Friday, October 30, 2009

PCS Off-Season Training: P&A Issue #22

Okay, enough of you are interested, so let's try this. And though ubragg has graciously offered to bring this blog into the late 2000s by setting up a googledocs site on which we could collaborate, I want to use this issue as a test run to see if there are enough of us who are interested (as well as judge how potent or impotent we might be as a collective group).

I will put up a thread tomorrow morning when the issue releases, and keep updating the key breakthroughs in the main post as they come. My morning on Saturday is a little frantic until 11:30a or so, but I will try and update frequently throughout the rest of the day.

Look for more instructions posting tomorrow morning at 7a PT! Let's go, SoSG readers!


Josh S. said...

I hope I remember to pay for my issue.

Oh hey! Ethier won the Pepsi Clutch Player of the Year Award (Sponsored by Pepsi!)!!!

Josh S. said...


rbnlaw said...

Dre wins again

MR.F said...

I'll be checking in when I'm at a computer.