Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Massive LA 3D!

The writers of SoSG might be split on their college football allegiances: some of us root for UCLA, and the rest prefer REAL college football. And it did not get much more real than the USC/Ohio St. nailbiter, in 3D!

ESPN, apparently with a couple of bucks from Pixar (unless those dozen commercials for Toy Story 3D were just coincidence), screened the USC game in a handful of theaters across the country. The family Delino joined the Trojan Marching Band, second-string cheerleaders, and hordes of fans at the Galen Center to witness Matt Barkley's entrance into manhood. Though the real hero was Joe McKnight, who did everything one mortal could to carry the team on his back. IN 3D!!!

The picture itself was mixed. Since the normal high-def cameras were taking up the prime real estate, the 3D cameras were placed mostly in the corners. No shots from above the field. Few of the traditional profile angles. Even the field goals were hard to follow. But what it lacked in coverage, it added in sheer trippyness. Penalty flags looked like they got thrown by the guy in front of you. Sideline shots had the feel of players floating in space. And when you looked down the field, it seemed to stretch right into the middle of the screen.

I am digging how the world is going back to the third dimension. I was just a wee too young during the last 3D explosion of 1983, when high-end fare like Friday the 13th, Amityville, and Jaws all got the deluxe treatment. And how can we forget...

The game itself was one of the greatest stomach churners I've seen and provided me with a glimpse of the future of TV. And perhaps most importantly, the Delino actually caught one of the prize USC T-shirts being launched into the stands. One handed. While holding a baby! But the joke was on me, for when I unfolded my treasure:

Worst T-shirt ever. Fortunately, I was able to get a great deal on something far more valuable:


Steve Sax said...

How is five points considered a massive comeback?

Anyway, I'm glad those sweater-wearers didn't get the victory. Way to go, Pac-10!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

IF you watched the game, even one point was massive.

rbnlaw said...

I side with the Sons who hate SC.
Thank gawd Barkley threw a pick.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

He looked like a kid most of the game. And then he didn't.

Though that kid on Michigan is much more of a man.

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...


d-line you better have gotten a receipt on that hoe!

rbnlaw said...

The latest:
Both freshmen quarterbacks to miss starts.
Prince breaks his jaw after helmet-to-helmet contact. Barkley hurts his shoulder after Aaron Corp trips him on the way to the team bus.

At least I think that's how he did it.

DanGarion said...

Did the white women come in a white song girl sweater?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

The D-Line. I like the sound of that. Now I don't have to try to push the nickname D-Bone.

The White Women didn't quite fit. So I had to return it. (tee hee)

I'm still fumed about that free t-shirt I caught with the sure hands of a Larry Fitzgerald. I wasted all that mockery on all those around me for not catching it. Damn you ESPNHD