Monday, September 14, 2009

Post-Game 145 Thread: Pirates Sink, Dodgers Roll


It may have been 2-2 in the fifth, but this was one of those easy games that you knew the Dodgers would win. All Dodgers starters got hits, with 12 total for the team, including a two-run HR from Andre Ethier (scoring Matt Kemp, in the bottom of the fifth, to take a 4-2 lead), 2 RBI from eight-hole Orlando Hudson, who finished the night 3-for-4 with a double (and knocked in another run when he GIDPd in the fourth), and a Manny Ramirez double in the first to score Rafael Furcal.

Jon Garland went six innings and gave up two ER, and Hong-Chih Kuo, George Sherrill, and Jonathan Broxton each took a scoreless inning (and each got one strikeout) to secure the victory.

The Rockies' 9-1 loss to SF means our official magic number shrinks to 14, as we open up a four-game lead in the NL West, with only 17 games left for both the Dodgers and Rockies to play.


Kyle Baker said...

How bout those pitchers we picked up, so far? JGar, VPad, Flat Breezy...STRONG. I'm feeling them as part of the team at this point, largely based on success but also on heart and contribution to a team effort.

Does it feel like we're kinda getting out of the quicksand and getting into an offensive groove now? I mean, our competition is what it is, but you have to win these games.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

You sunk my battleship

Steve Sax said...

@DB, agree with you on the pitching, but the thing I'm most excited to see of late is our bats starting to get some heat, particularly where there hadn't been any all year (Martin, Furcal, even Loney and Hudson of late).

Sure, it's the Giants and Pirates. But if that's what it takes to get all those guys over the mental blocks, and swinging strong again? I'm okay with that.

Steve Sax said...

Dusty, I still wouldn't have gone with the Red Hook, either. Weren't they bought out by a big distillery anyway?

JuanLove said...

Ethier's power numbers <3


rbnlaw said...

Two things:
1. The bats in the middle of the order are going to be crucial in about 3 weeks. Glad to see them get back from hiatus. Especially good news when the Cardinal pitching staff is beginning to show cracks.

2. Most of your favorite microbrews have made deals with larger brewers/distillers for distribution in bars, restaurants, and BevMo! Hasn't really messed with the quality. Sierra Nevada or Anchor are pretty good expamples of maintaining quality and increasing distribution. Shiner is also an example of this.

Josh S. said...

I love how Ethier and Kemp have been labeled the Dynamic Duo.

"Bat"man and Robbin'?

Bayareadfan said...

Since LA has the tie breaker with CO for the division, they are effectively 5 back. Doesn't look likely for them at this point, if we end the season 8-9, they need to go 13-4...or they could sweep us but still need to make up 2 games.

A win tonight by LA and SF probably seals it but the disclaimer 'anything can happen' still applies.