiz in after burning Barnes? Kenley in the 7th for three innings? Kershaw to close? And with every move, Roberts proved me wrong. So I will continue to question Roberts, as long as we keep winning. So let's get through these Cubs. Kershaw to pitch on short rest? Roberts has got to be kidding. Right? Right???

Go Blue

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NLCS Game 1 Thread: Oct 15 @ Cubs, 5p

Thanks to loyal SoSG reader Orlando Zepeda for the good-luck charm!

Kenta Maeda vs Jon Lester.

—Bill Shaikin

It's official...the masses do not have faith. BUT they do not know the power of The Cliff Beefpile Rally Thong™. The rally thong was solely responsible for the Dodgers' stirring comeback against the Nationals in the NLDS and it knows its work isn't done.

Now it's true the Dodgers are struggling against lefties, and Lester is one of the best out there. But this is also a seven-game series, and Lester is the Cubs' only lefty starter. It's also true the Cubs have great lefty relievers HOLY SMOKES MAYBE THE BILLS AND CHAD ARE RIGHT (cries)

(takes drink, clears throat) Sorry about that — it's too easy to doubt our team. I would know, having tossed in the towel when the Nats had a 2-1 NLDS lead. But they play the games for a reason, as they say (who is "they"?) and the Boys in Blue haven't disappointed yet. GO BLUE!

Clayton, Hands Up

For the next 12 Hours, you can purchase this limited edition "Topps Now" card commemorating Clayton's NLDS Clinching Save.

But wait, there's more!

They apparently released a Topps Now Card for every single Game 5 play. Not that I'm complaining.

Including multiple signed versions of Clayton striking a pose.

Here's to you, Mister Kershaw! Hands Up, Baby!

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Okay, Dodgers It Is.

Go ahead and try on your own.

Post-NLCS Game 5 Thread: Dodgers 4, Nationals 3; Dodgers Advance to NLCS in Thriller

DODGERS 4, NATIONALS 3 (video recap)

In the longest nine-inning game in MLB postseason history, the Dodgers beat the heavily-favored Washington Nationals on the road, besting the Nats' ace with an incredible patchwork of pitchers and unconventional lineup changes. I would call this the best Dodgers playoff game I have ever watched, but the truth is, I couldn't peek between my fingers for some of the ABs because I could feel my heart beating in my throat. But here's some of the scenes I do remember (along with plenty of links representing some, but not all, of the reading I did on this in the past 24 hours):

Joc Pederson's unlikely HR led him to run some of the basepath with his batting helmet over his eyes. Sure, Pederson ended the series with a .333 batting average and 3 RBI, and a 1.044 OPS. Though Pederson had 25 HR this year, his .246 BA (and 130 Ks--down from an astronomical 170 last year) always makes me disappointed in Pederson, as if the Home Run Derby potential is not going to materialize for us.

That said, Joc's big blast in Game 5 shut me up. It not only rejuvenated the Dodgers clubhouse and knocked Max Scherzer out of the game (arguably prematurely, but you can blame Dusty Baker for that), his trot around the bases, plus the fire and brimstone roaring as he came back to the dugout, really sparked the team from the dead.

Jayson Werth getting nailed at the plate was also big. All the talk here was about how Nats 3B coach Bobby Henley was foolish to send Werth home, given the lineup after him (Daniel Murphy was on deck), and the fact that LF Andrew Toles had the ball when Werth was at third. But I would argue that it was Baker's pitching choices in the seventh that doomed the Nationals, not so much momentum that carried from the bottom of the sixth.

Justin Turner is a force. The two-run triple in the seventh was huge, stoking the Dodgers to a 4-1 lead when Nats CF Trea Turner (and all his ballyhooed speed) couldn't catch up to Turner's long fly ball off the wall. But Justin Turner's 13-pitch AB in the fourth inning was the one that got Scherzer derailed, not to mention his pitch count inflated. That was classic JT ball right there, and as Buster Olney said, Turner stands to benefit:

Turner's 13-pitch at-bat against Max Scherzer in Game 5 was a crossroad in the game because it did two things: slowed Scherzer's momentum, and accelerated his decline. This was not a case of a hitter nicking pitches and merely staying alive; Turner was on everything. Scherzer was throwing 96-97 mph, had a great changeup and his wipeout slider, and he could not get the ball by the Dodgers' third baseman.

When the at-bat began, Scherzer was in control of the game, and by the end of the at-bat, Scherzer and the Nationals were damaged -- and it was Turner who delivered the big hit later in the game, a two-run triple against Shawn Kelley.

Turner is hitting .400 this postseason, with a .591 on-base percentage and .733 slugging percentage. He has a .444 batting average and a 1.295 OPS in his postseason career, and half of his 16 postseason hits are extra-base hits.

