Saturday, October 31, 2009

The McCourt Divorce Saga: A Musical Interlude Recap

Why read the myriad articles on TMZ when you can get your updates in another medium?

This week, Jamie McCourt responded to Frank McCourt's opening salvos with a voluminous legal document to respond to her initial firing as Dodgers CEO outlining a chronology of how she was apparently bamboozled by Frankie, as well as a list of outrageously expensive demands to make her whole. In summary:

Frank then responded in kind with a 664-page legal filing of his own, contending that Jamie McCourt was in fact fired for having an affair with her driver, former Dodgers Director of Protocol Jeff Fuller, a direct subordinate of Jamie McCourt's. Jamie's lawyer Bert Fields acknowledged the romantic involvement, saying that it happened after the McCourts had separated (which doesn't explain away the fact that it was with a subordinate). As for the two-and-a-half-week trip that Jamie and Jeff took to France over this summer, which Frank claimed was billed to the Dodgers--Fields only said that the Dodgers were not billed (again, not explaining away the romantic liaison itself).

As such, Frank has positioned himself as the victim here. And if you switch the genders, it's almost as if he's singing this tune:

So where does this leave us, besides under the weight of massive legal documents? With the ball in Jamie's court, and details of extensive security detail used by both sides, let's just hope this sordid tale doesn't take this twist (yes, I know it isn't exactly the same name, but it's close enough to get the idea):