Sunday, September 20, 2009

Milton Behaving Badly

From "Cubs suspend Bradley for rest of 2009" at

The Chicago Cubs have suspended outfielder Milton Bradley for the remainder of the season, following comments he made to the Arlington Heights Daily Herald about there being too much negativity playing for the Cubs.

"Recently it's become intolerable to hear Milton talk about our great fans the way he has," general manger Jim Hendry told's Bruce Levine. "We pride ourselves on having the greatest fans in baseball, so at this time we felt it was best for him to go home for the rest of the season." [...]

In the interview with the Herald on Saturday, Bradley said: "You understand why they haven't won in 100 years here."

With Andre Ethier's surge into MVP contention reminding us of the famous Billy Beane-baiting trade of Bradley for Ethier, it's sadly appropriate that Bradley's suspension occurred on the same day Ethier hit his 31st home run.

And it gets worse for the Cubs: Bradley has two years left on his three-year, $30 million contract. I'm glad Bradley finally got paid, but at some point he'll hopefully realize it's more important to get peace.

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Anonymous said...

Could be worse, he could have murdered a guy. :o

Josh S. said...

Not much of a suspension. Imagine if they suspended him until the Cubs won the World Series.

Kyle Baker said...

It's hilarious that a man named Milton Bradley doesn't know how to follow the rules of a game.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I don't think I can top Dusty's remark, so I won't try to.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Milwaukee is one loss or one St. Louis win away from being eliminated from the division. Their magic number in the WC race is 3. Talk about a disappointing season.

JuanLove said...

The week Ethier gets 30 HR and 100 rbi, this happens. cool

Milton's comments were hilarious.
This one made is my favorite:

"And you understand why they haven't won in 100 years here, because it's negative. It's what it is."

Asked whether he was talking about the fans, the media or even the Cubs organization, he replied: "It's everything. It's everybody."

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I picture the little man who watches the gate inside Milton's brain fast asleep.

You know, the gate that stops your brain from sending uncensored thoughts to the mouth.

Kyle Baker said...


Are you sure you're not thinking about the game, Mouse Trap?

Bayareadfan said...

Sucks to be the Cubs...still have 2 years and about 20 mil to pay the one is going to take that contract, either.

Maybe they can get a bag of balls for him?