Friday, October 02, 2009

Not the 1974 A's

...or the 2009 Twins.

The Twins' Delmon Young reacts after being hit by the Tigers' Jeremy Bonderman yesterday.

Twins angry at teammate’s 'selfish act' (Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports)

The Dodgers may be slumping en route to the post-season, but they aren't being accused of stealing signs (as Joe Mauer — gasp! — is). They aren't feuding with each other because a hothead reliever caused their slugger to get beaned (even with Vicente Padilla on the team!).

The Dodgers may be losing, but they're losing as a team (as Wednesday's one-hitter proved). Which may not be much of a consolation now, but if the Dodgers are to bust this slump and do some damage in the playoffs, they'll need a balanced attack.

This team has last year's playoff experience under its belt, and it doesn't have noted grump Jeff Kent. Several of us Dodger bloggers have been fortunate enough to witness this year's clubhouse firsthand, and it's exactly how a workplace should be: professional and fun. Even the LA Times' T.J. Simers has noted it.

I know, most fans would rather root for a bunch of unhappy winners than happy losers. With a win this weekend and a little luck in the playoffs, we might just get the best of both worlds.

photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


Loney Fan said...

Tonight's the night!

rbnlaw said...

LF channeling Rod Stweart.

I like the optimism and can only agree. Besides, I hate the 74 A's.

rbnlaw said...


I wish we could edit posts.

Nostradamus said...


I was thinking Neil Young, but that will work, too.

Loney Fan said...

I was going to add a link to one of those songs, but then I realized I hated them both. But it doesn't matter, because we are downing champagne tonight nonetheless!

rbnlaw said...

As the Doyers are downing the Korbel, I will be downing the Bud from large pitchers.

I have an 8:50 softball game tonight.

Kyle Baker said...

Can we get started making fun of Jim Tracy's speaking style already? Jesus, people, do I have to beg?

koufax said...

do you have to beg DB? yes, you have to beg.

Kyle Baker said...

Thanks, Koufax. Did I know I could count on you? Of course.

rbnlaw said...

Does our lack of runs over the past three games concern me? Yes.
Are we still heading to the play-offs? Yes.
Do I like our chances? A cautious yes.
Is asking questions and provind the answer an effective way to communicate? I don't think so.

Kyle Baker said...

Good news-

Per Beto Duran:

"#Dodgers fans will get more Scully in playoffs.On radio will call the first 3 and 7th inning on. Steiner and Monday 4-6."

rbnlaw said...

Good news will be El Barba back in the lineup.

Nostradamus said...

Good news will be a swift and thorough beating of the Rox this evening.

Kyle Baker said...

One true and savage beating has been ordered!