Friday, October 09, 2009

A New ERA is born

While all of you were enjoying the flush of an unexpected hand-wrapped victory, something happened this day that will live in infamy. Like a popfly right at Matt Holliday's groin, the UFL (United Football League) dropped on an unprepared and ill equipped mankind in front of a capacity Las Vegas crowd. Please Note: I define fifteen percent full as capacity.

Fantasy waiver wire favorite JP Losman led the California Whatever-the-F-they're-called to a victory over the Las Vegas Who-Gives-a-Craps. I'd list the boxscore... or any info for that matter, but as of midnight THE UFL'S OWN HOME PAGE DID NOT HAVE ANY INFO ABOUT THIS GAME.

The good news is that Jim Fassel and Denny "Crown Their Ass" Green are once again gainfully employed. And I for one actually attended a XFL Game (for real, and for free) and remember the USFL fondly.

In an economy still rocked by the lingering pains of a recession, an upstart football league is the ultimate sure thing. Second only to NOT STARTING A NEW FOOTBALL LEAGUE.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh, I was actually a big fan of the LA Xtreme, though I never made it to a game.

I was actually looking forward to seeing th UFL, but the NLDS game made me forget all about it. Word is there could be an UFL team in LA next season..........if there is a next season.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

The XFL simply did not have enough XXXs.
If the refs got knocked out so the evil teams could cheat, it would have been bigger than the NFL by now. Or at least the NHL.

rbnlaw said...

I fondly remember Jesse "The Body" Ventura calling out the coach of the Las Vegas team for his wimpy play calling.

And who could forget, "He Hate Me."

QuadSevens said...

Starting a new football league in the middle of the NFL season is about dumb as picking the Cardinals to sweep in the NLDS. So I guess ESPN should be all over this.

Josh S. said...

You can't spell UFL without F U.

California Redwoods?
Las Vegas Locomotives?

They had a name-the-teams contest open only to 2nd graders, right?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Maybe we should start a contest. Rename the Cali football team.

My votes on the "Crotches." I used it as my moniker in fantasy football and it won me millions.

By millions I mean hundreds last season, and a Starbucks coffee card the season before.