Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Positives from Last Night's Loss

1. Clayton's over it already. "What’s up, guys?" is how a smiling Clayton Kershaw greeted the scrum of reporters surrounding his locker after last night's game. (Around that time, I was busy kicking the coffee table.) Composure beyond his 21 years — gotta love it. Can't wait to see how the kid responds next time he gets the ball.

2. Home Loney. James Loney, 2009 regular season: 12 home runs on the road, one home run at home. James Loney, 2009 postseason: one home run at home. Regular-season trends be damned — you just never know who's going to step up.

3. Manny's back. He made us wait during his 50-game suspension. He made us wait for much of the regular season. He made us wait for most of the NLDS. But last night, he only made us wait two at-bats. In the fifth inning, with the Dodgers down 5-2, Manny clubbed a two-run homer off Cole Hamels to give us hope. He couldn't produce again in the eighth, but at least the swing is back.

4. Rally time! Ah, that eighth inning. Facing another seemingly insurmountable four-run deficit, the Dodgers greeted Ryan Madson with three straight singles. It didn't give us the win, but it did remind us this team can come back in a hurry. And it proved that Dodger fans can make some noise.

5. Big Broxton. Ninth inning: Gets Jimmy Rollins to fly out. Shane Victorino singles. Gets Chase Utley to fly out. Then he blows Ryan Howard away on a 98-mph fastball. Flat Breezy may have slipped last night, but Broxton remains solid.

Kershaw: Matt A. Brown/; Loney & fans: Jae C. Hong/AP; Ramirez: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images; Broxton: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Wicks said...

Those are all very good things and I know this team will battle to the end. Yet, after hearing that 14 of the last 18 NLCS game 1 winners go on to the WS I'm not feeling good about things. We can't waste this chance a second year in a row it's been way too long since 88!

Unknown said...

Just a few things.

1. All in all that was a good game. Heartbreaking, but a good game.

2. The umpiring has sucked all postseason, and tonight was no exception. Yes, his strike zone was tight, but it was hardly consistent. It felt like he was flipping a coin whether or not edge pitches were strikes or balls.

3. Can't help but wonder how different the game is if Ryan Howard is called out one of the two times he should have been in the fourth inning. The lineup is a batter different, Kershaw doesn't get frustrated (he's 21, so I forgive him).

4. (this one really gets me) Why isn't Matt Kemp stealing 2nd in the bottom of the 9th off of Brad "really high leg kick slow delivery" Lidge. This was a problem the whole game. Yeah, you might run into an out, but you have to push buttons to win. HAVE to.

I'm trying to not be too worried. That was a tough game, but this team bounces back after losses. And you know Sherrill won't have those same problems next time. We'll get 'em tomorrow. All I really know is that if the World Series is Yankees-Phillies, it will be the first time in a long time that I don't watch any of it.

Let's go Vicente.

Fred's Brim said...

reading this makes me madder than when I read the GDMFSOBGTUP.

sloppy pitching will not get it done

PenosCabell said...

Great post Orel. It's so easy to wake up this morning and be completely discouraged. But there were some positives last night. I have faith that Clayton Kershaw will come back in game 5 and pitch a gem.

Fred's Brim said...

great points, Justin.

the thought of a Yanks-Phils world series sent shivers down my spine. *shudder* ack there it is again

If that happened, I think I would be forced to cheer for the Yankees

rbnlaw said...

1. ESPN and others would not stop telling me that Brad Fucking Lidge is back.
I'm not convinced.
2. This team can come back. They just have to do it now, or else.

And, to quote MLASF:
Hloasndihqw l;

Fred's Brim said...

sheesh there are Cardinals ads between the posts now

Josh S. said...

Positive #6:

Ethier got hits off two different lefties!!

Betsy said...

All things said, it was an awesome game and I'm glad we were there. But I woke up and felt like I had been dumped by a lover, but after reading your post I am renewed and energized! This team is a comeback team, we'll get them today. Statistics be damned when it comes to our team!!

Josh S. said...

Heads up for anyone recording the game today:

On my cable lineup (Charter), the game is listed as starting at 1:30. Don't just set it to record blindly. Check and make sure you have the right start time before you record.

Nostradamus said...

Not a demoralizing loss, but it will serve to keep me nice and salty at today's game.


Just waking up now, and my mouth is kinda like the mat behind the bar. Feelin' your pain brother.

Jimbo said...

I know this goes against, well, nearly everything.

But I have complete faith in Padilla.

Manolete said...

It was a disappointing loss but we must leave that back and must win tonight! We have a team that fight but you cannot fight all the time, you will get tired eventually.
Go Dodgers!

Kyle Baker said...

i'm still sad.

i think i might be starting to get a little mad, too.

A. Yepiz said...

Manny's back? Really?

I disagree. Manny hit that homer on a changeup, not a fastball. In fact, look at how Manuel an the Phils are pitching him: Fastball inside.

I mean, he couldn't hit Chan Ho Park. I'm worried that if we have runners on again, he will not be able to hit the fastball inside. Can we say "soft grounder for an out" each time he is batting with RISP?

Sorry to be so negative, I'm still pissed about last night.

Fred's Brim said...

DB, I am getting madder as the day goes along (and coworkers are only making it worse). I wish I could turn it around like so many else here have.

If The Mad Nicaraguan melts down today, you may hear about a case of human spontaneous combustion occurring at a downtown Manhattan bar

Fred's Brim said...

DB, I have somehow gotten to a much happier place in the last 30 minutes. I hope you can get to one too before gametime

Greg Zakwin said...

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