Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. Miracle

"Andre Ethier, who could better be known as Mr. Miracle, comes up with a walkoff home run, and the Dodgers hang on and beat the last-place Pirates, 5-4."
—Vin Scully

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photos 1 & 3: AP; 2: LA Times


Fred's Brim said...

"...and the Dodgers hang on and beat the last-place Pirates..."

heh if you relisten to the broadcast, Vin was so nonplussed by Matty's tying hit in the 9th. He was more interested with him getting to second on the throw

Fred's Brim said...

MSTI has a great Dre Retrospective up

Julie Hibbard said...

Why does anyone leave a game early? Really..where are on earth do you have to be that is better than being at Dodger Stadium on a warm summer night--during a pennant race?!
You would have thought everyone would have learned from those who were 'beating the traffic' and sitting on the 405 fwy when Gibson hit THE home run---it is never never NEVER over til it's over.
Especially if Eithier is due up.

In a game of the improbable (and somewhat painful), a miracle did indeed happen.

Heading to the early game today...(section 7 row O if anyone is going to be there!) and staying to witness every last miracle!!

rbnlaw said...

If you can make it to the 405 from the stadium in time for the bottom of the 9th, you're making good time!

Seriously, I fear we might start expecting this kind of thing from Ethier when we should be winning these games much sooner. As Joe Torre would say, "These guys keep fighting until they win." I guess a win is a win is a win, no matter how and no matter the opponent.

Kyle Baker said...

Flew across country last night. Avoided the score while Mrs. Dusty Tivo'd the game. Managed to get all the way home without knowing how the game was going. We watched the game in its entirety, almost, despite the fact that my brain was telling me it was 3 AM. We got all the way to the bottom of the 13th when Ethier was coming up to bat. Then, tragically, the recording ended since the game had gone on so long. Hence, I wasn't able to witness the Mr. Miracle heroics live. There weren't enough profane words to help the situation (sorry, Karina).

Oh well, at least it happened! Off to the game in a couple of hours.

Fred's Brim said...

oh man, DB, that is painful!

Fred's Brim said...

Woop! got tickets for the Saturday and Sunday games next weekend in Pittsburgh. Maybe we will clinch that weekend (although the rate we are going, the race will be over early next week!). The bonus to this is that after the Saturday game, there will be fireworks and a show by Foreigner!

Kyle Baker said...

Foreigner! Now that's a draw. I saw them in the early 1980s in Little Rock, AR. I believe that some scrubs like .38 Special or Loverboy opened. Sigh...wasn't much to do in that area as a teen then.

Fred's Brim said...

haha I went to LR for a wedding a few years ago and it was fun. For an adult. For a weekend. Can't say much past that though

Kyle Baker said...

FB, that's very similar to what I tell my parents about returning to visit them fewer times annually than the expectations they have.

rbnlaw said...

Your story sounds like my wife's experience watching the American Idol semi-final two years ago. I have never seen a woman so mad.
Then, it happened again this year when the DVR froze 15 min. into round 4 or 5. Can't remember.
Me and the older daughters just watched her meltdown in both awe and horror.

We also kept our mouths shut. We ain't stoopid.

Kyle Baker said...

That happened several times with my wife and Amer Idol. No matter how many times I told her to add extra minutes, she didna wanna listen. However, I refrained from pointing that out to her after a few AI missed segments occurred.

Josh S. said...

So, if Andre is Mr. Miracle, who is Big Barda?