Saturday, October 17, 2009

Editorial: In Defense of the "Don't Stop Believin' Guy"

Even at SoSG, where we do our best to present a united front, the internal debates have raged on the "Don't Stop Believin' Guy" (aka "Don't Stop Believing Guy," aka "DSBG"). Across the internet, similar wars have been waged. Is Don't Stop Believin' Guy's Fifteen Minutes up? Did they ever start? As Jersey Chaser opined (in grammar best described as "dude-heavy"):

This dude is an absolute legend and recent fixture at the Dodgers games, performing a solid lip-synced rendition of Journey’s classic “Don’t stop believing.” But we’re pretty sure that this act will get old very soon, like that one dude in those Problem Child movies.

I'm not sure what Jersey Chaser has against John Ritter and Jack Warden, but allow the Delino to step forward and lay the gauntlet down. The Dodgers need their Don't Stop Believing Guy!!!

1.He looks like 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander.

2. He unites the crowd. Yesterday's game was a tense affair. Absurdly hot. Dodgers hacking away at the ball like drunken lumberjacks. Until that magical 8th inning. Steve Perry's familiar tenor began to echo across Chavez Ravine. The crowd sang along with all the passion a heat stroke would allow. But something... or someone... was missing. I told my buddy The Philly Cheese about the legend of the Don't Stop Believin' Guy... who was noticeably absent from the Jumbotron. Until the final verse and chorus. And like a ray of sunshine breaking through the darkest of clouds, he appeared...

The crowd roared like a lion. Next thing you know, we're up 2-1 and on our way to two-plus hours in the parking lot. I know you could argue that the Phillies' crap bullpen were responsible for our victory.

Actually, that is why we won. But every championship team has their lucky charm. The Angels had the Rally Monkey. The Flyers had Kate Smith and her killer "God Bless America." And now, the Dodgers have theirs. DSBG is a unifying factor that gets the crowd into the game with considerably more passion than the Hackstreet Boys.

3. His schtick is actually funny. Want proof? Look at all those jagoffs who try to steal his thunder and camera time. Like the Highlander, there can be only one. Please note - it helps to watch this after two plus hours of drinking and hot dog consuming.

4. He's a man of mystery, not unlike Batman, Darkman, or Jake "The Snake" Roberts. And thanks to THOUSANDS of hits, a viral video sensation. If I was Frank McCourt, I'd beg my wife to reconsider and make sure the DSBG is front and center at every game through the World Series. And beyond.


Steve Sax said...

Frankie McCourt wants to keep the DSB guy, but Jamie believes he is community property.

Kyle Baker said...

I have wrestled with this issue (certainly a defining issue of our time) all summer. I think I finally came down on the side of liking this guy.

It hit me at the end of the season that, like it or not, and like DSBG or not, when one thinks back to the Dodgers' 2009 season, one can't help but picture the DSBG on the jumbotron in the 8th inning. He was a fixture. He became our Dancing Barry. Again, like him or not, can you really think of games at Chavez this summer without him? I love the anticipation that builds as the DSB song starts and the crowd begins craning its collective neck to see if DSBG is there, and where he's sitting. By the end of the summer, it was really funny to me that the crowd by that time in the season had given the gig to DSBG to be his and his alone; few (other than that little fat curly headed kid who tries to steal his jumbotron thunder sometimes) even attempted to sing along or try their own chances of getting on the big screen. It became the DSBG show, and all expected it. Once when I was there, and he wasn't, the crowd sort of muddled its way through the song with zero spirit or energy; they had forgotten what to do in his absence. The people didn't get what they wanted - no bread and no circus.

I am not a man who suffers fools gladly, and I'm not amused by schmaltz. But let's cut this guy a break; he's Blue through and through (I read his Tweets and can confirm this), and has all season thrown out any amount of pride he may have and embarrass himself nightly for the amusement of at least 56,000 others. I have to give him props for that.

dsheridan88 said...

You spend several years trying to get people to sing along...but you can't find a song.(Anyone remember "Brown Eyed Girl"?)
Finally, you find a song that resonates....Don't Stop Believing....
BUT - you put a clown on the board to "perform" during it, and now no one sings.
C'mon now!

Nostradamus said...


The sing along aspect is probably optimistic, since most anatomically correct males can't hang, pun intended, with Journey's vocal range.

I don't know what it says about me that I sing along every time.

Todd said...

DSB Guy is the perfect antidote to the buzz kill that is God Bless America. If he survives the divorce it might not be a bad thing to use him on a "weekend visitation" basis until down the stretch.

In the few Angels games I've been to over the years the Rally Monkey definitely feels played out.

Oh and Delino, check out the photo I sent you. The dude in the white coat in the background of the video is wearing a flannel shirt in the pic.

Planted background character or season ticket holder?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I feel like everyone in my sections have been singing. But I look at that as less important than does it psyche people up. And DSBG is all about getting the crowd going.

long live dsbg.

Kyle Baker said...

Just got back from lunch at my fav local MEX cantina. Ran into some folks who had driven down from Mammoth just to take in the game last night. They struck up a conversation because I was wearing my usual Sat. brunch Dodgers hat. Great folks, great conversation. Had a coupla cervezas and talked about what a great season it's been. I thought it was pretty strong that they chose to drive down, brave the heat, brave the traffic, spend the $$$, make a weekend of it, etc.

Oh, and they mentioned the DSBG being there and how they thought he was a schlub at first but overall liked his act and thought the whole DSB thing with him was campy cool.

Nostradamus said...


Also, jagoffs? Delino, your Atlantic seaboard is showing.

Bayareadfan said...

The DSB Guy is our Rally Monkey!

Ben G said...

DSB and even more specifically this d-bag are why i'm not renewing my season tickets