Friday, September 11, 2009

The Assassins' Circle: The Brim Reaper Comes Calling

The Brim Reaper does not kill indiscriminately. The Brim Reaper does not kill speculatively. The Brim Reaper kills only when he needs to.

And he did not need to kill until the last day. But when he did, the clock struck midnight on the other 28 participants (incidentally, FB was positioned at midnight in the circle). So despite entering the last day as the only player without a kill, FB was able to parley his previous backroom handshake deals with rbnlaw into a victory in the inaugural season of Assassins' Circle.

Congratulations, FB! And congratulations to the other finalists rbnlaw, who required the Assassins' Circle scoreboard operators to add a decimal place to the kills column (or was it Dr Geek who made this necessary?), and GLG, who kindly took the last shot of the game to allow FB to join the rest of us at the afterlife happy hour.

Here's what he's won, courtesy of SoSG Sax:

Although an XL Mannywood T-Shirt ain't nothing to sneeze at, we did try our best to get you something a bit more substantial.

Thanks everyone for playing - postgame drinks at the Assassins' Circle Neighborhood Pub in the Sky!

By the way, I forgot - which reader first gave FB the Brim Reaper nickname?


Kyle Baker said...

You da Brim, FB, you da Brim!

Cocktails on you!

BTW, mad props to EK for devising this game. As someone put it the other day, 27 million copies of Halo sold but no comparison to the simple joy of killing via blog commenting.

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

Congrats order me a J & B straight up...cheers!

rbnlaw said...

Drinktender, another bar please.

Wait, make it a Guinness shake for mojo.

FB, well done. Now you can show those New Yahkahs that the best thing about their city moved away 50 years ago.

Kyle Baker said...

OT: Sweet jeebus, I had no idea until not that there was a Minor League MLB TV offering:

Note to self: Get a life.

Fred's Brim said...

haha for real? that is awesome - thank you so much! I will wear it proudly!

Guinness Shakes all around, and a J&B for my friend Glg

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

Thank you sir

Kyle Baker said...

I love the head tilt of FB/Brim reaper. It's as if he's saying, "Who shall I take out next?" Or, "Should I snipe Karina, the Patron Saint of Pessimistic Dodger Fans? Wellll....yeah, what the heck!"

MR.F said...

Argh. My health is failing me. I don't think I'll be able to go to the Giants-Dodgers game I was planning on going to. Maybe my tiredness yesterday was a precursor to this? ARGH!