Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's the Opposite of Nepotism?

The McCourts in less litigious times.

That didn't take long. From "Dodgers' Frank McCourt considering firing wife as CEO" by Jon Heyman at

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is seriously considering firing his wife Jamie as CEO, has learned. [...]

There is expected to be a battle over control of the team. Both McCourts have expressed an interest in owning the Dodgers separately.

Let the finger-pointing begin!

(Thanks to SoSG reader JuanLove for the tip.)

UPDATE 3.30p PT from Sax: It's done. Jamie McCourt was fired in the last two days, ..."But this is not likely to be the last she's heard from," according to Who needs Hot Stove when you've got new episodes of Wife Swap?

UPDATE, 7:16 p.m.: A tidbit from Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports:

Frank and Jamie (and their lawyers) shared the owner’s box at Dodger Stadium during NLCS games late last week, Frank in the third row and Jamie in the first. At one point engaging before a near-full ballpark, Frank playfully grabbed Jamie’s head, causing her to recoil in apparent anger.

Frank, you smoothie!

photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez


MR.F said...

Is it legal to do that?

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

Am I reading this correctly that Kuroda, Pierre, Padilla and Furcal are the only Dodgers with a contract for next year? I know most of the young guys aren't eligible for free agency yet but it looks like our whole team could be up in the air for next year

Orel said...

GLG, here are some great posts on that subject:

Dodger Roster Breakdown (True Blue LA)

Farewell, 2009 (Dodger Thoughts)

Josh S. said...

Man, I hope Vince McMahon buys the team so we have less drama.

MR.F said...

I've gotten so little done today. So demotivated.

NicJ said...

Jeeze did manny borrow Heyman's showercap and not give it back? What is with him crapping on the dodgers all day today. First he says out team is a bunch of pussies who don't care about the game and the team should trade off the core. Now this?

Josh S. said...

"What's the Opposite of Nepotism?"


Josh S. said...

"Who needs Hot Stove when you've got new episodes of Wife Swap?"

As long as Kershaw doesn't end up in a balloon.

NicJ said...

Rumor has it Jamie is trying to line up investors to buy out frank.

MR.F said...

The next SoSG poll:
"Who should own the Dodgers?"
1) Frank
2) Jamie

NicJ said...

Who is going to spend more money on bettering the team?

Either that or who will get me
my HD scoreboard?

MR.F said...

Yeah. I don't know who'd be the better owner.

Steve Sax said...

3) SoSG

rbnlaw said...

Sax with the answer. There is at least one English Premier League club possibly being purchased by a "fan consortium." It could happen here.

I've got about 10K I can get quickly; more if needed.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Let Mark Cuban own the team. I love seeing Frankenstein.

Kyle Baker said...


Look at the lessons of Ebbsfleet United.

Kyle Baker said...


You should invest it in SoSG's bar concept.

Matt Kemp said...

I don't think that either of them would make a particularly good owner, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd take Frank. I feel like he would put together a better baseball team, while she seems to care more about the business aspect of it. It doesn't help that she reminds me of the bitch from Major League.