Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hi-Diddly-Ho! Ned Extended

Dodgers and GM Ned Colletti reach agreement on contract extension (LA Times)

Congrats to Ned. It looks like terms haven't been announced yet, but we'll update as soon as we hear.

UPDATE: Frank McCourt's official statement:

One of our core promises to our fans is championship caliber baseball, year in and year out. Ned has been instrumental in our going a long way towards fulfilling that promise. I couldn't be happier for him, both personally and professionally. The stability and continuity that extending his contract provides will further help us achieve the goal of being a consistent winner and I'm thrilled that he will continue to lead our baseball operations into the future.


My time here in Los Angeles has been very special to me and I'm honored to be associated with this tremendous franchise. I'm very proud of what our baseball operations staff has accomplished over the last four years and I'm grateful for the support of the fans who have truly made me feel at home. I'm hopeful that we can bring them the championship they deserve in the very near future.


Kyle Baker said...

Sounds like they are trying to keep terms under wraps. So far Ned just said he'll be here for a long time. I'm sure it would eventually come out but for now the news may not be imminent. My take:

I'm glad to see him re-signed. It's not like there are a zillion great GMs out there and he is blocking their ascendancy at Dodgers. He's made some mistakes, but they ALL do. More recently, he's engineered some great deals that have worked out and have been cheap (Padilla, Belly#2, etc.). Most of all, it hopefully signals some stability with the McCourts in a time when it is most needed given their divorce proceedings.

Also, he has been known to wear a Sandy Koufax watch and was real cool to my father-in-law at a donut shop years ago.

Steve Sax said...


Seriously, which McCourt extended Neddie? And what did the other one say?

NicJ said...

I guessing frank extended this contract to Ned. Now Jamie is going to offer a Co-GM deal to Ng to counter that. This sitcom is writing it self.

(my idea, hands off Levine!)

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

@Nic - Like Ken Levine reads SoSG.

NicJ said...

Of course he does, just for my comments though,

Nostradamus said...


Who's to say one of us isn't Ken Levine?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Then only the real Ken Levine can come forward and put this issue to rest. I call out Ken Levine to speak now!

Nostradamus said...

*glances around furtively*

Kyle Baker said...


Paul said...

Ned extended!

Brought to you by Levitra.

Josh S. said...

"Ned extended!

Brought to you by Levitra."

Stupid sexy Flanders!