Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Post-Game 134 Thread: You Mess With Superstition, You're Gonna Pay


Why should you be respectful of superstitions? Probably because they're there for a reason. And those who choose to anger the gods get smited like a fly on a windshield.

So it was that the Dodgers opted not to go quietly tonight, with an eighth-inning Manny Ramirez single providing the only RBI on a night when the Dodgers sought to uphold a 2-for-18 streak with RISP. With the Dodgers making Max Scherzer looking almost compelling, Chad Billingsley had his one shaky inning in the fifth inning, allowing four runs and a home run to Brandon Allen (his second this year), and that was all she wrote. Dodgers drop to 4.5 games ahead of Colorado, who won tonight (as did the Giants, behind bloated burper Brad Penny).

Said Vin Scully in the ninth inning, tired of the motions through which the Dodgers went, "The Dodgers roll over in the ninth." When the opponent is the woeful Diamondbacks, that's a pretty pathetic trick to show; let's hope new acquisition Jon Garland can fetch us a win tomorrow so we can salvage a split against this sorry team.


NicJ said...

The Dodger are putting a new meaning to "Thinking Blue" aren't they.

Kyle Baker said...

Fuck this game and fuck this day. I'm feeling Crusty.

Steve Sax said...

Sax is down, but not out, NicJ! I'm still drinking, better than I ever did! Looking like a true survivor! Feeling like a...21-year-old kid!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Watching some SVU (or the Svoo as I call it) should put my mind at ease.

NicJ said...

chad always looks like he wants to cry on his postgame interviews, even when he wins.

Gagne's lucky glasses said...


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Wow, this book is awesome. High energy, compelling, delivers in a pinch. Everything the dodgers weren't tonight.

Recommended reading: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Kyle Baker said...

Neeebs: Is it written by Fountains of Wayne?

Neeebs (The Original) said...

No se re: fountains of Wayne.

rbnlaw said...

Re: Fountains of Wayne.

We go together, like traffic and weather.

Re: Los Azul
Dear Dodger Bats,
Miss you; wish you were here!

Wesley Vento said...

"Hi my name is Chad"

"Hi Chad"

"I'm a recovering ace pitcher. I haven't pitched well in two months."

"Has something happened to your mechanics? Is your arm slot different?"

"No, I'm just not as good as everyone thinks I am and these are my true colors."


Greg Zakwin said...

Hong- Sigh at your comment. Way to overreact to an incredibly unlucky inning.

Let's just trade him for a gamer, a real gritty guy who stares down people and is gritty and gamery.

Steve Sax said...

Like Kevin Brown?

***Ned Colletti, if you are reading this, I am kidding. I know he is a veteran player not on currently contributing to a team and well past his best days--your usual target demographic--but I am kidding.***

Wesley Vento said...


Look at his gamelog. He's been pretty terrible since early July. Of his 10 starts, only 5 have been Quality Starts (3 ER or less in 6 IP or more), and he hasn't pitched more than 6 innings in any of those starts. His K/BB in that stretch is 2.14 (ranking him 52nd, just ahead of John Danks, Zach Duke, Brad Penny and Jaime Moyer). Its not just one inning dude, he's been steadily on the decline since the All Star Break. If you look at the way he's pitched, he is in no way in the class of the elite pitchers in baseball, which is why I said what I said. He's a nice #2 or #3. In order for me to call the man an "ace", he needs to go deeper into games and cut his walks almost in 1/2.