Monday, June 29, 2009

Milton Bradley Takes the High Road

It's anger management day at SoSG! We noted Milton Bradley's latest tantrum this weekend, wondering why Cubs manager Lou Piniella felt the need to single out this incident in a season that has featured so many. Upon further inspection, it turns out Bradley is able to calm down right quick. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

According to sources, Piniella then shouted at Bradley, "You're not a player! You're a piece of sh--!"

Bradley then said, "I have too much respect for you to respond to that," a source said.

Which I find fairly amazing. One second Bradley's destroying a water cooler and the next he's levelheaded enough not to pop off to the manager who just called him a piece of shit? Where were those compartmentalization skills during the infamous Dodger Stadium water bottle incident? Or does this count as maturation? I'm confused.


Fernando said...

I think it's just the fact that it came from Lou Piniella as the reason why he didn't respond. Just going by the way he phrased it.

"I have too much respect for you to respond to that".

Anybody else would've gotten an earful.

jose said...

Lou Piniella and Milton Bradley not getting along? Never saw that one coming.