Friday, October 02, 2009

"Now There's a Guy with a Lot on His Mind"

Easily the highlight of the morning was clicking over to and coming across this gem. "Report: Ted Williams' frozen head abused in lab"

NEW YORK -- The New York Daily News is reporting that Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams' severed head was mistreated at an Arizona cryonics facility, according to details from a new book.

In "Frozen," Larry Johnson, a former executive at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Ariz., writes that Williams' head, which had been severed and frozen for storage, was abused at the facility. Johnson claims a technician took baseball-like swings at Williams' frozen head with a monkey wrench.

Williams, the last player to hit over .400 in a season, died in July 2002 at age 83 and had his remains sent to Alcor for cryogenic storage in the hope that future generations would develop the technology to revive him.

This story is notable for a few reasons. 1. The Dodgers didn't lose in it. 2. Detached heads are inherently funny.

3. It provides further proof of SoSG's power. When you google "Return of the Living Dead 2 Head" in images, look what comes up...


Todd said...

I like that a tuna can was an integral part of the cryogenic process.

rbnlaw said...

"I haven't changed. I'm still the same robot you loved and worshiped."

I love Bender. When's the Futurama movie coming out anyway?

Josh S. said...

Great, now they have to keep him frozen until they develop a cure for baseball-like wrench swings to the head.