Thursday, September 10, 2009

Better than a Mention in the Crosswords

Andre Ethier has arrived... in the Onion.

BRECKSVILLE, OH—Local man and casual baseball fan Leon Markham confirmed to reporters Wednesday that he has definitely heard the name of baseball player Andre Ethier. "Andrew Ethier, yeah. Shortstop for the Phillies, right?" Markham said of the Dodgers outfielder. "He's good at hitting. Or maybe he's known for his defense? He's fast, I think. Sounds fast. You know, I might actually be thinking of Rafael Furcal." Markham then imitated a batting stance and asked reporters, "Which one is the guy that does this?"


Greg Zakwin said...

Delino- More from The Onion for your viewing pleasure.

rbnlaw said...

My favorite Onion headline:
"Local Idiot to Make Inane Post on Internet."

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I'm partial to "37 Record-Store Clerks Feared Dead In Yo La Tengo Concert Disaster" and "(Little Person) Falls Equivalent Three Stories."

Kyle Baker said...

"Kind, Bearded Christian Has Guitar, Story to Tell"