Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Balancing the Books?


2008 Dodgers
.158/.256/.249, 3 HR
total salary paid by Dodgers: $36.2M

2009 Rangers
.214/.323/.459, 17 HR
total salary paid by Rangers: $500,000


2009 Rangers
8-6, 4.92 ERA
total salary paid by Rangers: $13.75M

2009 Dodgers
regular season: 4-0, 3.20 ERA
postseason: 1-0, 0.00 ERA (so far...)
total salary paid by Dodgers: less than $100,000

Jones: AP photo; Padilla: Tom Gannam/AP


Kyle Baker said...

I would have thought Andruw tipped the scales!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, as part of Fatty Jones opt out clause, the Dodgers get half of the money he makes with the new team he signed with.

So thats another $250K coming our way.

Anonymous said...

I actually hadn't looked at Andruw's #s this year, although I knew he was doing better with Texas. Still, a .214 average? Wow, this guy was a future Hall of Famer, and had a shot to be considered one of the best OFs of all time.

It'd be surprised if he gets over 40% HOF vote now. What the Hell, Andruw?

Kyle Baker said...

He was doing better for a short amount of time (big power burst) but didn't last long. Just .14 north of Mendoza says a lot.

Steve Sax said...

Orel, aren't you forgetting Andruw Jones' 2009 playoff contributions?

Oh, wait. Scratch that.

Ken said...

that is actually a good trade =)

rbnlaw said...

Caption for the Padilla picture?

Can't think of one off the top of me head. I do think that if Padill had been with us in July, he would have floored Douche Mode or put one in his ribs.

And there would be much rejoicing.

JuanLove said...

as bad as Andruw was this past season, he still hit 17 HR.

he's sitting on 388. He's 32.
this sounds really crazy, but i think he has an OUTSIDE chance at 500

Josh S. said...

JL: So he just has to gain 112 more pounds?

JuanLove said...

you got me Josh

i'm cracking up right now :D

Ken said...

well he needs to lose weight
i met that guy when i was working at niketown

he was nearing obese

Steve Sax said...

Josh S, LOL

Ken, I hope he wasn't in the petites section

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

The only thing Andruw's getting bathed in is meatloaf.