Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, Milton

I'm still a fan of Milton Bradley, despite his churlish oversensitivity. But he's not doing much to endear himself to Cubs fans. From the AP account of today's Twins-Cubs game at

With Nick Punto on third, Harris on first and one out in the eighth inning, Bradley caught Mauer's flyball and, thinking the inning was over, posed for several seconds before throwing the baseball into the seats. As Punto scored easily on the sacrifice fly to make it 6-3, Harris was awarded third base on Bradley's error as boos cascaded down from every section of the ballpark.

Tough day for Bradley, Cubs in loss (

Thanks to SoSG reader Bryan for the tip!

photos by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP


Loney Fan said...

I hate Milton Bradley. Always have, always will. Seeing him make an ass of himself always puts a smile on my face. Way to earn that money.

He should blame it on Jeff Kent.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

He also lost a ball in the sun in that same game.