Friday, September 25, 2009

A Brilliant Idea

(All remaining Dodgers tickets going cheap on Goldstar)

Friday, October 2nd - Tommy Lasorda Replica Hall of Fame Plaque Giveaway (7p)

Saturday, October 3rd - Star Wars Night (7p)

Sunday, October 4th - Fan Appreciation Day (1p)

The D-Line's already got tickets to the Friday night game, but is really jonesing for some Dodgers Star Wars love. So consider this post an official request to Frank McCourt: COMBINE THEM. What kid wouldn't want to take home a Lasorda Carbonite Plaque!

And while I'm on the subject, is anyone else upset with the brazen capitalization of a truly horrific cinematic moment? I saw Empire three times in the theater before I didn't bawl over Han's untimely frigidation. And that was only when I knew he was coming back for Revenge of the Jedi. Yet, everywhere you turn, there's poor frozen Han. On USB Drives...

In Lego blocks... As long as they keep all "Anakin/Padme fireplace scene" toys in a galaxy far, far away.


Josh S. said...

The image on the Tommy plaque is not un-carbonite looking, actually.

I'll be at the Friday game too, but I'll be trying the Pig-Out Pavilion for the first time. Well, since it's been all you can eat...I've sat there before.

Todd said...

If it's any consolation Delino, I still get ribbed pretty hard about crawling under my seat and refusing to come out the moment Darth Vader hit the screen in Empire.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I'd rather have the Carbonite plaque. Or a talking plush Tommy doll that, like his best post-game rants, only says ----sucker.