Thursday, October 08, 2009

No, That Is Not Joe Torre

From ESPN News tonight, the walkoff hit hero of the 2009 NLDS Game 2:

Come on, a former Red Sock and a former Yankee manager. Surely even ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Northeastern Sports, could get this right.


NicJ said...

i guess they were too busy watching the Red Sox take some practice swings to bother with the silly dodgers.

Josh S. said...

To be fair, there's no way anyone anywhere had "Mark Loretta" saved in their post-game interview chyron folder.

(Yes, I know they could have just typed it up. Go with me here.)

Keith said...

Franklin = Ankiel

best game ever! I almost peed myself!

Kyle Baker said...

Just saw Loretta being interviewed and his little lad joined him on the podium. Poignant scene...Loretta said it was the best and most memorable hit of his career.

rbnlaw said...

I just opened my first beer and I'm still speechless.

I can still type, but speechless otherwise.