On Saturday, he becomes the problem of Jon Lester and the other Cubs pitchers. He's also a free agent in a few weeks and is going to make lot of money.

I still can't figure out Josh Reddick. Sure, he got the first hit of the game off of Scherzer. But when he plays right field like this, turning fly balls into heart attacks (and then acting nonchalantly like nothing happened), it's concerning!

Kenley Jansen dug deep. A career-high 51 pitches across three innings and seven outs? Unbelievable. Also hilarious was when the whole Dodgers infield gathered on the mound, and Kenley towered over everyone like a giant among men.

Broadcast line of the night was something about the in-game summary chyron being woefully insufficient to capture the drama of this epic game: "It's like reading the Cliff Notes for 'War and Peace'." If we could only have more lines like this, and fewer yips from Harold Reynolds about Julio Urias committing uncalled balks, that would be great. (Lots of loud blather from a talking head with a past history of alleged sexual assaults. Storyline sound familiar?)

You know what, just to piss off Harold Reynolds:

I feel better now.

Clayton Kershaw, the postseason monkey is once and for all off your back. If the post-game interview with Kershaw was an accurate recap of what happened, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts might not have known that Kershaw was available, until Kershaw saw Jansen enter in the seventh and realized that Kenley would likely not last three full innings. When Kershaw volunteered and made that walk to the bullpen, my pessimism set in as I envisioned another soul-crushing defeat. Instead, Kershaw indeed came to the rescue for the Dodgers, and then clinically proceeded to dispatch Dodgers (and Kershaw!) thorn Daniel Murphy with two pitches (pop out to 2B Culberson for the second out of the ninth), and then strike out poor Wilmer Difo on four pitches for the final out of the game (with an extra second of drama when Carlos Ruiz dropped strike three, then threw out Difo at third).

Clayton Kershaw earned the save, and the Dodgers' only wins in this series came when Kershaw pitched. Finally, October is good for Clayton, the best pitcher in baseball.

Last but not least, Dave Roberts is a madman, and a genius. It was a crazy chess match last night, and I couldn't breathe for like the last two hours of that game. But from the moment Roberts yanked Rich Hill in the third inning to bring on Joe Blanton, with all of us knowing that Julio Urias was also scheduled to pitch in this game, one realized that Roberts was going to be unconventional. And I've got to hand it to Roberts, his moves paid off. Earlier in the season, Roberts' moves thoroughly confused me, as he was trying to get a handle on this team while injuries beset us at a record pace. But putting in Jansen in the seventh inning was a stroke of brilliance. As was Kershaw in the ninth.

As was Austin Barnes pinch running for Yasmani Grandal (who has been awful this series, by the way); Barnes scored the go-ahead second run during our seventh-inning rally. As was Howie Kendrick PH for Andrew Toles in the seventh; Toles looked a little lost at the plate last night, and Kendrick singled and scored the Dodgers' third run (on the JT triple).

In fact, the only move of Doc Roberts that didn't work was swapping in Charlie Culberson, who entered the game to do a sacrifice bunt but failed miserably, and then was forced to play the remainder of the game (Culberson went 0-for-2 with a team-high 4 LOB). It lost Chase Utley from our lineup too early. But then, I suppose Utley (the Game 4 hero) is only batting .188 this series, so maybe it's not so bad of a call.


What a game.

One of the greatest games I've ever seen, said ESPN's Tim Kurkjian.

It's 1988 magic all over again, wrote Bill Plaschke.

It's a long road to familiar pain, wrote a Washington Post reporter (who was also stuck when the Metro public transportation line closed service midway through the game).

I am well aware we are huge underdogs against the Cubs, given their offensive juggernaut and our depleted staff and all that. But the last time we saw them was the 2008 NLDS, which involved the Free James Loney grand slam game. Come on, you remember this. Strange things have happened when we meet the Cubs in the postseason.

Let's go, Dodgers! Thong it up!

Dave Roberts Fools Everyone

Including Andy McCullough of the LAT.

Well done, Mr. Roberts.

More later.

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NLDS Game 5 Thread: Oct 13 @ Nationals, 5p

What's that strange thing on Chase Utley's face? Is that a...smile?

Rich Hill vs Max Scherzer.

  • Rally thong? Check.
  • High hopes? Check.
  • Scared to death? Check.

After Game 1, the thought of a Game 5 would have been ridiculous. After Game 4, it's the high point of our season. Clayton Kershaw's gutty performance on Tuesday paved the way for Rich Hill, who has never started a game on three days' rest hasn't pitched on three days' rest since 2009. Julio Urias stands in the wings, ready to step in should Hill falter.

In a season (and post-season) filled with ups and downs, who knows where today's game will leave us. Riding high in September, shot down in October? Or celebrating into the rest of this month? Whichever it is, it's always better sharing it with fellow Dodger fans like you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NLDS Game 4 Thread: Oct 11 vs. Nationals, 2p

somebody vs somebody else

Shit, I guess I gotta do one of these threads, no?

