Monday, October 12, 2009

Five Unexpected Things!

1. I love "Glee"! The meanness of "American Idol" doesn't interest me and "High School Musical" is for the kids, but "Glee" is right up my alley. It's funny, catchy and sexy, and Jane Lynch steals every scene she's in. I get chills and an adrenaline rush every time I watch. Why didn't we have this kind of show when I was in high school?

2. The Dodgers sweep the Cardinals! Sure, most of the Sons *coughDelinocough* picked the Dodgers to win, but no one called a sweep. I'm almost as shocked as most Cardinals fans are. Not sure if it makes up for Jack Clark, but it's a start.

3. Domo-kun at 7-Eleven! Finally, the internet meets real life! I just about drove off the road when I saw this pairing advertised on one of those probably-illegal electronic billboards. This promotion comes in a close second to select 7-Elevens transforming themselves into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the Simpsons movie.

4. The Angels sweep the Red Sox! The Yankees swept the Twins; not entirely unexpected, that. But talk about slaying demons: The Red Sox were 9-1 against the Angels in postseason play before this year's ALDS.



rbnlaw said...

My daughters (the older ones) love Glee. I think it's smarter than 90% of the crap on TV today. At least it's scripted (and not afraid to admit it *coughThe Hillscough*) and doesn't feature an aging rapper or soft-core porn/intrawebs starlet.

My kids are also big fans of this Domo thing. It be huger than Transformer cups at 7-11.

Marge Simpson is just as sexy as Peggy Hill; more so than Lois Griffin. Giggity, giggity, goo.

MR.F said...

What is Glee about?

Josh S. said...

"Glee" rules the school! That and "Modern Family" are my favorite new shows of the year.

Erin said...

"Glee" is about a high school glee club, to put it simply. And while that may sound lame at face value, it is so not lame. I'm not seeing the pilot episode online anymore, which is annoying, but starting from episode two will give you the idea anyway.

rbnlaw said...

My daughter DVR'd the pilot (of Glee)back in May, then proceeded to watch it all summer long.

MR.F said...

Cool, thanks Erin.

Greg Zakwin said...

Glee is a great show.

Jane Lynch is hilarious, her journal entry last week was classic.

Try Hulu for the pilot episode.