Friday, October 01, 2010

Try to Read This JoePo Article and Not Get Chills

I dare ya!

The Heart of Los Angeles (Joe Posnanski,

UPDATE: Archived version here (PDF).


Fred's Brim said...

There's my lunchtime reading sorted!
Joe Posnanski is awesome.

I met him and Whitlock a couple of times when I was out in Kansas. They were at the KC Star at the same time.

Orel said...

Were they cool? I'm a big fan of JoePo.

Hey, smart people: Where can I find team ERA separated by starters and relievers?

Jason said...

@Orel - Fangraphs offers that:



Fred's Brim said...

They are pretty much exactly how you imagine them from reading their writing. Whitlock is sharp and funny, but a jerk. He was definitely in the "If it's free, I'll take 3" camp of sportswriters

Posnanski was a good dude. You knew you were in good hands when he was covering your stuff

Orel said...

Thanks, Jason!

FB: Good to know.

rbnlaw said...

rbn goes Jim Tracy:

Did I get the chills? I guess you could say that.

Could I read the entire article with clear vision? Well, that would assume my eyes didn't water when JoePo mentioned the son dragging his dad over to see Vin's star on the walk of fame.

Did I enjoy the article? What do you think?

Orel said...

That last paragraph is killer.

Kyle Baker said...

This made me cry like a schoolgirl.