Anyhoo, after a gutty Game 1 victory, every aspect of the Dodgers' game has been laid bare: The starters are toast, the bats can't hit lefties (and barely righties) and even Kenley Jansen imploded in a non-save situation yesterday.

On the other hand, the middle relief has been great. Who would have guessed that after the first half of the season?

It's the last gasp, folks. Once more chance for the rally thong to work its magic. One more chance for Dodger fans to postpone crushing disappointment for another day.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Post-Game 3 NLDS Thread

"Can the Dodgers rally in G3?"


NLDS Game 3 Thread: Oct. 10 vs. Nationals, 1p

Kenta Maeda (16-11, 3.48) vs. Gio Gonzalez (11-11, 4.57).

So with yesterday's unfortunate rainout makeup, the Dodgers come home with a 1-1 split against the Washington Nationals in the NLDS. A 1-1 split isn't all that depressing--that's what one hopes for on the road--but what was depressing was all the missed opportunities, including going 0-for-5 with the bases loaded, three separate times. Backup catcher Jose Lobaton wouldn't normally have had a game-changing three-run HR as early as the fourth inning, but with the way the Dodgers failed to convert in game 2 (1-for-8 wth RISP, 12 LOB), there's much room for concern.

Oh, and there's that left-handed opposing pitcher thing. According to Mike Bauman of MLB.com, the Dodgers bat .214 with a .623 OPS against lefties, versus .264 with a .772 OPS against righties.

I'm a little less concerned about the opposing starter today, than I am seeing the chess game of moves between Dave Roberts and Dusty Baker, the latter of whom seemed to make more of the right decisions in yesterday's game. Roberts, the likely NL Manager of the Year, has made great calls on the use of his staff, particularly in the second half of the season with regards to the bullpen (and utility players). Let's hope that the toothpick-eater doesn't chew up our guy again today, in this critical third game.

Put on your rally thongs, and start clenching.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

NLDS Game 2 Thread: Oct. 9 @ Nats, 10a

Rich Hill (0-0, -.--) vs. Tanner Roark (0-0, -.--)

How can we NOT beat this guy today? Dodgers pounced first yesterday Friday, drawing first blood in a game that should probably have been put away when it was 4-0. Kershaw started strong but struggled, not having his best stuff by any stretch but gutting it out and getting the win despite some late-inning, butt-clenching drama. Kenley was used for 5 outs so likely isn't available today for relief work  but that was Friday so he is probably available.

Blisters aside, Rich Hill has been solid since coming from the A's (1.83 in six Dodger starts). I don't know who the fuck Roark is; therefore, he seems imminently beatable. Taking two from Nats coming back to the Best Coast would be a dream scenario.

This one starts just after the lunch hour early, so plenty of time to get the ales and Bloodys in and pull up a chair! Aw, hell, we'd be drinking early no matter what the start time.

Friday, October 07, 2016

NLDS Game 1 Thread: Oct. 7 @ Nats, 2:30p

Clayton Kershaw (0-0, -.--) vs. Max Scherzer (0-0, -.--)

There is a LOT we could say about the fragile state of Dodger fans' nerves this time of year. Instead, why don't we all watch this incredible video the Dodgers put together and get ourselves HYPED AS FUCK?
Go Kershaw! Go Dodgers! Go Rally Thong!

Rally Thong Update

Don't let it be said that loyal SoSG reader Cliff Beefpile isn't a man of his word. In case you missed it, Cliffy promised to purchase a rally thong if the Dodgers came back and beat the Giants on Sept. 19. Which they did.

Now Cliff writes in:

Cc: Chippendales

I'll spare you the Magic Mike dance I did after opening the package--that was just for me and my webcam audience. I went ahead and splurged on the EXTREME series thong, because why half-ass it, ya know? And it's mesh, because of course. I don't think I can adequately describe the look on the lady's face as she rung me up when I bought this. I'd say it was a mix of horror and bafflement, with a hint of amusement. Coincidentally enough, that's the same look I get from anyone who sees me in normal underpants. But I digress. Let's do this, Dodgers! 2016 World Series champs! So says the rally thong!

We trust the 2016 Dodgers Rally Thong will be on and, ahem, in its place this afternoon. Be sure to report back, Cliffy!

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Wild Card Scoreboard Watching: Giants @ Mets, 5p

Will James Loney free the Giants of their playoff obligations?

Madison Bumgarner vs. Noah Syndergaaaaaard

Go Mets. Really not much else to say.

Justin Turner's NLDS Watch Party...For Charity!

Finally, we can put our years of experience drinking and watching the Dodgers to work for a good cause! Great spot, too. The Sons love El Compadre. Anyone thinking of checking this out?

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Highlights from Vin's Final Broadcast