Monday, September 14, 2009

SF Chronicle, Peacemaker

After living in the Bay Area mutliple times, I found it difficult to find any practical use for their newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle (which we affectionately called "The San Francisco Comical"). Unless you're a 49ers fan, the paper isn't worthwhile: the news coverage is a series of wire feeds, Herb Caen is dead and his column long gone, and the rest of the paper is so provincial in focus, one would mistake it for a paper from a small coastal town like Monterey rather than one of the nation's largest cities.

But it looks like beyond the press room, the Comical is reaching out and trying to solve world peace. And step one was its role in trying to bridge the Brad Penny - Larry Bowa rift, which the ESPN article hysterically entitled "Penny-Bowa beef 'over with' after talk":

San Francisco Giants right-hander Brad Penny and Los Angeles Dodgers coach Larry Bowa were miles apart on several key issues.

Bowa questioned Penny's work ethic and commitment.

Penny questioned Bowa's integrity.

But that was before Saturday, when they met privately before a 9-1 Dodgers victory.

"Me and Larry talked and it's over with," Penny said, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. "We both apologize. He wished me the best of luck and I wished him the best of luck."

Acquired last month from the Boston Red Sox in a deadline waiver deal, Penny was plagued by a shoulder injury in 2008 before leaving in the offseason as a free agent.

A two-time All-Star with the Dodgers in 2006 and '07, he was set to face his former team Sunday for the first time as a Giant.

"I never doubted he was hurt. The only thing I had a problem with was his work ethic," Bowa said Friday, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. "If you're hurting, you can still go outside and run. You can still attend meetings. You can help young kids on how to pitch certain guys. You can be on time. That's all.

"He didn't go to meetings. He didn't do anything."

The Comical apparently brokered the summit, clearly putting its effort behind the weightiest issues facing the Bay Area. Way to go, guys! Let's send a team out to Afgahnistan, stat.


Alejandro Peña said...

Sax, as someone who also spent some time in the Bay Area, I disagree and am surprised you "found it difficult to find any practical use" for the Chronicle. I find this comment with little merit and feel perhaps it makes a greater statement about your own lack of resourcefulness than about the paper's worthlessness.

For example, I was very pleased with how well The Chronicle served as wrapping/padding when I packed up my dishes while moving. Also, my roommate found it to be excellent to line his birdcage. And over the years, when rolled up we used it to kill at least 10 spiders.