Saturday, October 17, 2009

At-Game Recap: NLCS Game 2 vs. Phillies

TBS' patented Slideycam.

There's enthusiasm, and then there's enthusiasm. This guy was waving his rally towel a half hour before the game.

Ann Meyers Drysdale throws the ceremonial first pitch to Joe Torre.

Vin Scully and Pepe YƱiguez during the seventh-inning stretch.

If you look carefully, you can see Kobe Bryant forming an L.A. symbol with his hands. Kind of.

Towel time!

All is right with the world.



Until the sixth inning, the biggest reaction from yesterday's Dodger Stadium crowd was to Vicente Padilla's 55-mph Eephus to Shane Victorino in the third inning (followed by a 96-mph fastball). Pedro Martinez stifled the Dodgers for seven innings, and the 93-degree temperature stifled Dodger fans until Padilla sacrificed Russell Martin to second base in the sixth. The crowd finally made some real noise, but the rally fizzled.

Then, another eighth-inning rally and the fans (and Dodgers) came alive. The last two half-innings made the previous seven-and-a-half innings worth it. It was perhaps the most tiring victory I've seen at Dodger Stadium...but worth it.


rbnlaw said...

Ah the punchline to a great joke: What's the most confusing day of the year in the Garvey household?

Mothers' Day.

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

i hate the dont stop believing guy. i befriended him after a game but all i could say to him were steve perry lyrics. :p

ps. dont forget to bring a towel?

Ken said...

i think it was more like 52 mph looper

Unknown said...

Did anyone notice the water fight in the All you can eat pavilion? The all you can drink water was well worth it and the water fight even had Victorino laughing his ass off even after Utley choked the lead away.