Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking For Mr. Masher

So it's no secret that the Dodgers, having just signed Ted Lilly for three years, need a potent bat or seven in the lineup next year. ESPN the Magazine's latest (Marvel-covered) issue lists three players that are intriguing, albeit expensive:

Carl Crawford 29, LF, Rays. Estimated contract: seven years / $126M. Favorites: Red Sox, Angels. Dark horses: Tigers, Cubs.

Jayson Werth 31, RF, Phillies. Estimated contract: five years / $80M. Favorite: Tigers. Dark horse: Angels.

Adrian Beltre 31, 3B, Red Sox. Estimated contract: four years / $64M. Favorite: Angels. Dark horse: Red Sox.

Relatively speaking, Beltre is an absolute BARGAIN. Bring back Beltre!


Nostradamus said...


Fred's Brim said...

I don't want Werth. He will suck playing in Dodger Stadium with a fat bankroll in his pocket

Josh S. said...

Can we sign Beltre for three years and then hypnotize him into believing each year is a contract year?

rbnlaw said...

Sign Beltre for no other reason than it prevents him from signing with the Angelos.

Jason said...

I support the Bring Back Beltre! purely based on my affinity for campaigns that make heavy use of alliteration. I'm also on board with Fire Fan-Fleecing Frank and Providing Pablo the Panda Prodigious Pregame Portions. I, however, am in no way affiliated with those hacks behind McCourts Merit More Mansions.