Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Bullpens


Dodgers (NL rank) Phillies (NL rank)
ERA 3.14 (1st) 3.91 (9th)
BAA .228 (1st) .246 (7th)
OBP .312 (1st) .335 (8th)
SLG .344 (1st) .373 (3rd)
HR 45 (6th fewest) 46 (T-7th fewest)
SV 44 (T-2nd) 44 (T-2nd)
BS 26 (T-12th fewest) 22 (T-8th fewest)
IP 553.0 (2nd most) 492.0 (9th most)
WHIP 1.26 (1st) 1.38 (T-6th)
K/BB 2.17 (2nd) 1.87 (9th)
K/9 8.15 (4th) 7.63 (9th)

photo by David Zalubowski/AP


rbnlaw said...

To quoth Homer:
"I like those odds."

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I can see how our bullpens are very similar.

Wait, no I can't.

Anonymous said...

I really like MLB Network......but God it could be so much better.

I just listen to to 5 grown men yell at each other about the Division Series', in full suits and ties, while standing on a little league feild.

MR.F said...

I want to buy a record player.

Kyle Baker said...

Can we have a Sitting Around on My Ass Watching Meaningless TV Marking The Time Until Thursday's Game thread (SAMAWMTMTTUTG)?

This suspense is friggin' killing me.

Paul said...

I just watched the MLB network's montage of greatest moments and did not see one highlight from the 1988 nlcs. So many great plays in that series. No Victorino throw at my head moment? Must be saving that for the dodgers-phils montage.

Love that Victorino is passionate about Avocado.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Check out MLB.com when you have the chance. The Clutch Player of the Year award is up for voting, and Ethier is a candidate. They also have a great video about Game 1 in '88.

Nostradamus said...



Dude that's been every thread since Saturday afternoon.

Steve Sax said...

@Dusty, MrC: Orel and I are trying to get content up here to help fill this awful gap. But it's maddening, I tell you. Maddening.

rbnlaw said...

I am beside myself with ennui. Why couldn't the rox and fills go 5 games?

Maybe I'll check out MLB.com and see if I can get fired up.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

There's no baseball today? Why, I hadn't even noticed! Why, no baseball at all? It's-a-I-ajust-asjfmaasladjf;

(collapses to floor, foaming at the mouth)

Greg Zakwin said...

NLCS Announcers announced, we get:

Chip Caray, Ron Darling, Buck Martinez, and Craig Sager

Kyle Baker said...

Good god, MLB! Look what you've done to our MLASF! Are you happy now?

We will exact our revenge, likely by throwing something at Victorino's head.

Kyle Baker said...

Sax, Orel-

You guys are doing a great job. Don't sweat it. We're just foaming at the mouth (some literally) to get this shit on.

Kyle Baker said...

First MLASF and now RBN? They're dropping like flies! Don't go all Edward Gorey's Neville on us, now, RBN.

rbnlaw said...

No worries, DB. It's the combo of no baseball and my strict, "No Beer Until Thursday" rule. If we had to wait until Friday, like those suckers in the AL, I'd likely climb up the bell tower and start hunting.

I did check MLB.com. They had a banner ad for authentic BP hats for only $10. I clicked through fully hoping to order a new Dodger BP hat, only they don't have one offered.

Even New Era hates the Dodgers. WT Fucking F?

rbnlaw said...

Oh, and thank goodness I didn't end up like poor Olive with that awl and whatnot.

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah, nobody (except Victorino) should be run through with an awl.

I love that bit. I have a poster of all those on my wall at work to scare the shit out of and intimidate people who come in for meetings. Yarrrrrr!

karina said...

@Dusty Baker @Mr Customer @Mr LASF @Rbnlaw

I feel your pain, i didn't watch any baseball last night, what's the point of winter baseball if it doesn't fill the empty spots of MLB playoffs?

karina said...

@Orel @Steve Sax

You're doing wonderfully, it's not your fault, ok?

By the way Sax, you asked where i was the entire weekend and let's say it was a long weekend because Monday was a Holliday! so it went like this: Friday, woke up at 4 am, work, Opening Day!, birthday party of my good friend at some club, went to bed at 4, Saturday morning around 9, picking up my cousin visiting from Miami, brunch at my grandma's,then hosting a baby shower, saw my ex, went to a party at my cousin in law's house, then my friend picked me up because i needed a couple of drinks after seeing my ex, missed the Aguilas game, went to bed at 5, woke up on Sunday at 8 because my parents threw a party for the family and i had to help them, left everyone at the party because i went to the game and i wouldn't miss two games in a row, came back, everyone left around 12 but i stayed up because the whole band my brother is playing with were here. On Monday i woke up around 10, watched the Dodgers game, ate something, went to the game again, then party at my aunt's.

I need a long weekend to recover for this long weekend.

Kyle Baker said...

Karina, you've sure had your party hat on lately! Damn, girrrrrrl!

rbnlaw said...

After reading karina's last post, does anyone else have this strange urge to visit Venezuela? Especially with spring coming on?

I mean, I'm willing to look past that Chavez dude. Just hanging with karina would be enough for 3 vacations. On second thought, I may be too old to keep up. I'd just stay in my hotel room and watch baseball on TV, much like what I do at home.