Friday, October 16, 2009

Post-NLCS Game 2 Thread: Clawing Out A Win (Dodgers 2, Phillies 1)


You know why this post-game thread is so late? Because it was INCREDIBLY FRICKIN' HOT out there at the Stadium today. Unbelievably hot. And since a phalanx of Sons (Alex Cora, Delino DeShields, Orel, and Steve Sax) all humped it out there to support the Dodgers (and only Delino made it out of the parking lot morass with reasonable speed), no one was left in the SoSG staff offices (Lasorda was at a picnic, Karros getting his hair coiffed, and Guerrero sleeping on a park bench), we're a little late.

But, we're happy. All Dodger fans are happy, especially those who stuck it out for nine innings to watch today's NLCS Game 2. Aside from the excitement that comes from watching a winning-run scoring, bases-loaded walk to win the game, we can revel in the glory of having seen:

  • Vicente Padilla pitch lights-out through seven and a third innings, giving up only a Ryan Howard home run in the fourth that was probably the quietest postseason home run ever;
  • Chan Ho Park (who took the loss) return to the form that we remember as Dodger fans, instead of the Park that basically shut us down in Game 1;
  • Jim Thome knock a key base hit in the eighth to keep the game-winning rally going;
  • the Phillies' bullpen melt down (while the rest of us Dodger fans just melted);
  • Jonathan Broxton pitch a 1-2-3 ninth inning;
  • the Dodgers win, 2-1, with a stadium packed to the gills whooping and hollering and waving towels and singing along to "I Love L.A.";
  • the Dodgers tie the NLCS at one game apiece, going back to Philly for three.

An eighth-inning comeback is awesome to see, even when it comes off a Chase Utley error and a bases-loaded walk. And I have to admit, as conflicted as I am over the Don't Stop Believing guy--there was magic there. Consider the facts:

  • Last night, DSB plays, but no DSB guy accompanied the tune on the video, throughout the montage of crowd shots. We lose.
  • Today, DSB plays, and they cut to the DSB guy at the end of the video montage. And we come back to win.

Yes, the schtick was the same. Yes, he still has bad hair. Yes, he still ends with him pointing at the Dodgers logo on his cap.

But there is SOMETHING with the DSB guy, something that fires up the crowd to cheer on a day when the heat and alcohol have drained all energy, something that just may get the team inspired to take those last six (or three) final offensive outs and make the most of them.

And as for the rest of our home games--and what the hell, maybe we should pay to fly the DSB guy out to Philadelphia with a boombox and have him do the routine there to whomever will listen--that DSB guy has got to be there. Make the note.

It was a pretty sweet victory to see in person, especially after the bitter loss less than 24 hours prior. We can win this series, especially when we get to the Phillies' bullpen. Be patient, Dodgers, and be true, Dodger fans. And Don't Stop Believing.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Si se puede!

Paul said...


Kyle Baker said...

Si se puede!

Steve Sax said...

i don't get it...

Paul said...

Odelay. Claro que si.

Paul said...

Money talks but it don't sing and dance and it don't walk. As long as you are here with me I much rather be forever in dodger blue.

Steve Sax said...

Okay, I get the Neil Diamond, but then I'm lost...

Adam said...

I am for a few bucks to send Mr. DSB to Philly. I can't stand that guy! First couple times I saw him was fine, but after seeing him 20+ times...he is just annoying. So, where do I send my cash, just as long as he is on a one way flight.

Nostradamus said...


I've come full circle on DSB Dude. First clever, then too much, and they had him monopolizing the whole segment. I'm ok now if he makes cameos in the playoffs.

If they did send him to philly, and somehow got the song played... now that would actually be pretty funny.

Nostradamus said...

I'm now totally sunburned, and we were in the shade for half the game.

I can't imagine what the pavillion was like.

JuanLove said...

day games at Dodger stadium are brutal

MLB shouldn't give west coast day games. there shouldn't be day games this late in the season

it's simple. Start the Yankees game at 1 our time and our game at 5.
when we go to philly, start that game at 4 there time and the anaheim game at 8 eastern time


Greg Bishop said...

I like the DSB guy AND I can't stand him.

I actually said "I think I've stopped believing" just before the song started.

We were in shade for most of the game. Not too bad. This game wouldn't have rated a mention during the regular season, unlike the 9th inning heroics of last week.

Steve Sax said...

@Mr Customer: your DSB guy thoughts are spot on. Shoot, he even got mentioned by name in self-admitted Phillies fan Jayson Stark's Game 2 article (over on espn). In small doses, it's tolerable.

rbnlaw said...

Yes we puede!

This is going to be a looooong Saturday, which not such a bad thing.

No Dodger game.
UCLA will likely get trounced by Cal
USC plays Touchdown Jesus and I hope for mutual destruction. Something like a 3-3 tie would be great.

Oh, and the Lost Angels don't look like a playoff team right now.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Hey RBN, all's not lost. MY KINGS are playing today. And the Kings are the only thing that can take me away from a Dodger game.

Nostradamus said...


Hockey? They televise that?!

Sorry, couldn't resist...

As for College Football, I'm ambivalent about SC every other week of the year, but I'm all cardinal-and-gold when they play ND.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


If the stars align, I'll take you to a game. You'll be a changed man.

Nostradamus said...


I was just pushing your buttons, Hockey's aces in my book. I mean, you're talking to a guy who waves the flag for Futbol, so I'm not really in a position to claim my other sport's superiority based on nielsen ratings.