Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As if the NLCS wasn't enough, SoSG has another reason to rock out with our .docs out.

For right now, Sons of Steve Garvey, the nation's most dangerous Dodgers Blog, has turned 5,000 posts young.

Life before SoSG

Life After SoSG.

Here's looking forward to our next 5,000 posts of photoshops, puzzles, brain teasers, rookie hazings, contests, post-game recaps, hot dogs, Norman Fells, and World Champion Dodgers Baseball.

Ogre, what do you say?


karina said...

Congratulations! keep up with the great work, you know we love you!

Nerds? in here? i don't think so!

eric nusbaum said...

As my people would say. Felicidades!

QuadSevens said...


I think this post really needs a comment from SoSG reader Booger.

rbnlaw said...

Congrats to my Tri-Lam brothers. When's the pie selling fundraiser?

Josh S. said...


Now let's go put liquid heat on the Phillies' jocks.

Kyle Baker said...

Booger, where the hell are you? It's your time to shine!

Kyle Baker said...

Can I be in the tricycle race where I get to drink a lot of beer?

Booger said...

Hey guys, Wonder Joints!!!!

(because of our win on saturday)"We've got Busch!!!"

Kyle Baker said...

You made my day, Booger.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

5000 posts, eh?

Not bad. And they said it wouldn't last past one season. (Did they really say that?)

And I KNEW the ogre reference would bring a Booger sighting. But I didn't know that it would bring out a Karina sighting.

Karina, I still need to ask you a question. You still out there?

Kyle Baker said...

Karina still hasn't answered my question re: whether she was growing a playoff beard.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I grew a playoff mullet.
Booger - "what the f are robster craws?"