Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dodgers Enter the Year 2004

And nothing sells a promotion like the team's 12th best hitter. Even the Dodgers homepage could only offer up this wonderful tidbit for Mr. Martin.


Kyle Baker said...

I'd take the Russell Martin of 2004:


64 RBI
15 HR
24 doubles
104 Hits
74 runs

Steve Sax said...

MySpace Day?

What's next? Netscape Navigator Day? Excite@Home Day?

Kyle Baker said...

Is Monster.com a new sponsor?

Paul said...

I want to sit in the "Lima Time" bullpen section in left field.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

SIXDEGREES.COM DAY (just ahead of the curve they were)

rbnlaw said...

What is this myspace thing of which you speak?

(BTW, I watched an episode of Aqua Teen HF last night and Shake said, ". . .of which you speak" like 3 times and had me rolling)