Sunday, October 31, 2010

SoSG Fantasy Football Update, Week 7 (Week 8 Smack Thread)

ARGH! I got into the halloween candy early and now I am late with Mr LA SF's post. Here goes: smack talk away!

More than halfway through the fantasy season, and playoff seeds are still up for grabs.  In the East, Dusty Baker has a commanding three game lead over the next closest man, Mr. Customer.  Meanwhile, NicJ, Jason and I are tied for third with just a game back of Mr C.  In the West, Karina and Prof. Dittmore are tied for first, with Paul just a game back and Meaniebreanie and Spanky two back.  Week 7's action, if you will:

MLASF 114 (2-5) - Karina 98 (5-2): Karina suffers just her second loss of the season as I pull off the unexpected upset.  Roddy White's monster 32 point showing gave me the edge, while Thomas Jones added 18 points and Maurice Jones-Drew threw in 17.  Karina had 23 points from Adrian Peterson and 16 points from the Seattle defense in a losing effort.

Spanky 77 (3-4) - NicJ 72 (2-5):  Spanky gets his second straight win while Nic suffers his fifth straight defeat.  Hines Ward snagged 19 points for the Spankster, and Drew Brees and Rob Bironas both added 14.  Percy Harvin hauled 16 points for Nic while David Akers added 15, but the Saints' -3 on defense set him back.

Jason 90 (2-5) - Meaniebreanie 63 (3-4): As the Cowboys go, so does MB.  Tony Romo's broken collarbone derailed any chance of victory for the Dallas fan, collecting five points before leaving the game.  Jason Witten still had 15 points, and former Cowboy and current ass Terrell Owens threw in 14.  Team Deltalina used 20 point showings from Dwayne Bowe and Joe Flacco to ensure a win.

Prof. Dittmore 92 (5-2) - Mr. Customer 90 (3-4): The Professor ties for first in the West with his win, while the loss sends Mr. C to the edge of third place in the East.  Mr. C almost pulled off a stunning come-from-behind win with Hakeem Nicks and his 22 points, but the NY Giant could not get the 12 yards necessary to force a tie.  Steven Jackson added 14 points for the Customer, while Kyle Orton added 13.  P. Ditty used 17 points from Dan Carpenter, 16 from Aaron Rodgers, and 15 from the Chicago defense to get the W.

Dusty Baker 106 (6-1) - Paul 80 (4-3):  DB continues to dispatch his opponents, thanks to two Falcons.  A 26 point showing from Michael Turner and a 23 point effort from Matt Ryan spotted Dusty and early lead, while 20 points from Knowshon Moreno clinched the victory.  15 points from Frank Gore and 14 points from Johnny Cox went in vain for Paul.

Week 8 will see MLASF versus Prof. Dittmore, Jason versus Spanky, Mr. C versus MB, Karina versus Dusty, and Nic versus Paul.  On Halloween, who knows what spooky happenings we'll see? Which juggernaut will get the win, DB or Karina?  Will Mr. C lose his second place standing?  Can Nic finally get his first win since Week 2? Anything can happen at a dead man's party.


Kyle Baker said...


I like how McEnroe rhymes with smackin' the hoe. (hat tip to House of Pain)

spank said...

It's so cold and dark

spank said...

I'm up by 24 points but Jason has 2 big guns left to play. I got Mike Hart left. Yeah, My outlook is bright and peachy.

Nostradamus said...

Clawing my way back to .500 this week.