Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At-Game Recap (Sept 16): Dodgers 3, Bucs 1

Damn, day games are hot! I was lucky to be chosen to go with Mamma Cora and sit in the field-level seats. They said it was going to be sold out, but there were plenty of seats around most of the game. The guy in front of us said that he saw a lot of people picking up the Manny bobblehead and heading back out. Wow, paying 15 bucks for parking plus money for the ticket then ditching the game?!? Might as well stay for one Dodger Dog at least!

We looked pretty flat for most of the early innings. I kept thinking, this is the Pirates we are playing! We should be crushing them! But, the double by Belly #2 and the home run by Kemp really got the crowd ignited. Then Belly #2's dinger later on was the icing on the cake. Strange that we are really getting away from the small ball that we played when Manny was out and are now seeming to rely on the long ball. We are playing like an AL team under Torre. Hope it works out. Hiro was clutch again and the bullpen came in to shut the Bucs down. I felt that MVP of the game should go to Kuroda. Bouncing back from the liner to the head to pitch yet another gem is wonderful to see. Is he our new ace? The one bright spot for the Pirates is McCutchen. I like the way that kid plays. Plus, he looks like he is 12 years old (he is so skinny!) and he just flies out of the box.

I was able to down two Super Dodger Dogs and a whole Coke before the end of the second inning. I did get a malt in the 5th, but it was so hot out there, all of the malts were soft and melting even right out of the cooler box. Has anyone noticed that it is a different chocolate malt supplier - Heritage and not Carnation. I really couldn't taste the difference. Still had that bold, chocolate flavor with a hint of coolness (sorry, too much Food Network). But it did make me crave the Cool-A-Coo. I heard they went out of business when the Dodgers and the supplier broke off the agreement many years back. There hasn't been a proper substitute since.

I did take my wife's camera and was playing around with it. I don't have a zoom lens, but hope you all enjoy the pictures (click to make them bigger). I'm no SooHoo, but was fun pretending to be him for a game!!! Go Blue!

Dominican Republic "This Is My Town" Day

George Lopez throwing out the first pitch, but look who is a big fan in the lower-right corner.

Lopez hamming it up for the crowd and Manny.

Blake and Kershaw before the game.

Hiro was a hero today!

Loney with the nice follow-through.

Thome on the railing.

Ethier mid-swing.

Bowa still coaching the young guys.

The matching game is better than the Kaiser spot (I have a picture of the answer too).

Kemp's home-run trot around third.

A Thome sighting!

I don't think we need any more pitching, but that national anthem....

Congrats from Bowa. Great shot, Belly #2!

No pinch-hit heroics needed today, so Manny is just one of the guys.

Go get 'em, boys!

Brox to close it out. Throwing heat!

Get out those brooms!

Completed the set!


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I think I might faint if my seats were ever that close.

Josh S. said...

Great pics, AC! And I think I can see myself in the second George Lopez pic. Last loge section before the visitors pen, seventh row, seat 2.

Ken said...

i had seats that close!

yea people dont pay for parking. i just walk to the stadium

waterboy100 said...

i've brought my d40 and 55-200mm lens and gone from the top deck to the field level by telling the guy at the stairs im going to guest service. then just find an empty aisle seat and snap away.

Greg Bishop said...

I was there today. I got my Mannyhead and walked out.

...then I went in another gate and picked up another bobble with the second ticket I had (friend couldn't make it.)

Now I just need to find someone with two from the first night who is willing to trade one.

Noticed that the SOSGs used my quote on the front page. I am led to understand that I receive a free ticket to the NLCS for this.

PenosCabell said...

Nice seats.

Yeah, I fell asleep in the fourth. I woke up, left, and Matt hit the homerun while I was in the parking lot. At least I got the bobble.

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner said...

I have a relative that has worked for Heritage for a long time. They are a great company and they are expanding into many sports stadiums.

Fred's Brim said...

great stuff, AC (and great seats MC!)

I like the pic with everybody on the rail ("No pinch-hit heroics needed...").
Kershaw must have felt like he was at a VFW with all those old timers around him!

Unknown said...

No Cool-O-Cool substitute!?!?
Have you ever had an It's It? They are EXACTLY the same, the stadium actually carried them for awhile. I find them all the time at Albertsons now.
They are definetely my weakness.

Alex Cora said...

Thanks for the comments. I need to get a zoom lens - any suggestions for a Canon Rebel XTi? I have tried an Its It and for me it is not it. The cookie is too soft and too thin for me. The coolacoo had a better cookie, not as processed tasting.

Nostradamus said...


How serious of a lens are you looking for?

Alex Cora said...

No THAT serious but good enough to get a closer picture whenever I get the chance to sit on the field level. I dont even know how much lenses cost and dont want to be taken to the bank by the camera dude.

Nostradamus said...


I have a Tamron 18mm-270mm all-around lens that I really like, and they're a lot cheaper than going with the manufacturer's lenses (by like a third).

It's always kind of a give and take scenario with optics, though. I'm not an industry expert, but e-mail me if you have questions (I'm sure I'm in the SOSG e-mail honor roll at this point)

Alex Cora said...

Thanks Mr C! Will check it out!